Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 23, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5: Find mother's memento

Sarah just walked into the house, and was asked by her mother:

"Darling, how was the party?" Then she came and pulled Sarah's hand - the pink-haired girl was standing at the door, still depressed and did not want to enter the house.

Taking off the mask, and slamming it on the floor, Sarah replied in disappointment:

"Bored to death!"

Although in that dance, thanks to dressing up as Princess Aurora with a slightly sweet voice, Sarah received many invitations from the boys. However, the pink-haired girl is not satisfied because the person she wants to dance with is Zane. Unfortunately, there were a lot of girls scrambling to dance with him, and unfortunately, the lucky one posing as Zane didn't choose Sarah.

"What's wrong, girl?" Xenia gently patted Sarah. "Your face is somber, you have something to tell me."

"Bad! A bad evening!"

Sarah replied with a regretful pout.

At this moment, Hana entered, she also threw the mask on the floor and plopped down on the sofa. Looking at the faces of her two daughters, she said comfortingly:

"Is there something that makes your children unhappy? Hurry up and let me know."

Not worrying about my affairs, Sarah wanted to quarrel with her sister, her voice disdainful said:

"During the party, no one asked her to dance," Sarah said in a tone that mocked her sister.

"Sarah! Do you want to die?" Hana looked at the pink-haired girl angrily as she dared to bring it up. But then restrained Hana from not fitting, retorted mocking her sister.

"What about you, getting rejected by Zane and getting angry?"

Sarah gets mad when Hana mentions Zane, but then she cools down and raises her voice sarcastically:

"At least your brother has someone to invite him to dance, unlike my sister, no one cares."

"Em!..." Hana went crazy after her sister's provocative statement.

The four eyes looked at each other with fire, even though they were sisters, sometimes they didn't get along. It all started when they both fell in love with the same person when they were in high school. No one gave up, they fought so fiercely that the boy had to stay as far away from the sisters as possible. The older sister is bitter and sour, and the younger sister is no less than her sister. If you don't learn from your mother's bad character, Xenia is a very bad person, but in front of men, she shows innocence and holiness. It was her fake face that made Clara's father fall in love. The two daughters Hana and Sarah also inherited that bad thing from their mother, so in front of the boys, they always wear masks of pretense.

"Are you two going to stop now?"

Xenia intervenes in a war. She growled fearfully, though she was very fond of her two wonderful daughters, sometimes Xenia also got mad when they both upset her. The two glanced at each other and looked away.

Seeing that the two daughters had stopped, Xenia continued:

"Do you two want something to drink?" Then she shouted: "Clara! Get down here quickly.

"It's out, Mom!" Sarah spoke up to tell her, without wasting time calling in vain.

"What?" She looked at her second daughter suspiciously.

"It ran out of the house, almost hitting me," Hanna added.

Hearing this, Xenia got angry when Clara went out without asking permission. Moreover, it was late at night. In her heart was a plan to punish her appropriately.


Clara wandered from home to where she got out of the taxi. She opened her eyes wide to search but to no avail. Standing in front of where her shoe was stuck, it was still there, this time with all her might, Clara pulled it up with her might. Clara fell backward when she was able to pull it out, unfortunately, the heel of her shoe broke and fell into the drain. Looking at the shoe that lost its heel, Clara had a bad thought in her mind, wondering if the shoe was stuck and if her rope fell there or not? Shaking her head at her unlucky though, Clara stood up with her shoe in hand and looked around.

'Did you ever fall in a car?' Clara was even more annoyed at the thought of bad cases.

Tapping her fingers together, Clara finally decided to take the bus back to school, hoping she would find the necklace.

The party was over, the school was now deserted without a single person. Swallowing with a shiver, a gust of wind made her shiver. Because she was in a hurry, she didn't bring a coat, trying to move gently so that the security guard wouldn't notice. Clara was already at the hall where the party took place. In the small flickering light, emanating from the flashlight she took from her locker. Clara searched restlessly, in a state of alert, afraid of being discovered if the guard accidentally went on patrol. The hall was not big but not too small, Clara opened her eyes wide but still couldn't see anything. Clara expanded the search area beyond the hall, toilets, and corridors to the outside of the campus. All the places I went through according to her memory, I have searched all but couldn't find them. Moments later, Clara sat down on the stairs in frustration, clutching her body and crying.

"I'm useless, my mother's presents can't be kept." At that thought, she burst into tears.

"I didn't expect Clara to rush out of the house late at night just to find her."

Martha spoke up, with a hint of self-blame in her voice, about why she had dropped the necklace.

"Are you regretting it?" Bertha stood beside her taunting her partner.

The two were always beside Clara when they saw the girl leaving the house in a hurry, they followed, they didn't want anything to happen to her.

Martha turned to Bertha who refused to fly.

"Who told you that, it's just that I feel Clara..."

"How's Clara?" Bertha stroked her chin in anticipation.


Martha replied, avoiding the somewhat smug look as Bertha stiffened her tongue. Bertha smiled triumphantly.

After crying for a while, Clara just stood up and was about to leave. Suddenly a scream came from somewhere in the school, startling her. Looking around, she shivered, a chill running down her spine. Clara wanted to run away from the school, but strangely, her legs took her to find where the creepy sound was coming from.

Up there Bertha looked at Martha, then the two quickly reached the source of the sound. What a horrible sight.

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