Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 23, 2022
Ch. 6Chapter 6: Thirty minutes ago

Thirty minutes ago.

After the party ended, the school's students quickly dispersed, leaving with a lot of gossips. The fact that Zane did not appear at the party, instead was another young man, whose identity collapsed, suspected of being poisoned.

Some have remained, members of the university's student leadership.

"Actually! Apparently, Zane said he would come." Arlo affirmed again, sitting on a chair in the hall.

"Are you sure?" Neil asked the blond man suspiciously.

"Of course! Zane said he would." Arlo believes in what he says, that's why his nature says he can do it, and rarely breaks promises to others.

Everyone pondered, suddenly Corbin who had an IQ of 200 spoke up: "Then why isn't the person wearing the mask Zane?"

The young Corbin said to pick up the lion mask. Stare at it and then roll your eyes at the people present in the room.

"It's not that simple. There's something shady behind this." Roly, who had been silent until now, spoke up.

"That's right! Maybe Zane had foreseen the incident so he changed his mask with someone else." Neil agrees with Roly, and also makes a very convincing assumption.

"Should we investigate this?" Roly spoke again.

"I think so too, I should consider this carefully." Corbin agrees.

"Then let me take care of this."

Roly was naturally enthusiastic. To be honest, he was very interested in the practice of being a detective. Neil gave Roly a nod of approval.

"So where is Zane now?"

Orla, who was the most impatient and worried, asked them all. While everyone was talking, Arlo called him on the phone. All waited but were then disappointed, when the other end of the line did not answer, there was only a long beep and then silence.

They looked at each other nervously, their hearts burning like fire.

The debate continues with another assumption.

After discussing, and trying to call Zane many more times, but no response. The members of the leadership board all agreed and decided to part ways. They assumed that Zane didn't come to the party, so they let someone pretend to be him. That is the most convincing argument at the moment.

Because they believe nothing will happen to him. No one dared to harm Buchou, not to mention he was Thomas's young master.

While everyone had a short meeting, Zane, after parting with the mysterious girl, stood dumbfounded for a moment, clutching the necklace, smiling inexplicably, before lifting his feet to walk towards the school gate to get home. Sitting in a Lexus, Zane chuckled as he remembered the sublime moment, in the memorable evening. The light from the spotlight lit up where he and she danced. The girl exudes tenderness and softness, there must be a beautiful girl behind that mask. He suddenly thought that suddenly a smile unconsciously appeared on his lips that he did not recognize. Suddenly his heart skipped a beat. Cherish the chain in your hand, a heart-shaped silver pendant. Zane curiously opened it and was surprised to see the image of a girl who caught his eye. In the picture is a beautiful girl, acknowledged by him. This photo was taken a long time ago. Zane stared at it until he reached his mansion.

Enter the room, and lie back on the soft bed. He still felt lightheaded when he thought about the mysterious girl that made his heart skip a beat. Shaking his head as he tried to get out of his thoughts about her, he remembered that he needed to call the idiot Arlo. Putting his hand in his pocket, he suddenly realized that he had left his phone in the conference room at school. Where he went to change clothes, prepared by Orla for him. When he left, he forgot to bring it with him. Hesitating for a moment, he finally slid off the bed. Put on the coat hanging in the closet, and go downstairs. Sitting in the car, he will go back to school to get the phone. It's very important, Zane doesn't want anyone to see it because it's private.
The car he was driving lay neatly outside the school's gate. Just took the phone and left immediately, so he didn't let the car into the parking space. Unfortunately for Zane, the decision to return to school was a bad one. When someone saw him and no one else was his opponent. The shadow put the medicine in his glass of water and gave a smirk when the opportunity smiled again.

Zane came out of the conference room, and headed for the gate where the car was. Suddenly the phone rang, he looked at the phone it was Arlo. Zane walked away and answered the phone.

"Listen! Is there anything?"

Hearing his voice, Arlo jumped up from the bed with joy.

"Thank goodness! Do you know how many times I've called?" Arlo blamed him over the phone.

"What's wrong, why are you so serious?" Zane asked casually, not minding his friend worrying about something unfortunate.

Arlo was annoyed with his attitude. How can you be so calm? Shouldn't he be afraid when he knew someone was trying to call him?

"Why don't you come to the party?" Putting aside the fact of not answering the phone, Arlo raised his voice to blame him for making him lose face in front of his friends. He had believed that he would come, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Who told you I'm not coming." Zane hastily defended, clearly, Arlo was doing something useless, calling just to confirm whether he was coming or not.

"Why can't I see you?"

Zane suddenly smiled when he heard Arlo speak. He remembers no one recognized him during the party, nor did he tell anyone before he left.

"What are you laughing at? Is this funny?" Arlo got mad when he was suddenly so dumb, laughing like crazy while talking.

"It's a long story. Talk to me later, I'm busy."

Zane finds an excuse to avoid Arlo's interrogation and he doesn't want to explain around, with the slow-witted blonde. Zane hung up the phone abruptly, frustrating the other end of the line. Not knowing what to do, Arlo thru the phone on the bed.

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