Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 25, 2022
Ch. 16Chapter 16: The reason why Clara didn't come to try on shoes

While walking, the Hana sisters argued over who was at fault when they were late to the shoe-trying contest.

"Damn it! We're late and it's my fault."

Hana gritted her teeth and growled, as always she was looking for someone to vent her anger, she turned to look at her sister and scolded, but her eyes were not friendly at all. Sarah didn't fit, returning that look with an annoyed look, pink hair also got angry when Hana assumed that the two missed the shoe rehearsal was her fault.

"What did you just say, is it my fault?"

Sarah gently asked, she is very soft and knows how to save face for herself outside, in front of others. This is also Konoha, a prestigious university. There were so many eyes looking at them, whispering loudly.

"What? If we didn't spend a lot of time doing your hair, we wouldn't be late."

Hana scoffed, insisting that this was the fault of the pink-haired girl. The bossy voice and the glare at her little sister were disgusting. Sarah didn't care, on the contrary, I was here to face my sister.

"Then if we take the time to try on your dress, we'll probably make it in time."

Sarah mocks Hana's disproportionate body, which is responsible for the long time it takes to choose clothes, according to Sarah. Hana swallowed when she heard Sarah insulting her, she wanted to use violence, fortunately, she was able to control it in time when she thought about not losing her image in public. Hana growled and turned to look at her sister.

"Look at yourself and see if you're better than anyone, flat-chested!"

Hana mocked Sarah and then turned on her heel, shook her hips, and left, her teasing attitude made the pink-haired girl's face hot.

"Hana! It's okay to stay there. This isn't over yet."

Sarah loudly declared, while Hana not only didn't turn back but also ignored it, making Sarah angry, wanting to raise her voice even louder, but seeing everyone looking at her, she had to hold back her anger and take revenge later. It's not too late, for the thought of continuing the argument after returning home. Just like that, Sarah lifted her foot and left, outwardly still acting normal.

Walking with pent-up anger, suddenly the phone rang. Sarah took her phone out of her pocket in frustration, and as another victim became her outlet for her anger, Sarah answered her mother's phone with no respect at all.

"Listen! Did you call me anything?"

Sarah snapped into the phone, startling Xenia and almost dropping it while doing her hair in the Salon.

Sarah answered Xenia's phone as she walked away with an unhappy expression. Xenia did not suddenly become the culprit for her daughter's late arrival. The phone suddenly lost connection when Sarah hung up without warning, after saying one of the men blamed her.

Somewhere, Xenia was doing her hair with some friends, trying not to let the people around her know that she was extremely angry when she called both daughters and received the same result. together.

"Are they monogamous?"

Bertha exclaimed with what she saw, she asked the girl standing beside her. Martha wasn't paying attention at the moment, she was thinking about something and was smiling like crazy, not knowing Bertha was asking her question. A few seconds had passed, and Bertha didn't receive any response from Martha, so she turned to look, meeting her companion's innocent smile.

"Martha! I'm asking you. What's the matter?"

Bertha didn't understand why Martha was smiling, she also didn't seem to be a curious person, simply wanting to know the answer from Martha so she turned, when the brunette didn't react to what she said.

Martha was startled when she discovered Bertha was staring at her, even though she didn't know what the question was, she naively answered yes instead of asking again.

"I do not know."

With a shy smile and a shrug, she replied, her eyes did not dare to meet Bertha's eyes, the answer is not sure whether to please Bertha or not? only know that Bertha ignored it, didn't ask any more questions, then lifted her foot forward.

After Bertha walked away, Martha put her hand to her chest, breathing out a sigh of relief, fortunately, Bertha didn't find out that the sisters' lateness had anything to do with her, Martha had had a small impact on the car. My car broke down just in time.

"Haven't you gone yet?"

Bertha walked to the door but still didn't see Martha lift her leg, turned around, and called the brunette. Martha hastily replied and ran to the door.

"I'm coming! Where are we going?"

Martha suddenly asked dumbfoundedly, causing Bertha to turn to her with a troubled expression. Martha involuntarily turned away to avoid that gaze.

"Don't you want to know where Clara is, of course, we'll go find her?"

Bertha replied that after taking her eyes off Martha, she was sure her colleague had something to hide, but instead of asking she decided to ignore it. The two disappeared shortly afterward at the speed of light, returning home to see if Clara was there.

Speaking of Clara, she went to school this morning as usual, but when she read the announcement that the school was letting students off school because of the shoe trial, Clara wondered if she should go there or not, and finally decided whether she should or not. try also to see how. Thinking so, she walked towards the hall, unfortunately when she was halfway there, suddenly someone bumped into her, causing the books in Clara's hand to fall, so naturally, she sat down to pick them up.

"Don't have eyes to see the road?"

The bossy voice that scared Clara, was a boy's voice. Clara was a bit dissatisfied, it was clear that the person was not right and scolded her, although a little dissatisfied, she had to let it go because she didn't want to cause trouble, didn't say anything Clara kept stooping to pick up the books below. On the floor, seeing her not responding, that person thought she was making her angry, and wanted to give her another battle, but fortunately, the person walking next to her intervened, then pulled that guy's hand away.

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