Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 21, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3: Dancing with the prince

Clara adjusted her outfit again before entering the party, looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, then exited when she was satisfied. Just out of the bathroom door, she was unlucky when she hit someone, lost her balance, and almost fell, if that person did not catch her in time. Clara regained her balance and looked in front of her, it was a guy with a Lion mask, looking very strong.

"Sorry!" Clara raised her voice, then quickly lowered her head and entered the party.
The boy with black hair and amber eyes looked up at her, with a strange feeling of wavering.
"No one seems to recognize me."

The boy muttered, then entered the party, but stopped short when he heard the conversation of two girls, standing outside the entrance.

"How do you know who is Zane?" One of the girls asked.

"Easy, the whole school is the only guy with the lion mask on." The girlfriend excitedly replied.

"How do you know?"

"The whole school knows, rumors spread that Zane wears a lion mask so no one dares to wear that mask."

The girl confirmed to her friend and the two entered the party. Zane stepped out of the wall, extremely angry when he heard about it, he didn't want to come but the idiot Arlo insisted on pulling him, otherwise, he would stay in Thomas's house and refuse to come back.

His clothes were all prepared by Orla for, in fact, a hidden party, and yet he was so different than everyone noticed.

Zane turned to leave, this time he ran into another person, a boy.

"President!" The man exclaimed and bowed his head. "I'm sorry!"

As rumored, everyone recognized him, not only female but also male, and he was even angrier.

Seeing Zane's attitude, the young man wanted to escape quickly but was caught by him.


"Is there anything?" The opposite person trembled in fear of offending him, his voice was like an order.

"Remove the mask."

Zane did not change his tone.

"What?" The other man opened his mouth, not understanding what was going on.

If everyone thought he was wearing a lion mask, he wouldn't, so he returned to the party with a cat mask, not majestic like a lion but that was enough for him, at least no one bothered him. and he was present at the party as he told Arlo.

Coincidentally, Clara was also wearing a cat mask, she was standing in a corner, at a table near the end of the hall. Looking around, really overwhelmed, everyone is gorgeous in evening gowns. Clara sat on the chair with her hands touching, the music played, then the voice came from the loudspeaker, and the host announced the official dance time. Everyone quickly found a partner to dance with, a lot of girls walked up to him with lion masks, and they thought it was Zane.

Zane glanced around, there were a lot of girls surrounding his substitute, he smirked, so no one knew he had changed his mask, not even the members of the guild, except the lucky ones. fortunately, receiving blessings or misfortunes from him is still unknown.

In the distance, two guys are talking loudly.

"Ready Done yet?" One of them leaned close to his ear and whispered to the other.

Loud music makes the conversation not clear, but the content needs to be communicated to everyone.

"Done! I will proceed immediately." The other person announced and left.

A sinister smile behind the fox mask.

The music is getting busier and busier, everyone invites each other out to dance. Clara stood still in a corner without moving, breathing evenly, sipping a glass of water in her hand.

"Come on Clara, ask someone to dance." Martha stood next to urge.

"Are you crazy, Clara can't hear you," Bertha spoke up annoyed, annoyed why she had to come to this boring party.

Zane glanced around and suddenly stopped when he noticed the girl he bumped into in front of the toilet. For some reason, he lifted his leg and walked over to Clara.

Martha rolled her eyes when she saw someone approaching Clara.

"Hey! Someone finally recognized Clara."

Martha with a mischievous smile nudged Bertha with her hand.

Bertha turned to look at the person walking toward them.

"Are you sure, what if it's not?"

"Why do you keep haunting me?" Martha, with her hands on her hips, looked at Bertha with slight displeasure.

"I only said if. Why are you reacting like that?" Bertha innocently replied.

Clara, who was looking down at her hand, was surprised when a hand reached out in front of her.

"May I ask you to dance?"

The low voice made Clara look up, Martha who was arguing with Bertha also glanced over to expect Clara's reaction.


Clara was so surprised that she didn't know how to react, so she should or shouldn't accept while her hand was still extended and waiting.

"Come on girl," Martha said and nudged Clara lightly, Clara put her hand on the open hand.
When the two entered the dance floor, Clara calmly remembered that she was a bad dancer. Before long, the son had already begun. It was a strange feeling, she felt confident, moving her legs to a rhythm that matched the person. Beautiful rotations, suddenly the light shining where she was dancing made everyone's attention. Clara immersed herself in the music, her movements were light, flexible, delicate, and unusually beautiful.

The two end up in a beautiful movie where she falls and the person who came to pick her up claps when the music stops. Clara smiled through the mask, she didn't think she would be so confident, didn't think she could dance. It seems that the body is not under Clara's control.

Clara returned to her original position, while Zane approached the counter, he wanted to get her water. Clara received many invitations but she declined all of them. Immersed in the music, she unconsciously looked at the clock, it was time to go home. If Xenia knew she was hiding, then… Shivering at the thought, Clara hurried through the crowd to leave. Zane turned around but she was nowhere to be found, looked around, he saw her walking towards the door, Zane quickly put two glasses of water on the chair and chased after her.

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