Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 7, 2022
Ch. 25Chapter 25: Overnight at school

Roly was still sleeping when suddenly a light hand on his shoulder startled him awake. Roly immediately turned to look behind him to see who it was, he looked alarmed as if he had encountered a ghost. Seeing that, Neil, the owner of the high five, spoke up.
"You don't look well, are you sick?"
Neil was worried when he saw your pale face, sweat pouring down Roly's forehead like rain. After a moment of bewilderment, Roly was shocked by Neil's somewhat panicked look.
"I'm fine."
Roly replied with a heavy breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, Roly glanced around the room suddenly realizing it was morning, feeling more comfortable than he let his body relax, took a deep breath deep, leaned back in the chair, Roly was back to normal, turns out he had a dream, the girl he saw last night appeared in that dream, mysterious and hazy made him think of creepy stories or something like that. Roly was so nervous that he didn't know when it was morning until Neil walked into the room to wake him up.
"Are you sure you're fine, do you need to go to the infirmary?" Neil was really worried about Roly when he looked at the red hair's expression, with the sweat clinging to his friend's forehead, he asked to come closer, reaching out to touch her forehead to see if Roly had a fever or not. Slightly startled by Neil's actions, Roly tilted her head to the side to avoid his touch.
"I'm fine, just a little nervous."
Roly looked at Neil as if to confirm his words. Neil had nothing more to say when Roly had said that, he pulled the chair into the position where he usually sat, and rolled his eyes at the files on the table, next to Roly, after observing Neil for a while, he asked.
"Did you stay here all night making it?" Neil, with a bit of surprise, never thought someone like Roly could stay up all night doing something, he didn't mean redhead being irresponsible, but that Roly had never been greedy. Regrettably, Roly is always relaxed when handling the work under her authority. Moreover, this work does not need to be rushed, it can be completed slowly, of course, the classification of components and the ability of each student is an important thing, so it is necessary to consider carefully. Careful should require real patience when doing it, to avoid making Liam a mistake.
Roly glanced at the stack of papers stacked high next to her hand when asked. Hesitatingly he said.
"Ah, I just wanted to get it over with quickly." A shrug as he turned to look at Neil. Neil's genius habit of doubting started again, his hand unconsciously caressed his chin, his eyes seriously considering his friend was looking elsewhere, avoiding his gaze, his expression showed that he was skeptical about what the redhead said, obviously in all respects, this doesn't have to be so hasty, anyone can grasp the situation, let alone Roly, who is as smart as he is. Neil narrowed his eyes as he began his probing intentions. Roly felt like he was about to have a psychological battle with Neil, he was not afraid, but he was clearly weak, when it was the one being attacked, no matter how strong the defense, there will be loopholes, but who is Neil? The one who always sees those gaps most accurately. Roly was restless, he wanted to get out of here, but that was like indirectly admitting that he was hiding something.
"Hey, where have you been?" Neil opened the fight. Prepared mentally ready to stop fighting, Roly appeared calm, kept himself as normal as possible, and turned to look at Neil, he was just about to answer, but he didn't.
Neil thought there would be an opportunity for Roly to reveal the girl he loved, but Roly's savior appeared, the door was suddenly opened by the talented Liam.
"I didn't know you two were here?" Liam was quite surprised when he met two other members in the meeting room in the morning.
"I just arrived too," Neil replied a little disappointed that the opportunity had passed. While Roly felt more comfortable, he allowed himself a smile.
"By the way, Roly, you..." Liam was about to say something when he saw the redhead, but Roly stood up from his chair, stopping Liam's words.
"I'm going to the toilet for a while." Roly walked out the door, before leaving, did not forget to pat Liam on the shoulder, an act of thanks, but the guy with the pale skin didn't understand anything, thinking it was a good morning from his red hair. Liam watched Roly's shadow until he disappeared from the room. Neil of course understood what the redhead's actions meant, but he still regretted missing the chance to make it clear to Roly. Arms crossed, back against the arm of the chair, a moment of silence until Liam spoke.
"Hey Neil, did you notice Roly in yesterday's outfit?" Liam turned to Neil and asked, who told him what he thought when he saw Roly.
"He stayed here all night," Neil replied in a calm voice.
"Really?" With a surprised expression, Liam blurted out: "For what?"
Neil's eyes let Liam pay attention to the papers on the table, where Roly was sitting, Liam turned around, and he understood, but he immediately had the same thoughts as Neil's just now. Possibly out of curiosity Liam approached Roly's desk to see how things were going.
"I didn't expect Roly to be so workaholic that she had to stay up late and stay at school like that." Liam commented with some interest: "Since when is he like that?"
Liam looked at Neil and asked, the vice president only replied with a shrug, silent. Liam returned to the stack of papers, flipping through them gently, then stopped at the sorting list. Once again Liam's frozen face stretched to its full extent in surprise, he picked it up, speechless. It was blank, just a blank sheet of paper, without any names written on it.

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