Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 5, 2022
Ch. 20Chapter 20: Curious about Clara 1

Clara sat motionless, holding her breath and hiding under the stairs. After finally realizing that Roly was no longer there, she dared to let her breath escape from her mouth. Then quickly get out of hiding. Raising her eyes to look upstairs, to make sure Roly was no longer there, she rushed out of the school without looking back.
Roly entered the room, went to his desk, took his bag, and quickly left. But his eyes involuntarily lingered and then he discovered the shoe was gone. With astonishment, Roly was a little confused. Apparently, he left it on his desk, and when he left it was still there. While thinking, suddenly the red-haired remembers the girl he just met, he suspects that the girl he just met took it away. If that was the case, then that girl was the one the guild was looking for.
Thinking that he hurriedly ran out of the room, forgetting to close the door. Fortunately, he remembered a few steps, so he turned back. Once more his eyes found the shoe, which was lying on the edge of the vase. Roly lifted the shoe, so as expected, the girl just now was the owner of the shoe.
Roly stood dumbfounded, stringing things together.
"Things are more interesting than I thought, it seems that the other guy is probably the prince." Bertha had been watching Roly for a while with interest.
"Are you kidding? It's not Zane that we're looking for." Martha seemed displeased with Bertha's statement.
"Who knows, maybe we're wrong, I see that guy," Bertha added, her eyes still not leaving Roly - who was standing in front of the door. In his hand was a shoe, he was thinking about something.
"I don't think like you, I think that person is Zane." Martha insisted on personal judgment.
"That's just my opinion, who knows if the one Clara chose was him." Bertha made her argument, not forgetting to glance briefly at Martha, then understandably the brunette looked at Roly.
"It's definitely Zane anyway." Martha was not shaken. Insistently expressing his opinion, with an attitude of ignoring, not even looking at Roly.
"Do you want to fish with me?" Bertha blurted out without thinking.
"Okay, I bet it's Zane." After hearing this, Martha answered immediately without thinking. Bertha was a bit surprised, she didn't expect her to come up with such a good bet idea, but if she did, she might just give up, thinking that Bertha replied.
"Okay, I bet Roly." Bertha showed her confidence through her steadfast eyes.
"If I win, you'll do the chores for me," Martha announced loudly, wanting to increase her morale so that Bertha knew and withdrew.
"Okay! If you win I'll make you captain. And if you lose, then you know what to do." Bertha happily replied, the two sides looking at each other full of vigor.
Meanwhile, Clara on three legs and four legs ran like crazy, wanting to quickly leave the school area. It was not until she reached the bus stop that she dared to stop to catch her breath.
Clara silently cursed for the bad luck she encountered today.

Zane sat still on the bed, leaning against the pillow behind his back, really upset. He was tired of the stuffy atmosphere in this hospital. So far, no one has come to inform him of the investigation results. Irritated, he let out a breath of exasperation, he wanted to get out of here quickly, to be seen again, the more he thought about what he was suffering, the more anger he felt inside. Zane gritted his teeth and let out a curse at that damned man. His hand was clenched tightly, fortunately, he wasn't holding anything, otherwise, it would have been crushed to pieces by him.
He spent the whole morning in his room, wanting to get some fresh air, but the hospital was busier than he thought. The nurses rushed to and fro without running out of work. Zane secretly blamed his decision to come here as a mistake. How many hospitals did he agree to move here too? When the housekeeper asked him which hospital he wanted to transfer to, without much thought he blurted out Suna's name. So they arranged for him to come here. Zane didn't think much of it because he simply needed to be quiet. Any hospital would do, as long as he could hide the fact that he was in a coma from everyone else, except for his close friends. But Zane did not expect it, all his life he liked to be quiet, but now he had to be annoyed and frustrated because of that. The reason was that he couldn't do things the way he wanted since his current eye condition was not good.
Not to mention he was wondering why the person in charge of taking care of him was nowhere to be found until now. Although he hated it, he had to admit, he felt comfortable being taken care of by Clara. What to say about her? Clara is quiet and needs to be said, otherwise most of the time she keeps quiet and does not disturb. Not trying to get his attention, or flirt with him like the other girls and nurses here did. Above all, she is enthusiastic, thoughtful, careful, and does her best to do her job well. And he likes that.
He came out of his contemplation when he heard the door open.
"Who's that?" He tilted his head slightly, turning his ears towards the door to see who it was. He hoped it was the person he was waiting for, one of the members of the group, or someone who volunteered to take care of him.
"I'm a nurse, it's time to change the dressing." A young girl with a pale pink uniform entered the room with a tray of bandages, it was time to change the bandages on his eyes.
"Why you? Where's the volunteer?" He was a little disappointed.
"Ah, are you talking about that girl?" The nurse asked in surprise.
"What's wrong?" He replied when asked.
"Nothing, if you're talking about the volunteer, she doesn't come until Sunday." The nurse said quietly to put the small tray on the table.
"What? It's just Sunday. How does this hospital work? Didn't I say it needs a private carer? Are you guys doing this weird business? Call the director of the hospital here."
He raised his voice in exasperation mixed with confusion, apparently asking for a special caretaker. Clara was supposed to be by his side 24/7. He was annoyed because it showed in the gestures of his fingers, the crackling of knuckles made the nurse shiver, and raise her hand to remove the bandage to change a new one for him to stop. Fortunately, his eyes are covered by a layer of white ice, otherwise just looking at his angry eyes would be enough to send someone's soul away from his body.

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