Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 25, 2022
Ch. 14Chapter 14: Mission fail

When all the girls dispersed and left in regret. Secretly jealous of the girl who was lucky enough to put on the shoe, still present in the hall were three boys sitting dumbfounded. No one said a word, the atmosphere fell into disbelief. No one could explain what was going on, so many people that no one could fit the shoe.

It's strange.

By this time Corbin and Neil had arrived and just walked down the hall area, both were surprised when there was no one else. The scene looks bleak. The shoe test ended earlier than they thought. Looking at each other, the two quickly walked inside.

Once again the two newcomers looked at each other when they saw only three boys sitting quietly, one person in a corner, besides no one, not a single girl.

"Is it over? So soon?" Neil called out for the three's attention. The three boys raised their heads to look at the two who had just arrived, with sighs of boredom and then back to silence.

"Why are you two coming now? It's over!"

Arlo who was the most excited is now the one who shows the most disappointment. He asked the two newcomers in an ever more bored tone.

"Where's that girl?" Corbin didn't go around asking questions, straight to the point. They all looked at each other, shared the same expression on their faces, and shook their heads together.

"Don't tell me no one can fit the shoe."

Neil determined again when guessing through people's attitudes. He turned to look at Roly who was assigned this task as if to make sure again, but he simply shrugged.

Corbin frowned but then spotted the shoe lying on the table in front of Roly. Connecting the data genius was not surprised with the results he got.

"That's exactly what you two saw."

Liam confirmed the results again. The atmosphere fell into silence. While no one cared about that anymore, Corbin rubbed his chin, seemingly explaining what had just happened.

"Are you sure all the girls took part in trying on the shoes?"

Neil suddenly spoke up, this matter was beyond the ability of the guild, so it needed to be seriously discussed urgently.

"I don't think there's anyone left, no one stupid enough to pass up an opportunity to be… I mean the one who's grateful to Zane." Roly gives her opinion.

"It's also possible that the girl didn't come."

Corbin regained everyone's attention. After linking everything together and making a final conclusion.

"How are you sure about that?" Roly asked, looking at the genius with a bit of confusion.

All have not yet realized the real purpose of this shoe-trying session. Roly was wondering about something as if knowing everyone was looking at her waiting for an explanation, Corbin said.

"First of all, no one can fit this shoe." Corbin began to analyze each problem in detail for the whole group to hear.

"Makes sense, but this is just a normal shoe, anyone can wear it." Liam's opinion, what is being discussed is a contradiction.

"Listen to what I have to say."

Corbin asked people to listen to him before raising questionable points. Liam shrugged in agreement with Corbin.

"Second, do you know the purpose of the plan?" Corbin got straight to the point without a roundabout.

"Not to find the girl who saved Zane?"

Arlo asked bewilderedly, he still believes that is the real purpose of the shoe-testing plan. Meanwhile, the other two boys begin to realize that there is something strange about this plan.

"Don't say the purpose is to lure the killer into the net."

Roly made his judgment immediately. Corbin gave the redhead a nod of approval. Now it's all just a matter of fact. Of course, Arlo is a little slow to digest.

"Then on what basis do you think that girl didn't come?"

After a moment of silence, Liam continued his questions as he asked the counselor.

"Based on today's results."

"You mean that girl was afraid of getting into trouble so she didn't come. And it's possible that the killer was also in the audience."

The main issue was discussed by Roly. Now everything is almost certain.

"Exactly! - The tactician confirmed: "That girl has the same thoughts as us. So don't be foolish enough to step into danger."

Neil is of the same opinion as Corbin, because he and the boy are discussing the issue of who is behind the attack on Zane.

"So this plan looks like we've failed, right?" Announcing that made them all turn to look, Liam gave a characteristic smile as an excuse for the statement just now.

"He's right Liam, we didn't get any results."

Neil agreed with Liam that the plan had unfortunately failed, it was completely out of their control. At first, he thought that at least not finding the culprit soon enough, the witness would be fine. As long as the girl appeared and said everything clearly in front of everyone, it would be difficult for the perpetrator to escape, and even more unable to do anything to harm the witness. Not to mention there is a guild here. Society certainly ensures the safety of witnesses.

However, both Neil and Corbin seem to have forgotten one simple thing. No one is stupid enough to let themselves be caught so easily. If the girl shows up, give concrete evidence. Well, the criminals present had automatically retreated. After that, of course, there was no way to kill people to kill their mouths and challenge the guild to stop them.

"No! Not at all."

Corbin countered with a tone of certainty that the plan would still work. All eyes turned to Corbin, the genius turned with a smile and declared.

"At least we can confirm that the girl saw the killer's face."

They all looked at each other as if they understood what Corbin was talking about.

"So what?"

Arlo's dumb questions always break the air, and this time they're all given a laugh after a plan that's almost failed.

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