Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 12, 2022
Ch. 31Chapter 31: What is your name?

Clara avidly read the book, which is a children's fairy tale, a compulsory subject if she wants to be a preschool teacher.
The story she was watching was her favorite story, which her mother often told her. Cinderella! Just read the part where the prince meets Cinderella.
Suddenly he asked, after hesitating for a long time, although he knew this was against the rules, he still wanted to ask.
"Hey, may I know your name?" She was so focused she couldn't hear, moreover his voice wasn't loud enough.
When she didn't reply, he raised his voice a little more.
"What is your name?"
Hearing him ask, she blurted out: "Cinderella."
He laughed, Clara was bewildered and didn't understand why he laughed, did she say something wrong? Suddenly she discovered, although the top was hidden, the lips were perfectly curved, she knew for sure that his smile was very beautiful. She smiled innocently after him. Suddenly he had a brilliant idea.
"Okay, so I'll call you Cinderella from now on, okay?"
He stopped laughing, waiting for her to agree.
"Okay!" Without hesitation, she replied immediately, feeling that the name was not too bad. Although she knew well that she would never be Cinderella.
It was funny, while she was reading the part where the prince asked her name, Cinderella blurted out that her name was Cinderella.
Is that strange or not?
The quiet moment was unintentionally interrupted, when no one said anything more, it seemed that talking to her was very comfortable, he still wanted to continue, but suddenly he did not recognize her presence anymore, making him restless.
"Hey Cinderella, are you still there?"
He asked, eyes unconsciously looking at the window, curtains fluttering in the wind, cool air rushed in, and she fell asleep. Head nodding up and down.
"Cinderella!" He raised the pitch.
Clara startled, almost fell off the chair, and opened her eyes in panic when she saw him calling out to her.
His feet were on the floor.
"Do you want to go out?" She got up and ran to him, Zane taking a few steps away from the bed.
Unfortunately for him, he couldn't see anything, his foot tripped at the foot of the bed, lost his balance and almost fell to the floor, fortunately, she caught it, but the weight was not equal, she helped him up, but lost his balance. flat, causing their feet to trip over his, they both turned halfway, and then both she and he fell onto the bed, their position on the bed was so embarrassing that one could not look straight. His whole body was on top of her, his face close to hers, his lips slightly parted in anticipation.
Feeling her warm breath, he regained consciousness. Fortunately, he did not see anything or the consequences were dire.
Stop it, accident. Clara lay motionless, unable to move, his large body lying on top of her. The fall was so sudden, that she felt dizzy, and wanted to open her eyes, but could only close them slightly, wanting to see clearly what happened. But the eyelids didn't obey her control, so they closed.
He was worried when there was no response from her. Should stir lightly, I want to get out of this situation.
Suddenly her eyes opened, and met his eyes staring at her, almost like that, even though he was still blindfolded, she still felt his eyes on hers, lips an inch away before touching. together. Realizing she was conscious he stopped moving.
The whole space fell into silence, his heart pounding, while she held her breath, trying not to get too excited by this incident.
"Are you OK?" She broke the awkward silence.
"I guess so, and you?" He asked her back, his steady breath on his face making him tickle.
"Worse, please move your body away from mine."
She asked urgently. He frantically balanced his legs to stand up, his hands propped on the bed, using the momentum to lift his stiff body up. Damn it! The floor was still slippery or his legs couldn't support him, he slipped and fell to the ground again, the sudden pain causing her to let out a groan. His chest thumped against her shoulder blades. This time it was even worse, his lips were glued to the side of her cheek, unfortunately, it was not where the birthmark existed, otherwise what would happen no one knows. That strange soft feeling made him not dislike, but a feeling that is hard to describe with words.
While she widened her eyes, not daring to believe the truth in front of her eyes. He's not getting better and hasn't returned to his senses yet.
This time, she was no longer embarrassed, instead annoyed, she was more annoyed. For the first time, Clara could not control the anger in her heart. But can not blatantly curse, after all, it was just an accident.
Zane immediately showed an awkward expression that was rarely seen. Confused, he spoke, his head already high above hers.
"Sorry, are you okay?"
"Fine." She replied in an equally confused voice. She wanted to get out of here quickly.
Moreover, this posture... misleading people, fortunately, there are no ghosts to disturb this time.
"Can you try again? I mean please stand up for me."
For a moment he had misunderstood her, evil thoughts were troubling him. It took a few seconds for Zane to act. Just putting her hands on the bed, Clara reached out and pushed him off her body immediately.
Both were confused and didn't know what to do.
"Are you okay? I'm sorry about what just happened."
He asked lying next to her, Clara forced herself to sit up, trying to stay calm, she said: "Time's up, I'm sorry, see you tomorrow."
Then she got out of bed, reached for her backpack, and quietly walked out of the room, the sound of the door closing, he was startled out of the feeling of lightheadedness just now.
His heart was still beating fast, his body was hot, and the scent of hyacinth still lingered here and there, across the room, and on his lips.

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