Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 3, 2022
Ch. 18Chapter 18: Coincident

Clara is alone in the HR department of Suna hospital. She sat still in her chair, but her fingers clapped from time to time, showing her nervousness and nervousness. Clara's heartbeat with a steady beat. While looking at everything in the room. The door suddenly opened, startling her to look.
"Hello, are you the one Sister Haman recommended?" As soon as she entered the room, the person in charge of welcoming Clara asked her.
Clara nodded slightly, giving the woman a smile as confirmation that she was the one sent to help the hospital.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Haman who is in charge of accepting volunteers."
The woman with black hair curled into cores, bright eyes as if she had just solved a problem that made her worry. She held out her hand to Clara, with a holy smile on her kind face. Clara smiled and accepted the handshake.
Meanwhile, Zane sat still on his bed. He returned to his room after the girl he met at the hospital campus left. His heart was as tangled as silk. The thoughts made his head hurt. After all, until now he still has not received any news from his friends. He felt frustrated inside, wanting to go to the window to let the wind carry his frustration. As soon as he put his feet down on the bed, he took a few steps and tripped over the chair. Someone had accidentally left him in the middle of the aisle, lost his balance, and fell to the floor.
"Damn it! That guy's best not to be caught or else..." Zane gritted his teeth cursing at the damned name that had made him so rash.
Because I don't want to be looked down upon by others. Zane did not bother to call for help from the nurses but made his way to the window on his own. Zane didn't anticipate that the room he was in was far worse than the room in the city hospital. Where he left last night. Although it is an on-demand room, it is not as comfortable and comfortable as in other hospitals. In the room, there was only one bed in the right corner. A table is placed next to the head of the bed. There is a small window on the right side of the room. The room was very simple because this is a small hospital and poor in everything.
Zane moved to Suna last night. Because he thinks that by doing so, no one will know that he is blind and that the fangirls will not disturb his rest time. And above all, avoid any unwanted things that may happen. No one would have expected that he was in a mediocre hospital instead of Tokyo's largest hospital in the country. And the fact that he is in a coma will not be revealed, avoiding the suspicion of the masked person.
At this point, Clara walked down the hallway towards the room where she would work as directed by the person in charge. Room number 202, she was a little worried, afraid that she would be calm enough to take care of the patient or not? Just doing simple things like helping them fetch water, taking care of their family members' absence... Those things didn't matter to her. The only thing that worries Clara is that communicating with other people is a big obstacle for her and above all, the ugly birthmark on her face.
But just thinking about it won't solve the problem. Go anywhere or go there.
Gathering all her courage, she raised her hand and knocked on the door. But inside there was no answer. On the third time, she decided to open it. When you can't hear anything inside. Are the people in the room sleeping or out? She didn't know either, just felt uneasy, so she didn't hesitate to open the door.
He managed to move away from the cold, hard floor. Suddenly the door opened. A girl appeared, coincidentally that person was Clara. Saw Zane lying on the floor, groping to get up. The girl immediately went to help him.
"Are you okay? Why don't you call the nurse if you need anything?"
It's her sweet, gentle voice that makes anyone's heart flutter.
Zane stopped moving when he heard someone talking to him. He could feel someone sitting next to him. Put your hand on his shoulder to help him up. He pricked his ears and turned to look at the person who had just entered. With a slight shock as once again, that voice hovered around him.
"Who are you?"
He asked as he sat down on his bed, a little curious about the strange girl present in the room. Because he could tell that this wasn't the nurse who had been taking care of him since last night.
Clara pushed the chair into the corner of the wall, leaving a space in the middle for more comfortable movement, listening to what he asking, she turned to answer. Only then did she realize that he was the same person she had met earlier on campus. Fortunately, the person she will be taking care of is not visible, so she can rest assured and feel more comfortable.
"I'm a volunteer, from today I'll take care of you." Her voice softened, a little apprehensively felt as if she could feel his gaze, although Zane couldn't see it now, somehow the cold aura in him still spread to the outside, that was what made Clara worried. hesitate.
"Volunteers, care?" Zane mumbled trying to digest what he just heard, something wasn't right but then he remembered something, he had previously requested the hospital a private nurse.
The hospital did what he asked, that's why Clara was here. But why a volunteer instead of a nurse? His illness is not very serious, just needs someone to help him with a few simple things every day, while his eyes recover, not necessarily a nurse while the hospital is short of people.
"Is something wrong?" After a bit of timidity, Clara asked to ask, when she saw his attitude that seemed like annoyance or displeasure. Zane snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head to look at her because the bandages over his eyes had failed to see Clara's panicked expression at his sudden gaze.
"Nothing." He coldly replied with his own personality. Clara was ecstatic.
"So let me begin. Do you need anything?" Clara started her work when she regained her composure.
"Pour me a glass of water." He requested. It seems that he is currently preoccupied with other matters, so he ignores the feeling that suddenly appeared when he met Clara.
The day went by, quietly, nothing special to both of them.

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