Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 16, 2022
Ch. 36Chapter 36: Chase you

Clara is confused as to where she is. Suddenly something caught her attention, the tickling sensation assaulted her pretty chin all over, it turned out that his warm breath was radiating more intensely, it caressed the milky white skin.
Her body stiffened, not daring to picture what had just formed in her mind, and by the way, with one hand still resting on Roly's chest, she slowly moved her hand to feel it. Suddenly, I pulled my hand back, feeling the hardness and warmth. Trying to prevent herself from falling into a daze, Rotate slowly turned her head from somewhere in the room until the handsome face was embracing her dilated pupils. Clara was shocked and speechless when she noticed a strange young man, sleeping soundly below her.
What the hell is this? What should she do in the face of this ironic situation?
Surely many people will be shocked, jump up and curse, scream or even be more aggressive than rushing to beat the opponent. When in a situation like this.
But with Clara, she secretly thanked the above for giving her the right judgment before the matter.
After a moment of shock, Clara forced herself to calm down, to stop herself from acting stupid, at least not to let out a groan. in his rather pitiful situation. She needed to be the wisest.
Suddenly remembering the past, Clara finally determined everything clearly, she was motionless in a difficult position, staring at the young man below her with wide eyes for a long time.
For the first time, she looked at people so strangely and so carefully, there was clearly something called interest. Clara skillfully did not miss any small details, they were exquisite to perfection, a man handsome boy, a sleeping figure like a prince coming out of fairy tales. It turned out that this was the same person who spotted her in front of the guild's room. At that time, she didn't dare to look directly, so she couldn't imagine his beauty. Now that she has the opportunity, she suddenly realizes that she is acting differently than herself, is this action wrong? Is it worthy of condemnation?
Clara didn't realize she'd been looking at him for so long until he showed signs of waking up that she was slightly startled. Consciously needing to get out of here before he fully wakes up and finds me. She gently managed to move away from him, hands on the floor, she lifted her body wearily. Try not to let him notice.
Clara in a crawling position slowly backed away with her knees and hands. She held her breath to do it. Just a small mistake, he will open his eyes, and everything is considered finished. Although she forced herself to adjust accordingly, she couldn't help but feel suffocated and the drumbeat in her chest. Also, she needed to be faster, and finish it as quickly as possible. She hopes to wake up when I'm safe from you.
Once again, the human calculation is not equal to heaven's calculation, like Feeling the sudden disappearance of warmth, Roly dreamily opened her eyes slowly.
Still not fully grasping the situation, his hazy eyes were half-opened, and he caught a glimpse of her fading away.
Roly thought she was hallucinating, her face blurred, her long straight hair falling to her sides. The image receded further and further from him.
Roly involuntarily turned softly, causing Clara who was concentrating to become frightened, immediately looked at him, a listless face that had not yet fully woken up, immediately met her eyes, her body trembled accordingly, unable to move anymore, it took root in that position, she swallowed hard, she inhaled some air, reassured herself to be calm, at least she wasn't allowed to scream.
Silently interrupted, she was wasting her escape time, while he was in a state of gradual recovery. Suddenly he spoke again when his vision improved. Her image became clearer and clearer.
Panicked when he called again, not knowing what to do, while he was still not fully awake, Clara immediately swung her fist, hitting her face as Roly tried to raise her head. Then, panicking, he jumped off the floor and rushed out of the room. His head immediately returned to its original position, the sudden blow bringing him to his senses.
Thanks to the pain, his mind suddenly woke up, her shadow had just passed, he was about to reach out to grab her leg, unfortunately, it missed, without thinking, he got up, frantically chased, his mind still reeling, limbs wobbly.
Damn, his head hurts like hell, and his jaw hurts too. He looks like a drunk man stalking and playing tricks on women.
"Stop." He called out loudly, but she still kept running forward, never looking back.
She was just running around the corner when she suddenly hit Neil and Corbin who were on the way. The stack of papers in Neil's hand fell to the floor.
Panicked, she lowered her head, not daring to look up at the two, her hands and feet were frantic. Just want to quickly run away.
"Stand carefully."
He spoke up as she stood fidgeting for a moment, then ran off without bending down to help him pick it up. Not even an apology.
"This!" Neil called after her, a little annoyed by her behavior. Clara pretended not to hear, walking even faster.
"What a strange person." He turned his voice reproachfully to Corbin, who also turned his head to look after her. With something hard to explain.
"They must be in a hurry," Corbin replied lightly, not seeming to care much about it.
The two continued walking, only to find Roly hurrying towards them. After he stopped, he was mentally shocked enough to continue chasing.
As soon as he saw the other two, he immediately asked: "Did you see any strange girl passing by?"
Both Neil and Corbin panicked when they saw his nose bleeding.
"Roly! Why is your face so bad, didn't you sleep last night? Your nose is bleeding."
Neil said to take a handkerchief from his pocket and give it to him.

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