Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 25, 2022
Ch. 15Chapter 15: Lost opportunity

Once again Liam put his arm around Arlo's neck and explained to Arlo. Arlo's face brightened up after listening to Liam's very detailed explanation.

"So how to find the killer when that girl is not showing up?"

One more Arlo question and this time it's no longer a pointless question, it makes perfect sense. They both looked at each other and started thinking.

"We'll find out who it is sooner or later."

Corbin first came to a conclusion based on emotion. Different from his usual sure and decisive behavior, it surprised everyone for a moment. But if you analyze the situation specifically, finding the culprit does not necessarily rely on the mysterious girl. There are many ways such as thanks to the intervention of the police. However, the young man knew for sure that Zane did not want to get involved in the law. Not to mention, he wanted to avoid complicated legal procedures, so he didn't choose that option. Instead, the advisor had another plan in place. It is a secret that is not convenient to reveal.

"He's right. Sooner or later the killer will show up."

Neil added, that now they're all more comfortable even though the actual outcome is beyond their imagination.

"Eat Ramen!"

Arlo took the initiative to invite them all to eat his favorite food. No one objected, they walked out of the hall, arm in arm, but stopped when Liam remembered something.

"So can someone explain to me why no one can fit the shoe?"

Then he went back to the table to get the shoe that was about to be forgotten if Liam didn't remember. Again they all looked at the advisor to see if he could explain the matter.

Corbin held the shoe in his hand and looked carefully at all angles, still unable to give an answer. That makes the genius find it difficult to think.

"Ah! Maybe Cinderella forgot."

Arlo exclaimed, causing them to laugh again.

"Who knows, maybe it's true."

Liam adds additional support. They all looked at each other and shrugged because that was now the logical explanation for this strange occurrence. Even though none of them believed in the existence of miracles in this world. Unlike girls, boys are more realistic and less dreamy.

But one of them still wants to know why and he will definitely find out.

The quintet left the hall in a happy atmosphere despite losing the battle.

When the hall was empty, Bertha stared at her partner next to her. Martha was thinking about something for a moment when she caught Bertha's eyes looking at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" An annoyed Martha asked the person next to her.

"Still denying?" Bertha began with an accusation that certainly Martha had committed a crime.

"What do you mean by the end?" Martha really didn't know what Bertha was implying, so she got irritated by that look.

"Didn't you do something shady with the shoe that all the girls wouldn't wear?" Bertha made the matter clear and blunt. Martha couldn't believe it, that doubt was the reason for Bertha's reproachful look.

"Why do I have to? Explain." Trying not to let herself get angry Martha made excuses, insisting that Bertha give her a compelling reason.

"It's not because Clara didn't come." Bertha was satisfied with her argument. Martha exhaled sharply, wanting to make this clear but as she looked at Bertha. There was a strange thought in the brown-haired girl. This time it was Bertha's turn to be annoyed with Martha's gaze.

"What are you looking at?" Bertha was really not used to seeing other people looking at her like that, so she awkwardly asked.

"Is it you?" Martha cast doubt on Bertha.

"What do you say? What do I do?" Bertha tried to stay calm. Martha replied casually.

"Did you do something with Clara's shoe?"

Bertha's anger exploded.

"On what basis do you dare say that?" Bertha put her hands on her hips and leaned forward to Martha, harshly hitting the other's face, making the brown-haired man swallow and speak almost indistinctly.

"Then on what basis do you say I do?"

Bertha's ears are so good, she can hear her talking so quietly. A moment of silence, a moment of confusion. Naturally, both sides feel guilty when they think Liam is for the other. Regain the image of no one speaking anymore, turning away to avoid mentioning the incident that just happened.

Sometimes angels are just like normal people, arguing and sulking for no reason.

Can anyone explain why no one can fit their shoes? Although there is no effect of magic, there are definitely people who can.

There will be answers later, when Cinderella's true identity is revealed, we can understand why, that ordinary-looking shoe, but not everyone can wear it.

After the boys left the hall, it was also the time when the Hana sisters ran at full speed in their high heels, hoping that they would still be there in time. Unfortunately, the sky did not please the people, the door of the hall slowly closed in front of both of them. When they arrived, they only found the security guard doing his duty.

"Have you come to try on shoes?"

The security guard asked gently, he was very friendly, but unfortunately, he looked at the wrong person to care. Neither of the two sisters answered the man, not only that but also showed discomfort and contempt for people. A very obvious pout on Hana's face, accompanied by a long snarl, made the security guard shake his head in frustration, say nothing more, he turned and walked towards the office. The kind security uncle intends to tell the two sisters, Hana, that the boys have just left. If they chase them, they might still be in time, but seeing their disdainful attitude makes me unable to accept it, so I shut up. go quietly.

The two women sighed in regret, anger replacing fatigue on their faces.

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