Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: August 2, 2022
Ch. 17Chapter 17: Second time seeing you

"Forget it, the immediate matter is more important."
There was an urgent matter, so he listened to the person next to him and ignored it. The two walked towards the hall.
"It's best that that girl doesn't let me catch her, or I'll let her know the end of the story."
The rude young man walked and cursed someone. strangely, there was something in the boy's voice that made Clara shiver, the hand holding the book suddenly trembled. Fear came suddenly. Clara panicked at what she was thinking.
Why is this person's voice so familiar? It was ingrained in her memory. Looks like she's heard it somewhere. Clara tried to remember and suddenly got up in a panic, looking in that direction when she realized where she'd heard it.
Clara's eyes widened in horror, seeing the man's face that night again. Just then, the historyless man from earlier turned to look behind him. Clara immediately turned her back to him, fortunately, there were many students walking back and forth, blocking people's view, otherwise, Clara would have been spotted looking at him. She stood motionless for a moment when she realized it was the person the guild was looking for. In a panic instead of going to the hall, Clara quickly turned toward the gate. That's why she didn't come to the shoe rehearsal.
After settling down mentally instead of going home, she decided to go to the place where she was doing volunteer work. She had the day off anyway, so there was no reason to go back to that house.
"Knock Knock knock!"
Clara knocked on the door, before entering the office of the director of the charity center, where she often went on Sundays to help those in need.
"Clara! Why are you here?" The woman in the dress of a nun with a kind face, a gentle voice asked when she saw her. Clara smiled, bowing to the person who was talking to her.
"I'm off school today, so I'm here to see if there's anything I need help with?"
Clara gestured with her hand gestures, the language of the deaf.
"How lucky!" The woman exclaimed as if remembering something. The nun was happy to hear that Clara wanted to help.
"What's up?" Clara asked again when she saw the woman's face light up with joy, her fingers forming language characters that looked nice and interesting.
"Suna Hospital has just sent an application requesting to support some volunteers to help them take care of the patients. I also know that Suna is a small hospital, with poor material conditions, moreover the staff. Also, very few nurses have to work twice the normal job of one. They are having a hard time recruiting the new team of nurses, so they ask for help. So you can spare a little. Can I take my time to help them?"
The nun told her about the difficulties the hospital was facing. And ask for her opinion on this.
"You can come on Sunday, after the morning shift."
Clara didn't hesitate to let her know that she was willing to help, making the nun indescribably happy, that alone was good enough.
"Well then, I'll thank you on their behalf."
The nun left the desk, approached her and took her hands, and spoke. Clara smiled in response to that.
"You have the day off today, you can start as well," Clara said she made the nun smile again, looking at her gratefully.
"Okay! I'll call them right away." Then the woman returned to the table and picked up the phone, after a few minutes of talking on the phone, she returned to Clara - who was sitting on the sofa waiting for a while.
"Can I go there now?" As she spoke, the woman wrote information on a piece of white paper on the table. After the phone conversation was over, the woman walked up to her and put her referral in her hand. Clara took it and looked up at her.
"Yes." Clara said with a bright smile, before walking out the door, she did not forget to wave goodbye to the director of the volunteer center.
Zane sat on a chair on the hospital grounds. It was a boring day for him, not seeing anything was really annoying. Until no one had visited him, breathless from boredom and exasperation at the thought of some damned name, had made him this impulsive.
While thinking, he felt thirsty, he reached out his hand to shake it, wanting to take his mineral water bottle. When the nurse brought him here, Zane asked to buy it for him.
Seeing nothing forced his palm to grope, to figure out how he made the water bottle fall to the ground. So it took work, Zane had to sit down to find it. The water bottle rolled away from him for a distance, then stopped when it bumped into someone's leg.
The girl crouched down, saw the water bottle at her feet, and then looked around to discover the young man groping for things. Guessing it was hers, the girl bent down, picked up the water bottle, and walked over to where Zane was struggling.
"Is this yours?"
The soft voice made Zane stop what he was doing and look up. Even though he couldn't see anything as the bandages were still wrapped around his eyes, Zane was still able to look up at the exact spot where the voice had come from.
"Thanks." Zane didn't understand why he was replying to a stranger himself.
"Nothing, it's yours."
The girl said, walking over to help him sit back in his chair, before placing the water bottle in his hand. The two hands accidentally touched each other, making Zane momentarily stunned. The girl didn't say anything more and turned to leave.
"A little bit."
Zane called out to the girl to come back, reflexively he turned to look, unfortunately, his legs tripped together, and he fell to the stone floor, painful.
"Are you okay?"
The girl rushed over to help him, but suddenly Zane was in a daze when he heard that voice again.
'Are you okay?'
This voice he had heard before, very familiar, the vague memory gradually appeared.
Accidentally Two hands touch each other. Zane's heart seemed to miss a beat.

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