Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 10, 2022
Ch. 28Chapter 28: New job

Neil kept staring at Roly, he wanted to know what made Roly in the end. It took so much energy, look at Roly's face was not so good, Roly looked like he had trouble sleeping, was it because he thought he couldn't communicate? what. Neil wondered what Roly's attitude was. Why do you seem to care about those false rumors? Not like the Roly he knew. Roly must have had something very difficult to deal with.
Corbin looked up inadvertently to find Neil staring intently at Roly - who was contemplating something. Neil was slightly embarrassed when he realized that Corbin had noticed his actions just now. So quietly look down at the table.
"Since when do you guys talk like girls?" Corbin decided to give his honest opinion to two friends who were still in love with gossip. Of course, the topic was about the female ghost, according to rumors. Liam and Arlo stopped talking and turned to look at the genius.
"What do you mean?" Arlo scratched his head and asked.
Shaking his head, Corbin replied: "It's just a rumor, if you're free, why don't you finish your work? Instead of talking about it, it's okay."
Liam shrugged, and said nothing, he went back to work, arranging the entries. With no one to talk to him anymore, Arlo reluctantly took a look at what he was dealing with.
It was so fast that it was time to go to class, the bell rang, and everyone had to leave everything, leave the place to go to class, but Roly was still sitting still, looking at the shoe again and again.
"Roly! Aren't you going to class?" Neil left last to find Roly not leaving the chair.
"I don't have class." Roly looked at Neil and answered, without asking any more questions, he walked out of the room leaving Roly alone, with the shoe in hand.
Roly is determined to solve this problem, it is more interesting and thrilling than he thought. One is to find Cinderella, the other is to explain the phenomenon of piano sounds in the night. Even if Roly was beaten to death, he wouldn't believe that ghosts existed. Someone's playing around and you're sure to find out. Soon. It's been a while since Roly has been sitting there, not taking her eyes off the shoe, after all, what is the secret of this shoe, why can no one fit it?
"Look at how determined he is, I didn't expect him to lose his handsomeness when he was serious." Why is Bertha's way of speaking so unusual today? She's praising? What a strange thing, a hot-tempered girl like her can also say those words, it really opens people's eyes. And it was Martha who was staring at Bertha with wide eyes when she heard Arlo speak.
"Don't tell me you notice him?" Martha exclaimed with her discovery, Bertha immediately turned to look at the brunette, panicking as if she were being falsely accused.
"What are you saying, we are angels," Bertha confirmed.
"It's good to know, I thought you wanted to stop being an angel." Martha continued, making Arlo dumbfounded for a moment.
"Who said I would stop being an angel?" Bertha argued.
"Who knows what will happen," Martha replied quickly. Without even looking at Bertha, there was an opportunity to attack her partner, there was no way she would pass it up.
"What do you mean?" Bertha was already hot, Arlo gripped Martha's biceps tightly forcing her to turn to look at him.
"I didn't say anything, it's your interpretation." Martha hastily made excuses.
"Martha! You're great!" Bertha was tongue-tied, unable to say anything more.
While the two girls argued, no one noticed that the smile on Roly's lips was incomprehensible. Did you find out the secret about the shoe?

It Was noon, her last class had just ended, as usual, Clara left the class immediately, headed to the bus stop near the school, and caught the earliest bus to the Ramen shop - where she worked part-time. But today everything was different, instead of rushing to be late for work, she looked much more relaxed, her feet were steady, and she didn't forget to glance at the watch in her hand. 11:30 am, still early, she has 1h30 minutes for lunch, eating in the cafeteria is too expensive, she plans to stop by the convenience store on the street, buy a big baguette, anyway she feels nauseous and does not want to eat. It has been a week since she officially took care of Zane, Clara does not know how long, according to the agreement she only knows, that until he sees, that the job will be over, her task is quite light. , it's not that difficult, not to mention he doesn't make it difficult for her, both of them always stay in moderation, say what they need to say, because of the working principle, no one should be too curious about the partner.
The picture stops at the beginning of the day, the envious eyes of the female nurses looking at him, making Clara extremely embarrassed, they think she robbed them of their good opportunity. Though she honestly didn't understand what they meant, she didn't have any evil intentions in her mind. Was she too naive, stupid? At that time, she was really a little worried, after all, he was a guy, not to mention quite handsome, with a family of conditions. So many girls pursue, typically the pretty young nurses at the hospital, they all admire and praise, and want to flirt with him, but the opportunity is lost, when they know that she will be the one to take care of her. take care of him alone.
But now much better, the nurses saw that she did not show any intention to flirt or bait him, so they stopped making it difficult for her.
Taking a deep breath, she told herself not to speculate anymore, just complete the task well, receive the money, then go your separate ways. She will have a decent amount for the next semester.

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