Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 6, 2022
Ch. 22Chapter 22: Association meeting

At Duke Yakiniku, the student council meeting was taking place. In a large room located to the north of the school's administrative area, sitting on a row of tables connecting one piece into an oval shape, hot boys are having regular meetings on the first Mondays of the week. While everyone was listening attentively to Neil's announcement of the new week's tasks, the red-haired guy was deep in his own world, his eyes vaguely staring at the large window, where the curtain was hanging. swaying and ignoring Neil's statement, he wasn't thinking of that girl, who he had met yesterday in front of the guild's office.
"Hey, Roly!" Arlo sitting next to him called out to him, Arlo waved his hand back and forth in front of Roly's face when he saw Roly's lost face, Roly didn't seem to care about your actions until Arlo used his elbow. With a light nudge on his arm, Roly was startled awake, immediately turning to look at Arlo who was looking at him curiously.
"What 's up?" Roly asked, seeing your attitude.
Arlo reached out his hand to rub his chin speculatively, but his eyes kept staring at Roly, suddenly he asked: "What are you doing to be so thoughtful? Or are you thinking of her?"
"What?" Roly uttered a bit of panic when Arlo said that he had a black heart, suddenly he felt tense.
Not only Arlo, but the rest of the members are also turning their eyes with big question marks towards the red hair as if realizing that others are looking at them, the red hair stopped looking at Arlo and looked around, seeing his eyes. suspicions of the other three boys, Roly suddenly felt awkward and stammered.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Then he pretended to return to the file on the table right in front of him.
They all looked at each other with the same thought, could it be that Arlo was right? No one said a word, all of them laughed in unison. Roly felt extremely embarrassed about that, he was caught thinking about Clara. Cursed to himself, he had never been interested in a girl before but today he lost focus when he thought about Clara, whose name he didn't even know. Trying to ignore what just happened so that no one would say anything more, Liam would have added to Arlo's wish to tease him.
"Hey, Roly! Don't tell me, Arlo, is right, are you really thinking about this girl?" Liam said it made Roly more uncomfortable, trying to keep his composure, he looked up at them and replied.
"What are you guys thinking? It's just that I have a hard time thinking about it, so I lost focus." Roly defended her recent incident.
"Really?" It's Neil's turn to scout Roly.
"Are you going with those two too?" Roly replied annoyed with Neil, who rarely participated in Arlo and Liam's pranks.
"I was just asking, it's not like why are you mad." Neil retorted.
"When did I get mad?" Roly didn't realize she'd just fallen into Neil's trap.
"Just got mad right away," Neil replied nonchalantly, making them laugh again when he saw the look on that hair's face and the awkwardness that was left speechless.
Roly hit himself on the forehead when he realized he had hit Neil's master plank. There is nothing left to dispel our thoughts, it is best to be silent,
The more he talked about it, the more embarrassed Roly became, although his face was not red, inside, he was very upset and uneasy, he wanted to quickly get out of this room.
"Come on guys, keep going, Roly's going to get really mad, finish the job and then go home." Corbin finally spoke to relieve Roly, who looked somewhere in the room avoiding the gazes of the other three boys. Thinking Corbin was more serious than anyone else, it turns out that he also has a sudden attack.
"When are you going to show us that girl's face?" Corbin's speech made Roly turn to look at the genius.
"What? You too?" Although Roly knew that the genius was only joking, for some reason he was annoyed.
"I just want to know how talented that girl is to make an iceberg as you fall in love." Corbin continued to speak.
"Yes, I want to meet you too," Arlo added he put an arm around the redhead's shoulder, a cheerful expression on his face, eyes like a dog. Roly immediately pushed your hand down.
"That's enough, I said no, hurry up and come back." He said curtly, everyone smiled and did not dare to laugh as loudly as before, because he realized that if he teased him anymore, Roly might get mad and leave the room, unfortunately, everyone wants to see the boy once. I don't care what a blushing girl looks like, but it's a pity that the joke has to be stopped.
No one had ever seen Roly close with any of the girls, including Ino, the only female member of the guild's staff, who was currently traveling with her family. A lot of fans are female, but they only dare to admire silently, don't dare to show it because Roly will flatly reject them in front of the crowd, not because he's arrogant, but let it be, in He's right on the face of people, but the truth is, how Roly puts it, it's just that girls aren't his concern. It's also possible that no girl has caught his attention yet. He doesn't like unclear relationships, in short, fate has not yet come, and to avoid all trouble he avoids girls like avoiding evil.
"Okay guys, back to what we were talking about." Roly's story aside, Neil called out for everyone's attention, this time including the person who had just been teased by the council from his best friends.
Everyone nodded comfortably because they understood what Neil said while the red hair was distracted, so sometimes they understood and sometimes they didn't. But was afraid to ask Roly to sit quietly and pretend that he understood.

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