Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 12, 2022
Ch. 30Chapter 30: Small talk

"Helping others is the joy of people like me. Moreover, I have accepted to take care of you, so I will try to complete it."
Her voice suddenly softened, as if her words were just a thoughtless blur. She said things he absolutely didn't want to hear. Suddenly realizing that he was confusing her, thinking about that worry, he stopped asking, instead, he wanted to tell her something. He wanted to confess one thing. It was he who was behind the case that she was fired for no reason. The act was disgraceful but not worthy of blame, after all, he just wanted to be well taken care of himself. Moreover, with the new job, she received three times the salary, and good work was sometimes even rewarded.
"If I told you it was my arrangement that you were fired, what would you think?"
Clara raised her eyebrows, not daring to believe what this young man had just said, he dared to blatantly admit that disgusting behavior. Saying not angry is lying, at first hearing she was boiling inside, how should she behave? After all, it didn't hurt her much, and she had a job with a better income than before. After all, she should thank him. After all, her nature rarely held a grudge against someone, although his actions were unacceptable, but still forgivable, not to mention he gave her a light job with a higher salary, compared to carrying calves in a small restaurant on a pedestrian street.
He tilted his head, waiting for her reaction.
"It's not that serious, moreover you have compensated me with a better job. Let's just pretend nothing happened. I was just wondering why you did it. Honestly, I was surprised to hear you say you're asking me to be your personal carer. Can you tell me why, okay?"
She asked him, her voice probing, wanting to answer the question that had been in her heart for so long.
"I believe you do better than anyone. You should be confident in yourself, you are dedicated, responsible and above all, you understand what others want."
He affirmed it firmly as if there was no other nurse or aide except her as enthusiastic and dedicated to taking care of him as she was. Clara was once again amazed, the first time someone believed in her, the first time she heard those compliments, she was really touched, she would cry out loud with happiness, but she could not stop the sobs. gushed out, reaching out to wipe away the hot, wet tears, she said in a choked voice.
"Thanks, I'll try harder." She naturally lowered her head, even though he couldn't see it, he could feel it, he doubted, was she crying?

"Then I would like to begin the work." She said she went to the window frame and pulled the curtain in, it was quite hot at noon, so it was easy to create a feeling of frustration in the room, then she rearranged everything on the table, next to his bed, this morning his friends. visited, ate, and drank but no one cleaned up. Clara was so gentle that she didn't make any noises that caught his attention.
"Pour me a glass of water." Suddenly he spoke, as if to check if she was still in the room, evidently the door was still closed and she hadn't been told to come out.
"Yes!" "Here's yours," she replied.
Clara walked over to the bed, carefully bringing the glass of water in front of his mouth. Feeling the mouth of the glass touching his lips, he raised his hand to grab the glass of water, suddenly touching her soft, warm hand. For a moment they were motionless, realizing that she needed to stay calm, she gently withdrew her hand, holding his hand until the glass was in Zane's hands, then she released her hands. down.
"Be careful not to get hot." Her voice was as light as the wind, sweet as candy. Soft sound like singing. He wished to be seen soon, he could not wait to see the face of this angel-like girl.
When he finished drinking, she took the glass from his hand, put it down on the table, and then went back to her work, changed the water for the lily in the vase, the room was neat and clean without any dust, because she didn't want to. making noise for him, she diligently cleaned manually, although tired, she loved the housework, because she did a lot, so she finished it quite quickly. Looking back at her results, she smiled in satisfaction. Zane is inherently clean, so the manager gave her a very clear warning: every day she needed to clean and tidy his room, she could have done it lightly, taking advantage of him without seeing him. nothing, but she didn't, Clara always did the best that was asked of her.
The proof is that he always receives compliments from his friends, every time he enters the room, the room is clean, airy, tidy... it's no different from the room in his house, each crime is not big and convenient. suspect. So he was more curious to know who she was.
Done, everything is done, looking at the bed, he seems to be asleep, feeling tired, she pulls the chair lightly, and sits down to open the book to read. Suddenly he woke up startled, found Space quiet, he didn't hear any sound anymore. Unconsciously afraid that she was gone, he panicked and sat up, waving his arms around, his voice panicking to her.
"Hey! Where are you?"
Clara looked up at him, realizing that his voice was a little scary, she quickly reassured him: "I'm here."
Hearing her voice made him feel lighter. Stop struggling no more.
"What are you doing?" Suddenly he was curious to know.
"I just watched the article." She smiled back, even though she knew he couldn't see.
"OH!" Knowing not to disturb her studies, he stopped asking, and sat there, his eyes still on her. The feeling of wanting to immediately remove the bandage on the eye.
The feeling of not seeing anything is really uncomfortable.

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