Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 19, 2022
Ch. 39Chapter 39: Danger is near 3

"How's her hand? Is it serious?"
Clara tried not to look surprised by her superior reasoning. She gently moved on to other things, hoping she would stop, also hoping for something to work in her mind to make her a little more generous. Even though I don't have any generosity myself.
"Don't play dumb, it sounds disgusting, like it's not your fault. Look closely for me, you're not an angel or an angel that brings peace or love." She used those harsh words to insult her again.
Clare was silent.
"Tell me, where were you all last night?" She asked to push her to the edge of misery, her intentions were clear, clearly wanting to find some more excuses to torture her for satisfaction.
"He must've been hiding somewhere crying because no one had ever taken pity on him and bought him a matchbox." Hana stepped in, she stood up, crossed her arms, and looked at her with a condescending smile.
She looked at her mother and daughter, still silently patient.
It's strange that she hasn't taken action yet, the whip is nowhere to be found on the table.
"Tell me, why don't you answer." She challenged her to refute her words.
"Or, don't tell me you're spending the night with men?"
Suddenly she exclaimed, her eyes widening, their color changing accordingly as if her words were true. It's true, but it's not entirely true, it's just an accident.
Seeing her reaction, the mother and daughter felt suspicious.
"What is this? Look at his attitude?" She uttered a little surprise.
"My son speaks to your black heart, right?" She was silent and she continued: "Unexpectedly, there are guys like you who also notice. How ridiculous does that sound? Who is stupid to notice you, look at that beautiful birthmark. You're not the average person, you can seduce men, your mother taught you well!"
The mother and daughter laughed loudly when they saw her change of expression. Her hands trembled. That creepy laugh seemed to tear her patience for so long.
Like a thousand needles had just pierced her heart, she was insulting her mother.
She couldn't stand her venomous tone any longer, she was always annoyed with her, and tonight she had raised her cynicism to a whole new level.
She wanted to rush to scratch the other two faces but told her to be patient, no matter what she did, her weakness was still hers. Is she too weak? No, she's just for her bright and happy future.
Everything is bearable, and also forgivable.
Clara decided to give herself a sedative. Trying to ignore it, she went inside, passed the other two, and went straight upstairs.
"I'm talking about how dare you to leave." She was angry because she didn't make her angry. She really wanted to force her to protest against her, to give her a chance to turn the situation around, lying in court that she had repeatedly meant to offend. Even attacked her when she tried to approach and take care of her.
Yes, the damn agreement the court made when her father died, that she had to live with her mother until she was of age. Most of all, during that time, she must not cause trouble or any injury to her mother or her two children. The reason for that decision was made because, once, she had exploded with anger, biting her left ear almost out of her head. She had to spend a lot of time and money to get a completely normal ear.
Because of that, she asked the court to grant her wish. Force Clara to be obedient and not oppose her until she turns 18. She's old enough to live independently and take responsibility before the law. In return, she will pretend to be the mother who is willing to take care of her.
Alas! How self-righteous are you?
At that time, no one believed her, no one asked her why she bit her. They only heard her indignant lie that she was always disruptive, showing displeasure, and even intending to hurt her, both mentally and physically.
She successfully turned herself into a tool for her control. But soon the deadline was coming to an end, and she was afraid she would have a better life. So before that happened she had devised many ways to harm her, forcing her to violate that accursed convention. She will have enough evidence that you can't escape her hand.
But no matter what she did, she still endured, gritting her teeth to endure, and because of that, she wanted to push her even more. Taking the opportunity that she did not come home, the mother used this trick to harm her. Her hand wasn't burned yet, but when she heard Hana's screams in the kitchen, she rushed down to see what was going on. When she heard that Clara was not coming home, she came up with this crazy idea to play with her.
No wonder she failed before her admirable sanity, proud of her. Clara even forced herself to be unfilial when she dared to scold her mother.
She knew she was looking for an excuse to keep berating her, and she thought this was a good opportunity to tease and make fun of her. So she remained silent. She got angry and immediately stopped her head.
"You are so stubborn, don't expect to get out of here, I won't let you have your satisfaction. You have to live here for the rest of your life under my torture and orders. Do you hear that?"
She still ignores her, dodges her, even if she's good, she hits her, whatever. She didn't feel braver each time she fanged her fangs.
"Fuck! I should have let you go with your mother to the afterlife."
She blurted out, emphasizing each word, knowingly or unknowingly confessing her guilt to her.
Clara stared at her, stunned. What did you just say?
She continued: "Yes, I was indirectly involved in your mother's death. I should have taken you with her, you'll have to thank me, right? Isn't it too late? I'll help you go see your mother!"
Clara could see the fang in her dark eyes. Never had she seen her so angry. Her eyes are like an assassin's.

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