Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 27Chapter 27: Interesting find

"You rarely mind that, why now?" The young Corbin continued, the question making Neil look at him. Understanding what Corbin was alluding to, Neil acted like he didn't mind at all: "It's okay, but it's not good to do that too often, you know, the association has a lot of work to do if Arlo will never know when it will be resolved like this."
Corbin nodded in agreement: "You're right, but up until now, without Arlo, we'd still get things done. Right?"
"That's right, Corbin's right." Liam jumped into the conversation. The boy who loved to draw looked at the genius with a slight nod then looked at Neil. Neil didn't know how to respond, he was caught. Speaking more, it turned out that he himself admitted that he had a problem, just ignored it, didn't say anything, and went back to his unfinished business. Seeing that, the other two did not have any more opinions. They were quietly focused on their work until Arlo's voice rang out.
"Hi, how early are you?" Arlo grinned, he still didn't know anything about the conversation just now, ignored the murderous intent on Neil's handsome face, and just walked into his place.
Why did he suddenly feel cold? Looking up to meet Neil's gaze, Arlo swallowed hard, stammering, and asked: "Neil! you don't look good, what happened?"
Arlo asked dumbly, as stupid as ever.
"Still asking." Neil replied brusquely.
"I do not understand," Arlo answered honestly, Neil looked like he was about to swallow him.
"You..." Neil was talking when Corbin interrupted him.
"He has a problem. Next time you should be on time." Corbin gently reminded Arlo. So genius stopped a debate. And he knew for sure that stupid Arlo would lose. Neil did, too, when Corbin and Liam tried to dissuade him.
"Ah, that's right, the freshman thing." Corbin suddenly remembered it, as if it had to be done urgently. Genius mentioned it, so people noticed. Everyone turned to look at Roly's place, Roly was still not there, but until now no one has noticed that Roly is not there.
"Roly hasn't come yet? Strange thing, he's never been absent before, even late." Liam said, looking at them all. All are immersed in their own deductions.
Promptly reminding, scrambling to be present, suddenly the door opened, and Roly stepped in to attract everyone's attention. Roly closed the door and turned around, startled by the sharp looks of his friends.
"What's so exciting this morning?" Roly calmly asked the humans who were staring at her.
"We'll have to ask you." Neil immediately replied to Roly.
Surprised, Roly didn't understand what Neil meant: "What do you mean?" Roly stepped into her seat, next to the window.
"What's wrong, why are you late?" This time it was Liam asked. Not all of them stopped looking at him, they expected something very interesting.
Sorry to disappoint them, Roly thought it was something serious, he sighed, and calmly replied: "I forgot to set the alarm."
"Oh my God!" Arlo, who was resting his hand on his chin, heard the answer, surprised to see his arm slip from his chin, almost hitting his face on the table. Corbin shook his head and said nothing more. Liam also sighed and looked down at the table, looking at the pictures he painted to prepare for the competition. Only Neil was still looking at him.
"So how's the freshman thing?" Neil's question made everyone look at Roly again.
"You didn't mention it, I forgot about it later. I'm done." Roly said as she left her seat, holding a list of students' abilities. He walked over to Neil.
He held out his hand. Surprisingly, it's true that everything is classified very clearly, specifically. Neil looked at him curiously but didn't ask anything.
"Wow! you're so awesome Roly, it's only been two days since you finished processing those files." Arlo scoffed, he gave a thumbs up, a compliment to his friend Roly.
"It's okay to finish early, he stayed all night in the conference room to finish it," Liam added, accidentally mentioning the previous night.
"Really?" Arlo asked Liam in surprise. Roly turned to give the artist a menacing look, and Liam flashed his exclusive smile, hunched over his desk. Seeing that his friend did not respond, Arlo looked over at Roly but also saw that he was absorbed in the shoe, not paying attention to his surroundings. Arlo looked around, everyone was forever absorbed in their work. It's frustrating. He bent down to see what he needed to do. Knowing that Roly has something to hide, but no one has an excuse to force Roly to say it, so he has to stay silent, wait for the opportunity to surprise attack, maybe force Roly to tell everything.
Not when the room was so quiet, without Zane, the group had to do its part. Everyone focused until Arlo remembered something funny and spoke up.
"Hey, you know what?" They all looked up at Arlo at once.
"What's the matter, Arlo?" Liam next to Arlo immediately asked. Everyone was waiting to see what Arlo was going to say.
"The thing is that the school we heard about has ghosts." Arlo eagerly shared the information he had just heard.
"Are you talking about the piano at night?" When Liam heard it, what did he think, he already knew about it.
"Did you know?" Arlo asked again, while the two most talkative boys in the group were talking excitedly, the rest of the members seemed to ignore, even don't care like Neil, for example.
"Um! I heard it happened in the old music room. Every Monday and Thursday night the security guard hears the piano playing." Liam said it was clear rumors were spreading throughout the school. Roly was forever enamored with the shoe in his hand when suddenly he dropped it when he heard Liam speak. All were confused by Roly's reaction.
"How are you?" Neil looked at Roly.
"Is that the music room where the girl named Anna committed suicide?" Roly asked Sai softly.
The painter nodded, asking a question when his friend seemed very interested in the subject: "What's wrong, Roly?"
"Nothing?" Roly replied quickly, then turned to stare at the shoe. He thought again about that night, was it true that he met a ghost?

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