Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 19, 2022
Ch. 38Chapter 38: Danger is near 2

With a sense of insecurity, Clara decided to stop by before going to the hospital. Never before had she felt shy when standing in front of her door. She still did not dare to face her, if not for her future, she would have turned and left. The place she went to was not yet determined, but at least she was at peace.
The sky before her eyes was bleak.
Clara breathed heavily, trying to calm herself down, but to no avail. Her palpitations rattled, nervously mixed with uneasiness, frantically checking to see if she was in there, waiting to catch her.
Feeling lonely inside. Feeling really scared.
Clara closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to think of the happy things from the past, which would give her courage. She thought of her mother, why did she leave her so early? She thinks her life will be like after today. She thought about the life she had lived through, how she was always treated, how no one understood.. and the things that happened not according to her wishes. Everything seemed to be sinking her into a black hole of panic.
Then she thought of a miracle that would happen, someone would help her out of this ordeal. But when she opened her eyes, nothing happened. Only the iron door stood dumbfounded in front of her as if toying with her pitiful fear.
Suddenly, a car passed by, startling her. There was a crackling sound coming from inside. Whatever it was, her endurance was enough.
She stepped inside and stood opposite staring at the door for a long time. Before taking a deep breath and reaching for the doorknob and pushing in. Whether the knob was warm or her hand was cold.
Immediately her screams resounded: "Damn it! You still dare to show your face here?"
Clara barely dodged when she threw the magazine in her face. It flew past her and hit the door just as she closed it. She stood blankly and turned to look at her, who sat there, on the high sofa, with an angry expression on her face. Staring all over her body, she examined it with disdain. Sitting next to her was her eldest daughter, Hana looking at her with a gleeful smile as if her mother's torture was her amusement. Clara noticed in time that her right arm was bandaged very carefully like she was injured, pretending or not, she was not in the mood to care or show pity for her, because right now people It is she who needs mercy.
Clara didn't know what she would do to her, but the feeling her stepmother gave her was truly terrifying.
And without letting her worry for long, she immediately reached the climax.
"You ruined my day. What the hell happened to you? How dare you show your face here while acting like that?"
Knowing that she could only remain silent, she did not dare to refute, she did it, suddenly she stood up, Before Clara could react, she rushed in - fingernails sticking out, aiming at her face and rushing in. She grabbed her hair and pulled it repeatedly, feeling as if a large patch of the scalp had just been peeled off. The pain was so sudden that she couldn't even feel it.
Hana quickly ran over to pull her out, pleading.
"Calm down mom! Don't do that, have something to talk about slowly." She said looking at her sarcastically, a smile that had never won the hearts of anyone in such a blatant, fraudulent way that Clara had never seen.
Apparently, the two mothers and the mother are acting.
Listening to her daughter's words, she released her hands from her hair, and straightened her shirt as she tried to push her down to torture her, even though she didn't have any resistance, she still acted like she was resisting. and behave very enthusiastically in response.
Hana eased her mother back into the chair, she sat down panting, exhausted. Torturing her made her so tired, why would she be happy to do anything, it is clear that the heart of a snake is poisonous.
Although she had a headache, she did not touch the sore spot with her hand, her eyes fixed on her, hoping for an explanation.
"I'm sorry, I spent the night without telling you." A trembling hand she raised to make a finger sign. The dizziness still lingered in her.
"Sorry!" She snarled, stretching those two words to her ears: "Are you sorry? Look at what you've done to Hana's jade hand."
She said grabbing the hand she was holding up to admire, a perfect work of her makeup.
Pretending to follow Hana hissed, grimacing in pain.
"It's okay, mom, it hurts."
"Are you hurt? Be good, I'm sorry." She turned to coax her mouth to gently blow her hand.
She just wanted to vomit, but her hand injury had nothing to do with her. The mother and daughter ignored her for a moment, then turned to look at her. Clara immediately gestured with her hand before she continued her fangs.
"I don't understand what you're saying. It's not my fault that Hana got hurt."
Seeing her raise her hand to talk made the mother and daughter tired, even angrier.
"Can you still resist?" She jumped up from her chair, stood there, screamed, and pointed her finger straight in her face accusingly: "It's all your fault, you hear me, if you were at home preparing breakfast, my baby wouldn't have been burned when you tried to use the kitchen to cook breakfast?"
What? What's the point, of accusing her of just that stupid thing? She's trying to force you to accept me despite insulting her daughter's lack of talent.
Clara was stunned by the accusation that had no convincing weight at all. Will the judge be on her side?
Seeing Clara silent, mother and daughter Hana looked at each other and smiled triumphantly. Scaring Clara has long been a hobby for these villains. They always force Clara to cry, beg them to stop, to be satisfied.

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