Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 5, 2022
Ch. 21Chapter 21: Curious about Clara 2

Zane is from the upper class. A family that is both powerful and talented. Very influential in many fields. How panicked Director Suna was when she heard that Zane would come to rest at this hospital. Although he did not want to get involved with the Thomas family, he could not refuse, for fear of offending. With just one word from him, Suna might have to close the door immediately. There was no way the director had to reluctantly accept and give instructions to all the staff, doctors, and nurses in the hospital, by all means, to please him. won't do any good.
Knowing that he had just said something he shouldn't have said, seeing him angry, he couldn't imagine the consequences of this incident. The nurse wanted to ease his heat, timidly said: "Mr. Thomas! She is currently a student who only has a little free time on Sundays to help the hospital, as you can see Suna is not a large hospital, the staff here is not as good as in other hospitals, so your care may not be attentive, please forgive us. We sincerely apologize."
The nurse bowed her head to ask him to forgive, not because of that, causing the people here to lose their jobs. It seems that his anger is gradually lowering, but anger does not change anything. Not to mention his current state, thinking about it even if he wanted to scream for something or someone to vent his anger, he had to swallow them inside, trying to control himself. Moreover, Zane is not an ignorant person, although he is not happy, he does not know when his personality has changed a bit. When he heard what the nurse said, he felt a little sorry. Was it because he almost died and his eyes were about to be destroyed, but fortunately an angel helped him, and he is gradually changing his previous brash lifestyle, knowing what it is to feel compassion for people's plight. is different. Zane tilted his head to see that the nurse was still bowing his head.
"Okay, didn't you come to change the bandages?" Zane exhaled as if he had just released his anger, he felt better.
"I'll start right away." The nurse stood up and quickly got to work.
Zane sat quietly to let the nurse take care of his wound, suddenly he realized that the feeling the nurse was touching him was completely nothing like when Clara changed his bandage, the feeling was easy. much more bearable, although the girl in the beautiful uniform doing the work was a well-trained person, it didn't make him feel like a volunteer girl.
What's her name? He wondered, he didn't know Clara's name, and he forgot to ask, had to wait until Sunday, he'd die of boredom, Clara is much better at this than the nurses here, isn't it? It's because of the level that the nurses here often take the time and touch the spots on his face, it annoys him, while Clara doesn't touch any features on his face, she simply took off the bandage and put on a new one. And Clara always asked him how he felt about it, if he was upset she would take it easy. Oh that sweet voice, he always imagines her face like, just hearing her laughter he can confirm how beautiful that smile is. He's dead, he's in love.
"What's her name?" He suddenly opened his mouth to ask.
"Who?" The nurse found it difficult to understand who he was talking about. While finishing the last round, she stopped to ask him.
"The volunteer, what school does she go to?" He asked again without thinking.
"I don't know her name, most of the volunteers don't want to reveal their identities, and what school she attends, I heard it's Duke Yakiniku University." The nurse replied and continued to finish her work.
"Duke Yakiniku?" He snapped out of his reverie when he heard Duke Yakiniku's name, reflexively he turned to look at the nurse with astonishment hidden behind the white of his eyes, his sudden action making a ring. ended up derailed so the nurse had to redo it.
"Yes! What's wrong?" The young woman asked him again, even though she had to redo the last bandage, the girl still did not show anger, her gentle voice was true to her job as a nurse.
Zane said nothing but let the girl continue. If she was a student of Duke Yakiniku then Clara would probably recognize who he was, but Clara hadn't asked him about who he was or wanted to know anything about him. He felt suspicious but then another thought appeared in him, maybe Clara didn't know him or didn't recognize him. Breaking that train of thought, he asked and added another question as if he cared about Clara.
"At Duke Yakiniku the students only study in the morning, so why didn't the hospital ask her to come on weekday afternoons." Zane had never spoken so thoughtlessly, how could he ask such nonsense that made the nurse bewildered with a puzzling attitude and stood staring at him? Volunteer work comes from the heart, people who have the heart to spend some of their precious time to help others, also have their own lives, and work without other concerns, cannot be forced or forced. Even if they wanted to, the hospital couldn't be so demanding. Yet Zane said that without even thinking about analyzing the situation.
Silence suddenly came, and the nurse did not answer him, but when he turned to look at the nurse, he regained his soul because of the look he said, even though his eyes were covered, the cold still radiated out.
"I don't know either, just know that most of the volunteers work part-time after school to make more money for their studies." The poor girl was so scared by him that she stammered and stammered indistinctly.
Zane was silent as if thinking, seeing that he didn't say anything more, the nurse quickly ran out of the room before he made him faint.
"I'm sorry, if there's anything, please ring the bell." The nurse disappeared from the room leaving him alone in the solitude of the night.
An idea just flashed through his mind, his lips curling into a perfect smile.

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