Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 10, 2022
Ch. 29Chapter 29: Late to the hospital

Then find another job to do more. Thinking that she paused for a moment, took another deep breath, her state was better, she continued to move towards the door, looking ahead, suddenly her eyes widened, shivering when she saw Arlo's roof fluttering. in the busy stream of people pouring out the main door.
He was right in front of her. Panicked, afraid of being seen by him, Clara hurriedly turned her back, just as Roly rolled her eyes in her direction when she heard the call.
As it turned out, he looked at the approaching Arlo boy. Seeing Arlo, Clara immediately looked down at the floor, then slowly bent down, pretending to pick up something, until Arlo passed her and stood next to Roly, she stood up. The two of them said something very animated, she couldn't hear, the crowd competed to make the sound thick, can't stand here forever, it will be suspected, outside the main door, and a back door, but if she goes that way, she has to go around this large school to get to the bus station, and run away and wait for him to leave, not a good plan, in the end without further hesitation, She turned around, held the book up high to hide her face, then walked as fast as she could, blending into the crowd eager to exit the wide corridor.
While saying something to Arlo, suddenly Roly looked at the door, immediately felt nauseous, when he saw a suspicious girl, hurrying away, as if she wanted to escape quickly, because Clara had covered her face, so he was not sure. However, her figure surprised him.
"Roly!" Arlo called, seeing his friend blankly looking at the crowd like bees breaking a hive, rushing out of the university doors, immediately feeling strange: "What's wrong with you."
Roly was still staring behind her, wanting to step up to give chase but then he stopped, turning to answer Arlo.
"Nothing? I just looked at the wrong person."
"Wrong who?" Arlo's curiosity suddenly increased when Roly appeared mysterious, noticing his friend's expectant look, he quickly turned to other things to avoid Arlo's further suspicion.
"Let's go eat, I'm hungry."
"This isn't over yet," Arlo called after him, but he had already come a long way.
His mood today, good or bad? He looks more excited, more anxious, sitting on the bed still, eagerly waiting for something, is he waiting for her? I don't know, he just realized that she was late, usually, by this time she would be there, although he didn't know the time, he knew very well when she came and when she left. When the bell in the church next to the hospital rang for the second time of the day, he knew it was time for afternoon prayer, which was exactly 1 o'clock. And when the bell stopped ringing, she would open the door and enter the room. But today she was late.
He'd never liked to wait, but strangely now, while waiting for her, he was more worried than annoyed, didn't know what happened to her. She was late for the bus, class ended late?... Zane sat there and found some suitable excuses to help him stop this restless feeling.
"Cup!" With the sound of the door opening, he was almost overjoyed 'are you here?' instead he pretended to know nothing.
"May I come in?"
It was her, he recognized her voice. Soft timbre, not too fast nor too slow.
"Come in."
He replied gruffly, his composure trying to hide his excitement.
"How are you? Having lunch?"
As soon as Clara came in, she asked him a lot, partly interested, partly because of work. Not too hasty. She is very kind and patient.
He was silent. Looking at him, she guessed that he was angry when she was late. Clara glanced at her watch. Missed 15 minutes, not long, but it seems that with this young boss, she must be in trouble.
"Sorry, I missed the earliest train. Do you need anything?"
Undeterred, she was inherently skillful in her behavior. She emphasized as if to justify herself.
He remained silent, making her think he was petty, she was about to open her mouth to say that but restrained the evil thought. It seems her boss didn't like the excuse at all, she was wrong anyway, and most of all she apologized. A little disappointed, she asked him again.
"Do you need anything?"
Only she spoke and he just sat there pretending not to notice but was actually listening to the tone of her voice.
Why did the atmosphere suddenly become so tense?
"I see, if you need anything, just call, I'll ask permission to go out."
Clara walked towards the door, still not grasping what was going on, why suddenly he acted like that as if she had committed an unforgivable mistake.
It wasn't until the door opened that he spoke.
"This!" She turned to look at him: "Who allowed you to go out?"
"What's wrong? I thought you wanted to be alone." She replied a little surprised. His attitude changed so quickly.
"Aren't you happy taking care of me? I mean taking care of a blind person?" His question stunned her. It took a moment for her to answer him.
"I'll do my best. If there's anything you don't like, just say it."
"I asked her if she was happy or not. Didn't ask her to take responsibility for the duty."
He seems to really want to know how she feels about taking care of him. His attitude worried her, what did she do to upset him? Don't tell me that being late was once fired by him. The more she thought about it, the more insecure and confused she became. If he said something that didn't please him, he would bring on some more trouble, she was an egg that couldn't be compared with a stone, and here she was a precious stone.
Clara is really not good at dealing with other people, especially men. What to do now?

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