Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 25, 2022
Ch. 13Chapter 13: She did not enter the contest

The last ones still stepped up to try their luck. Meanwhile, two angels have a talk.

"Why hasn't Clara come yet?" Martha impatiently paced back and forth, her eyes fixed on the door.

"You make me dizzy!" Bertha, who was considered to be the calmest, loudly asked the brunette to stop what she was doing. Martha's back and forth annoyed Bertha. Honestly, Bertha was as worried as Martha, but she didn't lose her image by acting silly like her partner.

"Probably a traffic jam." Bertha found an excuse to comfort Martha when she stopped moving and turned to look at her.

Martha said nothing more. Seeing this Bertha was also silent, but Martha still couldn't stand still like Bertha. The girl stood up and sat down, her eyes still fixed on the door, expecting someone else's appearance.

Not only did Clara not present, but the two sisters Hana also did not come, did they naturally give up their desire to marry the prince? Of course not, there's no way those two girls wouldn't try their luck, even if they didn't want to, Xenia would force her daughter to participate. So what is the reason for this absence?

In the red Toyota car, there are two girls with one red hair and one pink hair, sitting in the back seat, busy getting ready to dress up, constantly urging.

"Can you be faster?" Hana grumbled at Xenia's speed, she seemed very annoyed at having encountered an incident along the way.

"How do you feel?" Sarah asked her sister while staring at the lipstick in her hand, to copy the mouth to see if the lipstick was better or not?

"If you have another bowl, it won't be your turn," Hana responded with a sarcastic comment instead of giving her sister an opinion.

"Let's see, until then, don't stalk me and beg me to introduce you to a prince."

Sarah didn't just reply. The four eyes glared at each other with fire. Whose family's children are delusional like this?

"I'm begging you two, to be quiet so I can focus on driving." Mother Xenia raised her voice, asking the two girls behind to stop their provocation. After a long pause, the two looked out the window next to their seats.

Sitting in the front row driving the steering wheel is none other than Xenia, the mother of two girls. She personally escorted her two princesses to the shoe-try. Before going to school, they visited a beauty salon to improve their beauty. I thought it would come soon, the car had a seizure or for some reason, the gods did not support it. It had a punctured tire along the way and had to be taken to the garage to be repaired. Now she was speeding up or else her two precious princesses would be late, not able to try on shoes, and she would lose her chance to have a son-in-law as a prince.

Back to the event.

Being the last one, unfortunately also had the same fate as the girls who tried first. They were all unlucky.

"Next person." Arlo lay flat on the table and spoke in a languid voice.

"Yes! It's over." The assistant for today's shoe-try, answered, making him jump up in surprise.

"Is it over?" Arlo showed astonishment through his wide eyes, looking down at the vast hall, empty of anyone, other than himself and a few of the organizers.

Receiving a suspicious question from Arlo, that person bowed his head in reply.

"Yes, no one else."

The three people looked at each other, unable to explain what was going on. They sat here for three hours, but they couldn't find anyone who could fit the shoe. Arlo scratched his head in confusion, Liam also dejectedly put a pen on the paper. While Roly was silently contemplating something very vague.

"Okay, Clara still didn't come," Martha yelled, standing next to Bertha, causing the blonde to vex to cover her ears and scream.

"Will you stop now? What's the use of making a fuss?"

Martha angrily turned to look at Bertha.

"It's so frustrating! What is Clara thinking in the end? Such a good opportunity missed."

Martha groaned again and sat down in frustration. Seeing her partner's boredom, Bertha ignored what just happened and spoke up.

"Maybe she's afraid of birthmarks. An ugly face can't be confident."

Bertha gave her guess, she somewhat sympathized with Clara. Martha looks at you disapprovingly, retorting.

"Do you think so? Clara isn't ugly, you hear me."

"I'm just stating Clara's point of view." Bertha defended: "But not narrow-minded, discriminating like people."

Martha was not in the mood to argue, fell into silence, and sat on the floor sulking, full of regret when Clara missed the opportunity to change everything maybe thanks to this Martha's mission will soon be completed.

This time in another place.

Walking down the hallway of the school were the two remaining members of the guild. Corbin and Neil were on their way down the hall to see the results.

"You think they found the girl?" Question from Neil to the guild's tactician.

"Of course, not just one, maybe two or three people, even more," Corbin replied as he walked, an implicit answer that made Neil pause in thought.

"What do you mean?" In the end, Neil had to reassert himself, he couldn't believe the answer he just deduced.

Corbin, who was walking, had to stop, turned to look at his friend behind him, and replied.

"That's exactly what you're thinking."

After saying that, Corbin turned around, lifted his legs, and continued. Hands behind the head in a leisurely manner. The boy was wondering if any of those three people had discovered something strange.

"Do you think it worked?" Neil continued to ask as he caught up with Corbin's speed.

"Not sure but worth a try." Genius Corbin said that while yawning with a bored expression, after having to do extra work that should have been Zane's.

"What do we do next?" One more question from Neil. Although he is also a genius, compared to Corbin Neil is somewhat inferior. In other ways, he may be better, but in terms of strategy, Neil must admit that no one has surpassed Corbin.

"Depends on the situation, now let's see which girl is unlucky enough to fit the shoe."

Corbin answered Neil's questions. The two continued walking while discussing the case.

The results were completely beyond anyone's expectations.

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