Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 15, 2022
Ch. 34Chapter 34: Set traps 2

Without hesitation, or wasting much time, the Door opened quickly, hearing a small noise, he knew the witch had arrived. However, he still didn't want to show up, it was too early, and the fun hadn't started yet.
Clara climbed into the room, everything was still the same as before, only a strange feeling was enveloping the room. She didn't mind it too much though, it must have turned cold today.
Ignoring it, thinking that, she smiled and went to sit at the table, used the lighter she brought, lit the candle, and soon the soft light from the candle lit up a small area in the room, illuminating the shadow of her sitting. I play the piano. The music began to resonate with the first sounds, how soothing it was, each long, soft finger gliding over the keys. She danced passionately to the music. Happy memories kept coming, invading the space of both her and his mind, like a fairy tale melodious reminiscent of someone important to them. It is abundant, and lightheaded, making the listeners moved to cry.
Later the melody changes to a subtly low tone. People in the present are so lonely, so hurt, unhappy things make their heartache, they want to forget, erase those painful memories, at the climax, she passionately blends the fruit my heart, my soul in it, suddenly the wind rises, the curtain swings stronger and stronger, The candle is soft as if it's about to be extinguished, what is this feeling? Somehow it affects Clara, the music suddenly stops when she stops playing.
Feeling vague, not understanding what was happening, Clara panicked, turning her head to look at the window. It was nothing, but why did her eyes see something vague, unclear, giving a prickly feeling, her spine went cold, the resulting sweat was more than usual, soaking her face, suddenly a cold wind, lightly hit the back of her neck, she lost consciousness, did not dare to think of any terrible things, but her instincts told her, someone was looking at her, swallowing her tears, causing her to become dry and dry. , she timidly turned her head to look, and a girl appeared in front of her eyes. Bowing, Long hair covering her face, wearing a long white shirt, melancholy, tragic, suddenly she raised her head to look at her.
Clara screamed in horror, her eyes were closed, her whole body was shaking, and her limbs were frantic, panicked, and wanted to run out. According to her natural reaction, she ran towards the door, but she didn't notice the door. opened, and now Roly walked in leisurely, satisfied that he had caught her.
But what happened after that he certainly will never forget.
He was surprised when the music stopped, Roly was so immersed in the melody that he forgot what he came here for, he was filled with thoughts and emotions just like that melody until the music stopped, and he became bright. Remember, you're not here because you're interested in listening to her play.
A few seconds later, suddenly he was startled that she had left, he immediately turned to look inside. She was still there, extremely bewildered.
"Finally showing up, let's see who you are that dares to be here pretending to be a ghost." He smiled proudly and watched her reaction a little longer, waiting for her to run out he just gently grabbed her.
In a panic, she jumped up from her seat, arms and legs flailing, so her hand swung up and hit the stick that was still smoldering, it broke in half lying on the floor, the other half lying on the floor. was shot into the air before hitting a falling wall. Worse, that tiny flame has not been destroyed, it immediately met the object of fire, thanks to the force of the wind, immediately flared up.
At this point, Clara rushed to the door, she screamed louder when she saw it right away. There were people at the door, it was so dark, she couldn't tell if it was a person or a ghost, not to mention his shirt was on fire.
Smelling the burning smell, he panicked when he realized his sleeve was on fire, Roly frantically tried to put out the fire in his hand. Meanwhile, Clara panicked and didn't know what to do, still rushed toward him according to natural conditions, she only had time to stop when her foot stepped on the other half of the candle lying on the floor, a long slide, she rushed straight towards him, Roly was frantically pounding again, suddenly widening her eyes because she didn't have time to react, her head hit his chest, the speed combined with the power of the slide was quite large, making Roly unable to keep up. flat, pushed back, the whole body was hit quite hard against the door frame, followed by the power line connected to the projector, jam! the machine fell to the floor, broke immediately, the image in the mirror also disappeared, the big shock caused both of them to fall to the floor, he lost consciousness immediately, and she also fainted because of the horror, the top the fire went out when the air was suddenly sealed, she lay on top of him in the same position as the accident in the afternoon, only at this hour they both fell into a dream.
Roly thought he would catch the witch tonight, but who knew he would have to spend the night in the music room with the witch?
It took him quite a while to investigate the rumor of the piano in the night, from the moment he heard it. In the last few days, During recess, he often went to the canteen, which is very rare among members of the guild, because the guild often gathers to rest in the guild's private room.
After many efforts to avoid the school's attention and turmoil, he was also rewarded with some useful information.

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