Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 26Chapter 26: Unexpected news

"What's wrong?" Neil wondered at Liam's attitude. The boy who loved to draw turned to look at Neil, with a speechless expression.
"It doesn't have a single word," Liam said loudly, a puzzled grin at his discovery.
"What did you say?" Neil thought he heard wrong, and wanted to confirm.
"There aren't any names on the classified list." Liam said holding up the list: "Are you sure Roly stayed up all night making it?"
Neil didn't answer, right now he's busy thinking, what is this? One more question that made both of them think, the two boys were surprised to not understand what was going on. What did Roly do all night?
Clara was on her way to work, suddenly her phone rang, she reached into her pocket to take it out, it was a text message. Clara flicked her phone screen, her eyes wide, to clearly read the content of the message she had just received. Her mouth opened wide in a shocked expression.
Clara can't believe it's true, she's just been fired for no reason, and her boss just sent a message to inform her about it, without hesitation she wanted to rush there to make it out. Perhaps, but once again the phone rang, and Clara intended to ignore it because her mood was very upset right now, or rather, a little angry. But then she was forced to stop to watch when the phone rang continuously all the way. 5 missed calls, Clara looked down at her phone, this is the number of the sister in charge of the volunteer association.
Clara pressed the redial button and waited for the other person to answer.
"Clara! Come over now, I have something to tell you." The tone was urgent as if there was something very important. Clara didn't respond, just tapped and the phone signaled that she understood what the person said. Done, the signal is cut off when the other end hangs up.
Clara was a little worried when she heard that phone call, forgetting that she was going to make her redirected to the center.
"What's wrong, kid?" Clara was surprised, sitting up from her chair when she heard the sister in charge. The fingers were dancing to express what Clara wanted to say. She finished as her hand rested on her chest.
"Yes, it's me, according to the deal, they'll pay three times what I'm making at that part-time shop. Clara! This is a good opportunity, don't miss it, you'll make a fortune. pay for the upcoming semester. Besides, the hospital is short of people, so I can help them."
With a holy smile, the nun got up from her chair and put her hands on Clara's shoulders. She just remained silent, as if she was thinking about that suggestion. It was an opportunity for her to make some necessary payments. It was a simple job, and it didn't make it difficult for her.
"Do you agree?" The nun's eyes were expecting a nod from her. Clara after a few minutes of thinking smiled and nodded slightly in agreement. The nun's eyes lit up with joy as she accepted.
"Fine, I'll go to the hospital tomorrow after school." She smiled and walked over to the table, picked up the phone, and called someone to announce the good news, who must have made this suggestion. Clara guessed so, she wasn't sure, but seeing the nun's excitement mixed with joy made her happy, in addition to the salary she was paid, the center would also receive a decent package of help.
She didn't know why, but she felt very excited inside. Instead of worrying about losing her job for no reason, she was secretly happy when she thought that she would receive a sizable amount of money when she finished her new job. On the way back home, she kept looking up at the sky-high, watching the stars twinkling. Oh what a surprise, there was a star changing its throne. Seeing that scene, she suddenly felt strangely excited. often, she secretly thought that one day she would be like the other star, able to change the throne. Just thinking that made her happy, giving herself a smile, she walked home. Today, people no longer see a girl, always looking down at the street every time she walks.

08:30 am. Association office.
As always, the members of the guild took advantage of their free time, before going to class, to deal with the dozens of unfinished tasks that were piled up. The association's work was so much that there was an expert who was late. Right now Arlo is nowhere to be seen. This is not the first time Neil has shown his frustration with his unprofessional working style. If it wasn't for the principal's son, there was no way he would agree to let Arlo join the association's staff.
"He's late again." Neil cursed under his breath, a hint of anger evident on his face. He's not that kind of person, it's just that he's dealing with a little problem, causing him stress, so he's looking for something to relieve his anger.
Corbin raised his head, ignoring the text on his desk. Genius looked at Neil, it seems that the volume Neil made is louder than he thought. The boy Nara must have heard because he was sitting closest to Neil.
"Neil! What's wrong with you?" Neil immediately looked at the genius, confused when Corbin spoke.
"Nothing, I'm fine." Neil replied avoiding Corbin's gaze: "Why hasn't he come yet?"
He talked about other things, hoping that the genius would stop paying attention to him, knowing that he had a problem, but even if he asked, he would deny it, so Corbin decided to ignore it, stop asking. again.
"You said, Arlo?" Neil turned to Corbin and replied, "Who else is in here?"
Corbin shrugged and said, "This isn't the first time he's been late."
Corbin reminds Neil of Arlo's bad habit. Neil sighed in disapproval.

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