Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 13, 2022
Ch. 33Chapter 33: Set traps

He stopped right in front of the school gate, despite having an important position in the guild, as well as a great family, he could proudly run straight in without having to report or follow any school rules, but instead, Therefore, Roly was very obedient to the rules again, he turned off the engine, led the car through the gate, nodded slightly to the security guard - who stood up to greet him, then put the car in the parking lot, carrying the tool bag that had been used. prepared in advance, he slung it over his shoulder, went straight inside, somehow he was so excited, glanced at his watch again, needed to be faster before the witch arrived, he walked away hoping the fish would bite the sentence.
Going up to the second floor of the function house, taking a deep breath, Roly lifted his foot to walk there, at the end of the corridor, the room was sealed, using the spare key, he gently opened it, an hour A small cup came out, he shivered a little, obviously he didn't believe in ghost stories, but the atmosphere here gave people goosebumps. Entering the room, he put down the bag and pressed the switch to turn on the light. Fortunately, the electrical system had not been disconnected and I looked at the room for a while. After determining the location of the trap, he began to work. Quickly and accurately, the trap was set up perfectly, just waiting for the fish to reach the net.
Dusting his hands, he examined the results again, after making sure the trap was undamaged and usable, Roly turned off the light and walked out of the room. Everything was ready and he waited patiently.
Constantly thinking about it, she forgot to go home to cook for her parents and children, suddenly remembered, she looked at the clock, didn't even think about it, and hurriedly ran to catch the bus. She pinched herself to ask her to stay awake to know the way to get off the car, she shook her head repeatedly hoping that image would fly away, at least not to haunt her right now.
Hit her cheek repeatedly, the pain will wake her up. At least it worked, she didn't end up at her house by mistake. As soon as she got off the car, she rushed into the house, fearing that she would be delayed further, she would be scolded by her mother with venomous words, sometimes not satisfied, and waved her hand to hit her.
With a quick breath, she rushed into the house as soon as the door opened. She did not dare to imagine the scene, her mother and son sitting on the sofa, catching menacing glances in her direction, when she opened the door. come in.
The door opened, and she was surprised that it didn't happen, she thought they were there, trying to rebuke her, torturing her. The rooms were empty, she stood dumbfounded for a moment before going back inside, she walked through the rooms from the first floor to the checkroom, the mother and daughter were not at home.
It's strange!
My mother and I went out. She wondered, then ran downstairs to see if there were any messages for her.
Exactly what she thought, Tsunade and her two daughters were going to a lady's birthday party in the upper class. A message was taped to the refrigerator, in her line of sight.
Clara breathed a sigh of relief. So now it's only you at home. Clara sat down to rest for a while in the chair, as if the afternoon incident also followed her fear away. After a while, Clara stood up and went to the kitchen to make some dinner.
OH! 7 o'clock. She looked at the clock on the wall. It's still quite early, usually, when she goes to the party, it's around 10 or 11 o'clock. She was also engrossed in taking care of her two daughters, talking about matchmaking for them.
Suddenly remembering that it was Thursday, she suddenly became happier. Think of yourself enjoying playing the piano at school. Made her want to scream out loud.
Without further ado, she got up and gathered everything, washed the dishes, put them in the right place, quickly changed her clothes, and left the house. A feeling of helplessness calmed her soul. It's so liberating, at least for this moment.

According to your investigation. Now that no one else was at the school, feeling more secure, Clara looked around for a moment, then climbed over the fence, to the right, near the block with the music room.
As always, the security guard sat in his office, resting his feet on the table, sipping a cup of coffee while watching a program on the small television placed in the room. Only once a week every 45 minutes. The music room is quite far from the security guard, it is located inside the building, so the sound when she plays music outdoors, especially near the security guard's room, will not be heard.
Looking around again, she felt like a thief afraid of being discovered, when she was sure she couldn't see anyone, Clara was at ease. Without further delay, she walked gently and quickly around to the back, in front of her 5-story block, she stood directly below the music room. Regaining her spirit quickly, clinging to the drainpipe installed outside, climbed up to the second floor. It's not very high, but with her ability, she can do it. Her small hands are firmly grasped, how clever does she look? like a circus performer hanging a tree.
In order not to waste time, she often used a small piece of wood to block the corner of the window, every time she left, so that she could open it easily next time, from the outside it was always closed but only needed to use a piece of iron. small and flat so that through the crevice you can trap it. The smart idea she came up with when she wanted to facilitate the realization of her passion.

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