Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 15, 2022
Ch. 35Chapter 35: Peace before the storm

The rumor about the school having female ghosts only started a month ago, that is, since the new school year started. Some even said it doesn't appear often, those who come home late or stay overnight at school report that only Monday and Wednesday nights of the week do they hear the music, although curious about what they know. it's a locked room, students are forbidden to enter, because of the girl's suicide, no one dares to come to see it, they think that her ghost is still lingering, so at night, playing the piano to scare people, there must be something wrong with her, and the second and fourth habit no one can explain clearly, there is an opinion that Monday is the day she died or something, a lot, a lot.
After rearranging the facts, filter out the most likely ones. He decided that today, standing on Wednesday night, he would set a trap, so he was at school after school, using a projector, projecting a girl's image on the mirror, very simply. He put a picture in front of her mirror with just enough vision, at the end of the room he placed the projector, as soon as she appeared, he would press the control panel, activate the switch to open the projector, which he already held in his hand, standing behind the door waiting for the wait, his intention is very clear to scare the person who has done this evil trick for a bit and then grab it.
Roly has planned very carefully, he will hide outside, behind the door look in, and observe, when the witch appears, he will turn on the projector.
However, God is good at teasing people, who can predict this situation. He had not mastered himself, even though he was immersed in the sound of the piano, he was so engrossed that his hand pressed the button to turn on the projector without realizing it. So, now you're in this cool situation. Lying on the cold floor, above her petite body, her breathing was even and she slept soundly with her face down on his chest.
He seemed to feel that pleasant warmth, so he was too lazy to open his eyes.
Just like that, the moonlight shone into the room, witnessing a rare sight.
Her screams did not attract the security guard's attention, because the TV was too loud to drown out other sounds. Or by God's will?
The outcome was truly unexpected. Tonight they can peacefully fall into a beautiful dream, what about tomorrow? What awaits them? Tomorrow, hello!

Deep in her sleep, she was awakened by the sound of birds chirping outside the window.
Rub! A new day begins.
The sun peeked out from behind the trees to the east. The sky had begun to lighten. The scene is so peaceful. The cherry trees after a night of bathing in dew seem fresher, full of life, in the schoolyard the branches are gently swaying, like an early morning greeting. A few birds passed branches, chirping the song of dawn. Those throbbing and pulsating melodies seem to give people an abundant source of inspiration for the new day. The golden rays of sunlight gently pierced through the leaves, gently awakening all things from their deep sleep. The tree leaves whisper to wake up to greet the dawn. The glittering dewdrops reflected the sun, like sparkling pearls. The lights are off, people rush to prepare for a new day with a lot of work. The golden, mellow sunshine spreads, covering everywhere. The street lights up, heralding a good new day. The houses, alleys, and cars poured into the street, busy. Everyone is in a hurry. Loud car horns make the street in the morning more colorful. A gentle breeze flows through the window, and a few mischievous rays of the morning sun intentionally squeeze in front of the wind, and they crept into the gap in the door. then penetrate the soft silk curtain. The corner of the curtain's wing flutters slightly, it is flexible with the wind and the sun, singing the song of intercourse. Then gently stroked her bright white skin.
Clara vaguely opened her eyes to greet the morning sun, the warm light shining straight into her eyes, covering her eyes with her hand, just woke up, so she had not had time to adapt to that light. After a moment, she let go of her hand, capturing all those peaceful beautiful colors in the bottom of her eyes. Suddenly Clara smiled brightly, it was clear that she had a beautiful dream last night.
Looking at her with this image, it was like a wildflower on the side of the road, pure and innocent beauty, not necessarily colorful, the appearance of that wildflower seemed very weak and insignificant. But it brings with it a very strong and noble aura, but unfortunately... No one has seen the beauty of that soul.
Immersed in that pure moment, she almost forgot about the anxiety and fear of each day, including the ominous situation that is still present now. Until a gust of wind made her squint as if something tiny had toyed with her eyes. Clara rubbed her eyes with her hand, when she felt better, it was time to return to the present.
The narrowed eyes suddenly opened wider than ever. The head is immediately raised.
Where are you? this is not her room, the small loft is not enough for an adult's stretch.
Confused, she glanced around the room. At the end of the room, fragments of a projector screen lay bare. A little doubt, still uncertain, it seems that last night's emotional shock is still haunting her. Clara's confusion is not over yet.
What is this room like...? Looking at the morning scene, she feels completely foreign, Clara almost only comes here at night, she has never blatantly come here in broad daylight, so here is really strange to her.
Suddenly Clara felt as if something was wrong.

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