Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 19Chapter 19: Escape narrowly

As usual, Clara goes to school as usual and at the end of the school day, she will go to work. Today is no exception. As she was walking along the corridor towards the school gate, suddenly someone called out to her, causing Clara to stop and look behind her.
"Clara!" It was a female student in the same class as Clara.
Clara stood frozen, trying to force a welcoming smile at the surprise. For the first time, someone called her name. To put it bluntly, it was the first time someone talked to her. The girl with black hair tied up, with a pretty face walked over to Clara. In his hand is a stack of documents. She owed her smile and then said.
"Can you help me bring this up to the guild master's room?" Though something turned out to be asking for help or rather to make it difficult for Clara.
Slightly surprised by the girl's attitude. But then Clara showed bewilderment at the offer.
Knowing that Clara couldn't open her mouth to say no, plus her hospitable attitude. The girl made her own decisions for Clara, then placed the file in her hand. After that, she turned around and ran to her friends, not saying a word to her.
"She's so docile." The girl told her friends and they all walked away.
Clara could clearly hear the laughter of the girls. She was not sad because she was so used to those things.
It was intentional, for Clara to hear. The girl's mocking voice continued until her shadow disappeared with the others.
Clara knew she had just been bullied but had to accept it, it was her own fault. Who can blame? She didn't expect anyone to be her savior either. Sighing as if it was nothing, she lifted her leg and turned around, heading towards the guild master's room.
He raised his hand to knock on the door, but there was no answer. It seems that there is no one in the room, everyone must have already left. Clara is going back and will come back later. But looking at the stack of papers in his hand, it was a nuisance. She glanced at the door again. Finally, she decided to open the door. Just put it on Buchou's desk, thinking that Clara took a deep breath, bravely entered the room when the door was open.
I saw a huge nameplate on the table, with Zane's name on it as the president. Clara stepped forward, dropped the stack of papers, and quickly turned her head back out. Something caught her attention, she had to stop. Clara's eyes opened when she realized her shoe was lying on Roly's desk.
After a few minutes of struggling with the thought of whether or not to take back the shoe that was originally hers. From looking at the shoe lying on the table, I looked down at my hands. Clara showed concern. In the end, she didn't know what she had done until she left the room with the shoe in her hand.
Thought everything would be fine but unfortunately for Clara. As soon as I stepped out of the room, someone walked in. As she turned to close the door, a voice spoke up.
"What are you doing here?" The deep voice of a young man sounded, making Clara panic when she was discovered. Her whole body froze. The shoe was squeezed tightly in her hand.
"Hey, I'm asking you. What are you doing in the guild room?"
He repeats again. Clara swallowed hard, trying not to let out the sudden fear that was tormenting her. Clara slowly turned around, her face down on the floor, her hands behind her back.
Clara did not dare to look directly at the face of the person who was talking to her. She just stood there in silence, fearing that she would be discovered stealing. Even though she only took back what was originally hers. While not knowing what to do, she conveniently placed the shoe in the potted plant next to the door.
"Hey, are you deaf?"
That person asked and then suddenly approached Clara, standing right in front of her. Clara who was startled reflexively raised her head to look. So meet that person's gaze.
The image of a handsome guy with red hair and a special tattoo on his forehead caught Clara's eyes. Four eyes looked at each other, suddenly there was a light wind coming from nowhere. Maybe it was a broken vent or the small window at the end of the hallway. The wind gently blew through each of Clara's long locks, making them flutter. Roly would probably be able to see her entire face and that pretty red birthmark if Clara hadn't been able to pull her hair back in time.
"Who are you? What are you doing here?"
Silence for too long Roly continued, do you want to know what Clara came here for? Roly seemed to have lost his patience, he was suspicious of her faltering attitude.
Don't know how to explain it. Clara wanted to speak clearly but the words didn't come out of her mouth. Clara fidgeted at the young man's gaze. Unable to take it any longer, without any warning or preparation, Clara instinctively jumped to her feet and ran away. A little surprised, Roly hurried after him. Unfortunately for her to escape, as soon as he got down the stairs he lost track of her. Annoyed, Roly had to return to the office.
Roly had a date with friends, but on the way down Arlo and the others were waiting. He remembered that he forgot something, so he went back to get it. Suddenly, Clara walked out of the meeting room. He was surprised by her presence. Did Roly just want to know what Clara is doing here, at this hour? But her silence made him suspicious. Don't you think she ran away while he was trying to figure out why she was here? Just simple as that. Or was it because his attitude scared her? Roly is not sure because he is not good at communicating with a girl. He doesn't know how not at all. Hesitating for a moment, the red-haired boy decided to return to his room to retrieve the item he had left behind. The strange girl that Roly just met still makes Roly wonder and think.

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