Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 23Chapter 23: Piano in the night

"This is a list of all first-year students. The task is to classify them into separate groups so that it is easy to follow and bring out their full potential." Neil said to put the towering stack of files on the table. This is the stack of papers that Clara brought to the president's room.
"Arlo! You do this!" Neil suggested.
"Why me?" Arlo was a little surprised when Neil assigned the task to him. He jumped up from his chair and looked at Neil for confirmation again.
"Other than you, everyone here has a mission." Neil calmly explained. Arlo looked at him in disbelief as if to confirm.
Seeing Arlo looking at him, Liam immediately replied, "I'm busy guiding freshmen to choose their club aspirations."
Arlo's gaze shifted to Corbin: "What are you looking at me for? I still have to investigate Zane's case."
It was Neil's turn, he replied as soon as Arlo rolled his eyes as if begging him not to give him that boring, time-consuming task, not to mention he wouldn't finish it anytime soon when he kept looking at the word Arlo pointed out. I want to sleep.
"There's a lot of unfinished business in the guild, you know it's all Zane's fault, if he were here I wouldn't have to rely on you." Neil calmly explained, he felt annoyed again when he remembered Zane. Because of him, I was tired of bearing his share.
"Sneezing." Zane snorted, snorting repeatedly as Neil was cursing behind his back.
Arlo reluctantly accepted, plopping down on the chair with a droopy face. He seemed to ignore the boy sitting next to him.
"I'll do it." Suddenly Roly's voice made everyone look at him, Arlo was surprised, his face lit up, turned to Roly, and asked if the redhead was true to what he said.
"Hey, are you telling the truth?" Arlo took Roly's hand and said, looking blonde like he just won the lottery.
"Are you kidding?" Liam scratched his head at Roly.
"I finished the last quest, there's nothing to do anyway, I'll take care of that." All had no intention of Roly's reasons, so they accepted that request, anyone can do it anyway, as long as the job is done. No one doubted Roly's sudden offer. As for Arlo, he jumped for joy because he didn't have to do paperwork, but the joy did not last long, he was quickly disappointed, thinking that he could play who expected Neil to find him a job. other to do.
"Then Arlo takes care of the basketball team." Neil flipped through his notebook and, after examining it, spoke up, sending Arlo, who was in the clouds, to the ground with a slam, a pain in his ass.
Seeing Neil's attitude, Arlo sadly accepted the mission, after all, he was a member of the school's basketball team, moreover on the student council leadership. Anyway, it wasn't a matter of paperwork. I thought Arlo quickly let go of his uneasiness and went back to being happy, oh his mood was like the weather.

The meeting ended, and he went to his house to rest. Meanwhile, Roly was still sitting at the position to immediately start work, the reason he accepted this job was when he heard Neil tell the list of freshmen, he remembered the girl he met that day, he had I can't say I've never seen Clara before, so she's definitely a freshman. Just look in this vast list, you will probably know who Clara is, almost every profile includes a picture of the owner pasted in the left corner of the profile. Roly's memory is quite good, not to mention that he was standing very close to her at that time, so it was easy to remember her figure and face.
Roly avidly rummaged through all the files in front of him, the pile of files over his head had emptied a little, in the hope of finding Clara soon. He concentrated as much as he could without noticing how quickly time passed. The clock on the wall read 8 o'clock at night. Is it wrong? No, the meeting was at 3 p. m., took almost 2 hours to finish, and then Roly didn't move to sit still and look at the list.
Feeling that her whole body was aching, her eyes were blurred, Roly paused for a moment, got up from the chair, stretched out her chest, and stretched her muscles. A glance at the clock, oh! It was time for him to go home, but when he looked back at the file, it was still a lot. The number of students this year was more than usual, maybe twice as much.
Roly wanted to find Clara quickly, as quickly as possible. So he decided to stay at school and continue with his work instead of going home. Before he sat back in his chair to continue, he felt thirsty. Picking up the vase without a drop of water, Roly opened the door and stepped out, followed the corridor to the toilet before going down to the cafeteria to get water.
The meeting room was on the 3rd floor while the cafeteria was on the ground floor of the block so he had to go downstairs. A moment later he returned with a glass jar full of water, and he had to stop on the second floor when he suddenly heard a piano playing from somewhere at the end of the second-floor corridor. Standing still, after a while the music disappeared, Roly appeared confused, maybe it was because he sat in one place for too long, so his head was a bit dizzy, so he had such an illusion. Shaking his head, he took a step up the first step of the stairs leading to the third floor. But the music sounded again, causing the redhead to stand still, standing for a long time in a motionless state as if feeling that magical sound, Roly felt her heart calm down, and her soul rose with joys and sorrows, memories, and all feelings cherished in the heart.

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