Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 16, 2022
Ch. 37Chapter 37: Danger is near 1

"Roly! Why is your face so bad, didn't you sleep last night? Your nose is bleeding."
Neil said to take a handkerchief from his pocket and give it to him.
Dammit! He swore, and now he realized, Roly ran a hand over his nose. The bright red color soon permeated the back of his hand. Taking the handkerchief from Neil, he quickly wiped the blood. Knowing that the other two were looking at him as if he wanted to know something, he replied smartly and left immediately.
"It's probably because it's hot today. I have to go first." Finally, one hand covered his nose. He passed them both, moving forward to try and find her. But Neil's hand reached out to hold his hand.
The two looked at each other confused, Roly seemed in a hurry, his voice more urgent than necessary.
"What happened to you?" Neil asked with concern." "Tell us. You look really bad."
"It's not convenient to explain now, I might lose track of her."
Roly implored him to stop visiting.
"Which girl?" Neil still didn't stop.
"Let's talk later, okay." He tried not to get mad at his friend for no reason. Roly patted his arm and pulled her hand away from the half-hearted grip. Suddenly Corbin's voice made him stop when he had only moved his foot forward a few steps.
"We just ran into an unstable girl. I wonder if that's the one you're looking for?"
Roly turned around and asked, "Where is she?"
Looking at his anxious expression, although he didn't know what was going on, Corbin was satisfied with that expectant look.
"She's headed down. Did you find her?"
As soon as he heard it, he immediately ran away without saying anything to the two people who were watching in surprise.
Hope you're still in school.
Roly's shadow disappeared, and the two turned to each other, showing well-founded suspicion.
In the hustle and bustle of the wide corridor, Roly glanced around, she was gone.
Damned! He cursed again, this time the sound was turned on, many people passing by looked at him warily, their eyes were strange.
Roly stood there, in the middle of the void, feeling sorry to have missed out again, at this very moment he still couldn't quite explain why he ended up being drawn into this crazy case.
The new day is great! but with Roly it sucks. As soon as he opened his eyes and woke up, he immediately ate a punch for some reason. Remembering the stinging pain tormenting him, his wound needed care. Roly turned her back to the guild meeting room.
Clara gasped, hiding in the air-tight room. Luckily she escaped again. Clara really didn't know why he was after her. She wasn't in the mood to care about it either. Because now she is sad because her passion will be buried in memory. Surely she couldn't go there to play the piano anymore.
Not to mention she was standing in front of a storm that was about to break out. She didn't come home last night. And she knew she wouldn't let her do that.
Just thinking about her eyes and her venomous words made her shiver. Ahead of her were cloudy days, although today was a fine day.

Negative thoughts filled her mind.
Putting aside those silly accidents, her only concern right now was how to deal with the danger that was about to fall down on her body. Deep down, Clara really didn't want to go home. It feels disgusting to think of those cruel people. She didn't know what horrors awaited when she appeared in front of her. But it was definitely beyond her tolerance. She dared not imagine or think of what she would do to punish her. Will she whip you with a whip? Or, more indignant, would she lock her up and starve for days?
In fact, she panicked when she thought about it, sitting in class with her limbs jittery. Restless hope that time can stop right now forever so that it doesn't happen.
Going back to the horrible memories, Clara still can't believe that this incident has happened again. Remembering many years ago, her 12th winter, that day was a cold winter day, she visited the children at the orphanage, the night was deserted, not to mention the pouring rain, to avoid Unfortunately she spent the night there. It happened just once but she will never be able to forget, the consequences beyond the mind of a child who has not fully understood the story of life, the final ending she received for her unannounced overnight, she got mad as soon as she saw her enter the house, she was immediately slapped with ear slaps, felt terrible pain, her mother's hand was imprinted on her cheek. She scolded her badly, cursed her. As if her fault was great, and yet she was even crueler when she locked her in her room for two days without eating or drinking.
She blamed the reason she acted like that because she thought that, she could not sign a contract with a partner, causing damage to the company. She did nothing, it was clear that she was the one who made the mistake, she got up late and left the house without bringing documents about the cooperation plan. So the contract could not be signed, and she was criticized by the other shareholders.
What a loss! and she vented her anger on her.
She kept mumbling the most nonsense, she wasn't at home and took the phone when she called, so No one brought her documents while she let her two daughters leisurely play.
The last class had just ended immediately, and she lingered in the classroom for a while before leaving. Although she was full of fear, she finally had to have the courage to return home. She needed to suffer for her future. Currently, she is not yet of age. She will be 18 years old in 29 days, according to the law, she is still her guardian. True to the court's decision at the time of her father's death, she will take care of and protect Clara until she turns 18 years old.
During that time, no matter what happened, right or wrong, Clara was the one to lose, because even if she denounced her, she still couldn't do anything about it. And bring more suffering to the kidney. Who would believe a child with depression, to look at life with distrustful eyes? And she has both money and wealth, wide acquaintances, and just a few blatant lies she turns from white to black.
So Clara always gritted her teeth and endured, waiting for the day when she would hold her own rights in her hand. The day she bravely left there to live the life she wanted. At that point, there was nothing she could do about her, the court decided that.

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