Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 25, 2022
Ch. 12Chapter 12: Shoe trying contest

Clara couldn't believe it turned out that the person she saved last night was the student council president. In the school catalog. A puzzled smile appeared on her lips before Clara turned and walked in the direction of the school gate back home.

"Clara is going to the shoe rehearsal?" Bertha asked the girl standing beside her when Clara's shadow was far away from the bulletin board.

"I'm not sure but with Clara's personality I think not," Martha said her thoughts with a shrug and a doubtful smile.

Did Zane finally find that mysterious girl? Will Clara come or not?

Only heaven knows. Just wait until tomorrow to know.

Finally, the moment that every girl has been eagerly waiting for has come. Among them, there were still a few other cases where people, frankly, didn't have enough confidence like Clara, so they gave up on their own peacefully. No one will know about me if I miss... So there's no need to be embarrassed.

Duke Yakiniku University held a shoe test today. From early morning, there were many girls lined up, waiting for the door of the hall to open. It's interesting and no less reprehensible. How many people have nothing to do, and gather to try their luck to see if they can be with the prince or not?

The number of people who came to participate was so much that it was impossible to control. The situation of jostling to be tried first, made the scene of a large and famous university instantly lose all image.

It's ridiculous, just the freest event on earth. However, it attracts a lot of attention from both teachers and students. In and out of school. The female student wears a beautiful outfit, her face is covered with a thick layer of lipstick. While the male students standing in the distance looked at them feeling overwhelmed and curious. Normally, I don't pay attention to anyone, today I have the opportunity to see the sisters as I like. Just look at that, secretly jealous of someone else.

The principal could only shake his head in defeat at the game that the naughty son and his friends presented. Because no one came to class, the principal had to let the students drop out. Put your hand on the back of your neck and gently rub it to reduce your anger, it's only for the show on the outside, not really inside the headmaster is just as excited as his son Arlo. Like father like son that!

At 7 o'clock, three boys in luxurious suits walked from the meeting room to the hall. Screams rang out the names of the three, as they approached the entrance to the hall. The crowd quickly dispersed to form a passage in the middle.

On the right is Arlo who is very excited about the game of cinderella. On the left is Liam still unresponsive, his signature smile on his lips when he sees the number of girls at the school. In the middle was Roly, as calm as ever. Rolling their eyes, the three of them had a small talk before entering the hall.

"I didn't know our school had so many girls."

Liam mocked himself for not knowing this school well, even though he was on the student council leadership.

"It would be interesting, wouldn't it?" Arlo still showed off his sunny smile, friendly waving to the girls.

Roly just sighed because she didn't expect this plan to be so troublesome. Knowing this many people, finding out who the mysterious girl is is even more difficult.

"Are you guys ready?" Arlo was filled with excitement when the door to the hall was opened.

Neither of the two boys responded or reacted to the blonde idiot. They just silently lifted their feet and quickly entered the hall. Once inside, they proceeded to pull the chair into their place of honor. Take a look at the people who are stirring outside, after seeing that everything has stabilized. Representative Roly spoke up.

"It's okay to start."

He voiced his permission for the shoe-trying session to begin. A boy from the service staff stepped out, with a tray on it that was an incomplete shoe rather than a missing heel. The shoe is transparent like glass, the style is simple but very classic.

Everyone was eager to get ready to try on the shoes, including the boys, not really the boys and Arlo. As for the two cold hot boys in our house, they still don't show any appropriate reaction, to the atmosphere going on around them.

"The first one."

Arlo happily let the first person in to try on the shoes. Apart from him, the other two were starting to get bored with this boring job.

One by one, the girls entered and approached the shoe. Those who tried it first regretted that their feet didn't fit, and those who didn't try again were extremely worried. Some feel confident so they only care about their appearance. Some dreamy girls clasp their hands together and pray that they will fit. Oh, the atmosphere that's going on there is no words to fully describe it.

What is going on in the end? Can anyone give a satisfactory answer here? One after another, no one could fit the shoe. It sounds ridiculous, but what is happening makes everyone bewildered.

Arlo, who was very excited, also became depressed. Meanwhile, the other two looked at each other not understanding what was going on. The shoe is neither big nor small. It's so ordinary like any other shoe, any girl will fit, so why not anyone? It was as if some supernatural force played a trick, not allowing anyone to wear their shoes.

Are Cinderella's shoes only worn by Cinderella? This fairy tale is not believed by everyone, especially the boys.

The number of people is decreasing by the minute. In the end, there were less than 10 people left. Hope every moment every fragile.
The last remaining people are still eager to step up to try their luck.

Everyone was nervous, looking forward to the moment when a girl was honored as the president's cinderella.

Does that really happen?

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