Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 23, 2022
Ch. 7Chapter 7: Prince in trouble

With a half-smile, with a sigh, the ZaneZane stepped forward but halted when someone called his name.

"Zane Thomas!"

Hearing the call, he turned his head to look, it was a male. Before he could speak or see clearly who it was, a sudden blow to the back of his neck, he lost consciousness.
The shadow dragged him to the back of the school, at which point Clara arrived.


An authoritative voice said, the man walked over with a fox mask, looking down at Zane - who was lying on the ground. A smile curled his lips through the mask.

"Didn't expect you to have this day too? Zane Thomas!"

The voice was full of mockery. Zane could see the irony in his voice.

"Who are you? What do you want? Have the courage to let me go." Zane raised his voice, looked up at the person, and asked.

"Guess who I am." The masked man challenged him.
Zane used her privileged gaze, staring into the man's eyes through the mask.

"Don't look at me like that, you know I hate that look of yours the most."

The guy gnawed at each word, then approached Zane. A wry smile, which Zane could feel. Another guy came forward, holding a red packet, not knowing what it was. The name was placed on the hand the man was holding out.

"Who are you anyway?" Still indifferent, Zane asked the person.

"Your memory is really bad! Or do you offend so many people, you can't remember who?"
The guy made fun of his patience.

Zane was still resilient, he coldly snorted with an arrogant voice: "Why do I have to remember a scoundrel like you. What do you want to say frankly, don't play that psychological game, choose the wrong opponent!"

His eyes were cold, his voice was cold, and he was not ashamed of anyone to be wary of.
The muscles of the man's mouth twitched to the side, at his mockery. I can't stand it anymore, he will let him taste the pain.

"Want what?" He growled, "You'll know soon enough."

That guy suddenly laughed loudly, seeing that the other guys also laughed. The laughter made the girl who was hiding behind the wall shiver. Hinata arrived at the source of that terrifying sound. She dared not speak, biting her lips in fear. Sitting motionless like an animal, hiding from predators.

The laughter stopped, and the leader used a knife to make a long cut on the surface of the plastic bag in his hand. There was a red powder in it, momentarily a strong pungent smell overflowed, making others uncomfortable.

He coughed as the chili powder flew into his nose.

"Chili powder? What are you going to do to me? Dog!" Zane realized what the powder was, mentally telling him what was about to happen.

The guy took the package and walked in front of Zane. Despite his body struggling fiercely, the two juniors still persisted in holding his hands, not letting him resist anymore. Zane knelt on the ground, looking at the man with the mask, challenging his courage. He would never forgive him if he was going to do that to him.

"I said don't use those eyes!" He hissed as Zane looked at him with hateful eyes again. The look that person hates, hates, hates.

Zane still didn't flinch, seeing his attitude, the guy went mad.

"That's what you want me to do! Imagine what you would do, if I blinded your eyes? If you don't want to be blind, beg me!"

It was exactly what he thought, but Zane was determined not to beg him to let go.

"What a coward! Remember my words. If I leave here alive today, your doomsday has come."

Zane didn't raise his voice threateningly. His two eyes pierced his heart and liver.

"You think I'm scared?" Guy growled again. "I'll wait! Go die you bitch!"

Pop! Pop!

He swung his hand and smashed the bag of chili powder into Zane's face. It hit him right in the eye.


He told his heart not to scream, but the sudden pain made him unable to bear it, forcing him to scream.

His eyes?

Damn it! Everything in front of him was hazy and dark. The pain was unbearable, he couldn't help but fall down, his hands covering his eyes, groaning incessantly.

Zane's pitiful scream startled Clara, she almost let out a panic, her body trembled, and she quickly covered her mouth with her hand before the sobs leaked out revealing her presence.
They saw him screaming, gloating in victory, laughing mockingly for a while before leaving. The crowd seemed to melt into the night like a ghost.

When they turned to face her, they had unintentionally taken off their masks, revealing their own faces, unexpectedly the leader's face was clearly visible in Clara's wide-open eyes, dumbfounded, swallowing saliva. Clara tries not to be found out. Her heart pounded wildly with anxiety and fear. Clara could only hold her breath and wait until those people were far away.

When those people were out of sight, Clara sat down, now she dared to breathe, what she just saw made her bewildered, her mind became blank to let her body act freely, panting, Her limbs softened, she was sweating profusely, and she sat there motionless until Zane's scream brought her back to the present.

Clara, startled by the scream, looked over to where Zane was lying on the ground with her eyes in her hands. Regaining her composure she lifted her foot there. Clara crept closer to the body lying on the ground. Her mouth hung open in fear and she had to use trembling fingers to cover it.

His face was covered in blood. It dripped from his dark hair and soaked the front hem of his shirt. A feeling of dread swept over her as she worried whether it was too late to save him. Clara put the shoe down beside her. She was cold all over and shivering. In eighteen years of her life, nothing like this had happened to her. She looked at the body in front of her. She found herself waiting for something else to happen. Someone soon passed by this scene.

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