Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 13, 2022
Ch. 32Chapter 32: Roly's preoccupation

Holding a delicious fish cake in hand. Martha chewed it in her mouth as she walked slowly to where Bertha stood.
"Hey, do you want to eat?" Martha handed Bertha a cake. Not seeing her reaction, suddenly following the direction of Bertha's eyes, Martha asked: "Where is Clara?"
She didn't see Clara in the room, the brunette's eyes darting around the room, as if to take a closer look. Indeed her handbag had disappeared along with its owner. Bertha, on the other hand, was still staring intently at Zane through the window. It didn't seem to notice that Martha was present. Bertha still couldn't imagine what had just happened.
Martha quickly turned around and asked again, discovering the difference between her partner. His hand caressing his chin incredulously said:
"Did I just miss something? How are you? You don't look good."
Martha stared at Bertha expectantly, nothing changed in her dark face since then. Suddenly Bertha stopped looking, turned, and left.
"Hey, what's wrong with you? Don't say no. I'm talking to you, can you hear me?"
Martha called out after her, but Bertha still didn't notice. Feeling great curiosity, Martha turned to look in the direction of Zane's room. See if there are any clues, No signs of suspicion, except that he is still lying in the same position. Maybe he was already in a dream.
Extremely upset Martha sighed, and pouty followed. Hopefully, when Bertha gets better, I'll ask what happened.
It was also because I didn't suddenly leave to get something to eat, so I missed something. Not sure, but judging from Bertha's attitude, Martha guessed it must have been good to make Bertha look pensive. Unfortunately, I couldn't witness it, the more Martha thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became, scolding herself.
Clara was still shocked by what had just happened, thank goodness she kept her composure to deal with the situation, it wasn't until she left the hospital that she allowed herself to freely express her emotions.
I don't know how to describe how she feels right now. She couldn't think of anything good, the image just now didn't know how long it would stick with her.
Has Clara never been more confused than now? Looking up, the room's windows were still open, and wondering if Zane was like her right now. If that's so bad, how dare she meet him? Even if it is mandatory, the two will certainly no longer keep the same natural look as before.
Sighing, not thinking she would be so unlucky, Clara nervously muttered a curse. Never had she been angry for no reason, but this time she was angry with herself. Even if it was an accident, if she did well, there wouldn't be such a deadly situation.
That was the first time she had touched another person, even a male, and he also stole her first kiss. Although it was only on her cheek, it was also extremely embarrassing for her, fortunately, he didn't see anything, if it hadn't been for her to go down 8 floors, she wouldn't know where to hide her face, the huge birthmark made her shut herself up because inferiority, what if he knew about it? Is he like everyone else, but the person she used to be, has been, and is the meeting?
Roly rode on his steed, buckled his helmet securely, hit the gas, and sped off on the way home to school. It's already six o'clock, he needs to be more urgent, Roly has prepared a surprise plan, he wants to dedicate it to a certain mystic who is affectionately known by the students as 'the witch.'
The city at night is so beautiful, in the heart of the city, antique cars follow one another to come home to have a family meal, on both sides of the road, pedestrians eagerly talk and laugh, hold hands for a walk at night, high-rise buildings, The street lights were all on, the whole city soon lit up, lit up the whole sky, riding on his favorite motorbike, he let each cool breeze caress his skin, feeling real. comfortable. His spirit became more relaxed every time he drove on the roads, passed many familiar streets, and passed his favorite places. What feels better than that? His life is so simple, sometimes it's trivial in the eyes of many people, but he ignores it, doesn't care what they say, because his life is his, he just does what he does. you like it. For him, that is satisfaction.
Roly is not ambitious, although he was born into a wealthy family, he has never lived by the name of the second young master of the Sabaku family. He always tries to prove himself, not to let his father look down on him. The truth is that he had a childhood that was not proud and called happily. When he was 7 years old, his mother had an accident, and she has been a vegetable ever since. He always has a prejudice against his father, because he thinks that he treats him more unfairly than his brother. Not to mention, he has paid little attention to his mother since the day she had an accident. It felt like his father was evading his responsibilities more and more. From that day on, Roly grew more distant from her father. Living under the same roof as his father, his feelings have cooled down for a long time. Outside of school, he is not afraid to do anything special, he often goes to the hospital to visit his mother when he is on vacation or when he encounters something unhappy.
His life is somewhat boring and impermanent, it seems that it will forever pass like that, in a miraculous peace, but, as he did not expect, suddenly the sky fell on his head. Strange things, even though he didn't want to, it kept surrounding him.
The story of Cinderella saving Zane, then the story of the girl who is said to be a witch, attracted him. Roly has never been so enthusiastic or eager to get involved in anything, especially not related to her. Yet now that he was engaged in what was supposed to be useless, he prepared a surprise attack. Roly will deal with the spreading rumor, the students are spreading rumors about it getting bigger and bigger, causing many sellers to doubt it.
He couldn't explain why he had become like this, something had driven him to discover it, ever since his accidental meeting with that mysterious girl.

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