Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 21, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4: Detect lost items

When Clara left the party, there was a small accident. The person wearing the lion mask suddenly vomited continuously, then fainted in front of everyone. All panicked, Arlo and the rest of the guild approached.

"Zane!" Arlo screams when he sees his friend Fall.

Taking off the mask, everyone froze, seeing that the person behind the mask was not Zane. Everyone looked at each other without understanding.

"Take him to the hospital." Neil's voice was urgent, two other people came to help the less fortunate when carrying Zane.

The reason is that someone put drugs in a glass of water, which that person thinks the real Zane will drink. Unexpectedly, the collision with the girl behind the cat mask, helped Zane decide to change the mask with someone else. A fist hit the wall when the plan failed, the shadow turned away with anger.

Clara ran with her hands on the bottom of her skirt and ran, wearing high heels, so she had to be careful or she would fall, which helped Zane catch up with her.

"Wait a minute," Zane called out, Clara continued to run.

An arm held hers.

"Didn't you hear me calling?" he asked as he caught up with her.

Clara turned to look at him, four eyes met, she was slightly confused by the situation.

"Sorry I have to go.

Saying that Clara took back her arm. Clara continued to run while Zane stood dumbfounded for a moment, before asking to know her name.

"What's her name?" He said loudly, unfortunately, Clara did not notice, there was no reply, he had to turn his back and leave.

"Wait a minute, it's not like the Cinderella story."

Martha's exclamation startled Bertha, who was standing beside her, as she stared at Clara.

"What do you mean?" Bertha asked suspiciously.

"Ah!" Martha suddenly exclaimed, "I remember when I left Cinderella left a shoe."

"So then, what are you going to do?" Bertha wondered.

Looking at Martha's smile, Bertha seemed to understand: "Don't tell me you did it? Just crazy."

Martha nodded her head, smiling mischievously: "After all, it was thanks to the shoe that they met again."

Bertha gave up on Martha, and as soon as Martha finished speaking, she snapped her fingers back in time, when Zane held Clara's hand.

"Sorry I have to go."

Clara said to take back his hand, he slowly let go of her hand. When Clara turned away, another snap of Martha's fingers, the necklace around Clara's neck fell to Xenia.
A mischievous smile appeared on Martha's lips, Bertha beside her could only shake her head, not reacting to her partner's mischievous tricks.

After Clara disappeared, he turned to go but stopped when his foot accidentally stepped on something. He stepped back and looked down to see the necklace on the floor. Zane bent down to pick it up, suddenly smiling.

"We'll see each other again, Cinderella!"


Clara left the party without realizing she had lost her mother's necklace and memento. Stepping out of the taxi, Clara sped into the house before Xenia turned to find her outside the house.

While running, she was forced to stop when the heel of her shoe caught on the manhole cover.


She cried out as her feet lost balance and nearly fell. Using all her strength to pull the shoe up, it wouldn't budge despite her best efforts. Worried, Clara had to leave her shoe behind, go barefoot, and run home with the other shoe on. Clara just went to the gate, at this time Xenia was driving the car into the garage, fortunately did not see her. Clara crept quietly, trying not to attract attention, it was too easy for her, she was inherently invisible. Clara rushed to the attic, jumped on the bed, covered herself with blankets and pretended to be asleep. As expected, as soon as she entered the house, she went upstairs to check if Clara was hiding, when she was sure she was asleep on the bed, she went back to her room.

As soon as she got out of the room door, Clara immediately sat up, quickly changed her clothes and returned to her place. In the end, she discovered that there was something missing on this white neck, reaching out to touch it and was startled when she did not see the necklace anymore.

It was dark now, and Clara kept going in and out of her room. It was important to her, the feeling of losing something was very unpleasant. Moreover, it is a priceless gift left by the above mother. Without thinking much, she rushed out of the house to find. At this moment, Xenia's two daughters just got out of the taxi. When Clara ran outside, she accidentally ran into them. Clara is a smart girl, so she turned her head to avoid it, or else she would hit Hana, the redhead. Clara understands her personality very well, touching anything she doesn't like will drive her crazy. Clara knows and understands the character of her step-parents, so she always finds ways to touch them as little as possible, to avoid bringing harm to her body.

"You don't have eyes, do you?"

Hana is irritable, even though Clara doesn't touch her. The reason was that at the party, no one invited her to dance once. Hana returned home with a gloomy face, when she saw Clara, Hana wanted to take her anger out on her. Her tone and facial expression would have frightened her if seen for the first time but for Clara, she was now immune to it, it was still silence, not saying a word combined with an expressionless face , showing her pity that Hana could not do anything else, had to go into the house to sigh in frustration.

While Hana was arguing with Clara, Sarah entered the house first. Sarah really wasn't in the mood to care about other things, she was deeply depressed because the party didn't go as expected. It could be very bad for Sarah.

It's a waste of effort to prepare attractive looks that ultimately yield nothing. Indeed for Sarah it was a huge failure.

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