Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 7, 2022
Ch. 24Chapter 24: Escape the accident in a short time

In the silence of the night, the music is played by the soft piano sound, and when the piano sound starts from low to high, it is also a time to remember the past, sweet and passionate! Memories are not only full of sadness and regret, memories also have happy days, that's when the music changes to the major scale, sounding like the cheers of the old days. Any joy will pass quickly, the piano will return to the first line of music and end in endless regret, the memories are just the joys and sorrows that pass with the years.
"Who is here at this hour?" Wondering with confusion, Feeling strange, this was the first time Roly had enjoyed such a beautiful piece of music, freed from the emotions that had just come, he walked down the stairs. Lift your feet towards that place, where those beautiful sounds are enlivening and arousing the never-before-seen excitement of the night.
Each step moves slowly, and the sound of the piano has not stopped, Roly walks and feels those gentle and deep melodies, until standing in front of a room that looks old and no longer used halfway where the end of the corridor is hidden by a wall.
Roly looked inside through the glass at the door, he saw a glimpse of a girl with long hair, and a white shirt, playing the piano, her back to him so Roly could not see her face, not to mention the room. illuminated by the soft light of the moon shining into the room by the open window and the small candle on the piano.
The girl was passionately running her hand gently on the keyboard, without even knowing that someone was looking at her until a gust of wind blew in due to the open door. The girl turned to look in that direction and discovered When someone came in, the light of the candle went out immediately.
Roly entered the room and didn't see the girl anymore, the room was dark, only the faint light of the moonlight was shining into the room from the open window, he glanced towards the window after looking around. There was nothing in the room but the curtains swaying in the wind as if someone had just touched them.
Roly was confused as to what was going on, just then the girl had disappeared as if she had never been there, sitting by the piano playing wonderful tunes. Mustering up the courage he wanted to lift his foot to the window to check it, slowly walking cautiously when he reached the place he was about to poke his head out, suddenly out of nowhere a cat jumped into the room. . His eyes scanned the room, The air suddenly turned cold, he felt a chill. Roly suddenly remembered that this room had been closed and not allowed to be used anymore. It was in this room that a girl had cut her wrist to death with a knife, that girl was a student in the Piano Department. . The thought of that made him a little scared, couldn't stand it anymore, Roly quickly left the room forgetting to close the window.
Clara was running when she stopped, her knees bent and she couldn't breathe, she had just run a long distance, and sweat soaking her entire shirt, making her hair sticky and sticking to her pale face. Trying to regulate her breathing evenly, she reached out to wipe away the sweat that was rolling down her high forehead. Only now did she discover that her sleeve was torn a long way, probably because it got caught in the nail hook while she climbed down from the second floor, fortunately, she was not injured, just panicked. stop. Tonight was unlucky, she was almost caught by Roly when she dared to sneak into the school late at night. Clara was immersing herself in beautiful tunes, but out of nowhere, a dark figure appeared to open the door and enter, startling her to rush out of the window, in a hurry she almost fell from the second floor. Fortunately, she clung to the railing, thank god the cat had saved her, otherwise, Roly would have seen her when he poked his head out the window.
It has been a month, and as usual, every Monday and Thursday night, she sneaks out of the house to break into the school to play the piano. It was a hobby or rather her passion. Clara discovered that room in a lost accident while searching for her class, she did not know what happened in that room, only knew when she found it, she discovered that the room was not It's still in use, it's strange that the furniture inside is still intact, especially the piano, she thinks it's a blessing for her to be able to play. So every Monday and Thursday night she goes there to play the music she likes. Today is Monday, usually, no one will stay overnight at the school, the security guard also occasionally goes to look around, Clara knows the time of the security guard's move. But today I don't know when Roly will be there when she plays.
Clara slowly straightened up, and breathed a sigh of relief, she felt better when she rested, and lifted her legs to head home, it was late, she needed to be at home before Tsunade made a fuss when she couldn't see her. . Just like that, she trudged home without knowing that somewhere, there was a guy with a headache trying to explain what he saw. Roly returned to his room, he still wanted to continue what he was doing, one was to find the owner of the shoe quickly, the girl to save Zane, half he wanted to forget what he just saw, it would haunt pictures of you all night if you're not busy. Thinking that Roly concentrated until he was exhausted and collapsed on the table without realizing it.

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