Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 21, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter 2: Decided to join

A while later.

Clara worked alone, while her two daughters went out to beautify, preparing to go to the party tomorrow. While engrossed in her work, Xenia approached and loudly probed:

"You want to go to the prom?"

Clara looked up at her while mopping the floor. A shake of the head means no.

"You also know that, but how can you go to such luxurious and noble places."

She scoffed and turned away, intending to enter her room, but stopped when she remembered something, it must have been a masquerade ball. So she'll wear a mask, she thought Clara didn't dare to think of letting go, but just to make sure she came back loudly threatening, the front room was fine too:

"There are guests at home tomorrow night, you have to stay at home, clean up, prepare food, let guests complain, watch out."

With that, she entered the room, slamming the door. Clara glanced behind her and continued to finish her work, she had no intention of going to that boring party, she thought.

Clara returned to her room, and sat hugging her knees, she missed her mother again, as usual, and she opened the photo album to see. A way for her to forget her sadness, looking at her mother through pictures. Her mother is so beautiful! Clara stared at a picture of her mother in evening gowns and masks, looking at her like that until she unconsciously fell asleep.

Clara slept soundly, she had a strange dream, in that dream, she wore a blue dress, with transparent glass shoes, and a mask that covered her entire face, revealing only her round eyes. linen. She wore a necklace, the only gift her mother left, apart from the pictures, Clara was at the ball And she danced with a son...

"Clara! Prepare dinner."

Clara woke up from her dream when she heard Xenia screaming downstairs, and then she got up and went to the kitchen to make dinner for her and her two daughters.

"Oh, my two princesses!"

She exclaimed when she saw her two daughters who had just returned from the beauty salon for skincare, everyone had bright white skin thanks to a white bath. Clara pouted when she saw it.

Hana walked up to the room without forgetting to give her a contemptuous look, Clara didn't pay attention, unlike Hana, Sarah just looked at her in a normal way and went up to the room. But everyone is looking down on Clara in their hearts, already ugly and can't afford to be refurbished.

Clara prepared dinner and entered her room. That night, she had another dream with the same content as the dream in the afternoon.

Finally, when it was time for the party, Hana and Sarah were personally brought to the ball by Xenia, and when she left the house, she did not forget to look at Clara threateningly:
"You stay at home to prepare to receive guests."
Clara knew she said that on purpose because she was afraid that she would escape from the party. Tonight, she went to her friends' house to play cards until late at night. The two girls went to the party, so Clara would be free, just for tonight was enough.
Clara returned to her room and sat at the table reading her unfinished book. It's strange! why couldn't she concentrate today, sitting for less than five minutes, Clara yawned from sleep. Just like that, she collapsed on the table, having that dream again, this time with Xenia's sweet voice appearing:
"Clara! It's almost time, hurry up! Open the cupboard behind the curtain."
Clara was startled to open her eyes, she was bewildered by what she dreamed, looked at the swinging curtain, involuntarily she stood up and walked over, reaching out to push the curtain aside. Behind it there was a wooden wardrobe, she did as she was told in her dream and opened it with her hand, and was surprised to find inside there was a Blue dress, a pair of glass shoes and a mask, everything like that. with her dream, what surprised her was how similar it was to the dress her mother used to wear.

What is this? A moment of bewilderment before she put on the costume. Looking at herself in the mirror, Clara didn't think she would fit in so well. She smiled amused, but then her face fell again when she saw the birthmark. Clara sadly sat down on the bed, she dejectedly took it off, accidentally the mask fell to the floor, as she struggled to take off her dress. Clara bent down to pick it up, suddenly remembering this was a masquerade party, no one would know who she was, if she wore a mask. Thinking like that, her smile reappeared on her face.

"But I can't talk." Clara sighed again, more worried, and sat down on the floor, fidgeting with her dress in confusion.

On the roof, two girls are sitting and talking, they are Clara's guardian angels. When Clara was born, she, unfortunately, received a curse from an evil woman, that woman was abandoned by Nathan - Clara's father. The curse says that when Nathan gives birth to his first child if it is a girl, the baby's left cheek will have a birthmark, as the baby grows, the birthmark also grows, making the face look Ugly. If someone truly loves the baby, a sincere kiss will break the curse. When she was alive, Clara's mother had met an evil woman, she begged that person to let her and Nathan go, but on her parents' wedding day, the woman appeared with a declaration of the curse. Of course, her parents didn't believe it, until she was born, they were shocked when it happened. Since then, her mother has always prayed that she will meet someone who truly loves her, she always reminds her to believe in it.

"Is Clara going to the ball?" The blonde angel spoke up.

"I do not think so!" Martha sighed, dejectedly replying. "Clara looks uninterested."

"Are you sure, Martha?" The blonde looked at you suspiciously.

"Come on Bertha, our mission is to help Clara find someone who can break the curse."

"You mean it'll affect if Clara doesn't come to the ball?"

Bertha realized what her friend was referring to, and cried out in panic.

"May!" Martha smiled slyly, while her partner sighed in frustration.

The two girls watched Clara for a while, not moving. Impatient, Martha is ready to carry out her intentions. The brown-haired girl raised her hand, but before she could do anything, she saw Clara standing up, wearing a mask, Putting her feet in her shoes, pulling her hair up, and wearing a necklace her mother gave her around her neck, she looked very much like Cinderella. So Clara has decided, she will come to the party.

Clara left the house, maybe she was late due to thinking, Clara wanted to catch TaXeniai but there was no stopping. Two angels shook their heads, a snap of Martha's fingers, immediately a Car stopped, Clara happily climbed into the Car.

"Duke University! Please!"

Clara spoke up, strangely she opened her mouth to speak, perhaps wearing a mask gave her confidence.

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