Sorry, I'm not Cinderella
By Cecilia Kim
Date: May 24, 2022
Ch. 11Chapter 11: Plan to find Cinderella

"Are you kidding? A woman's shoe" exclaimed Arlo, getting up from his chair to get a closer look. He was the most overreacted of them all.

"Is the perpetrator female?" Neil blurted out with a puzzled frown. Only then did Zane startle, realizing what everyone was talking about.

"Isn't it? Really! Zane was taken down by a girl?"

Arlo turned to look at him and spoke in a sarcastic, somewhat joking tone, not daring to believe it was true. While Arlo overreacted, the others turned their attention to him, waiting for the man lying on the bed to argue.

"You said it was a bunch of people," Roly repeated what Zane had said.

"Is not." Zane confirmed again: "I remember exactly a group of about ten people at the scene. They were all wearing masks so I didn't recognize anyone."

"So what explains this in the end? There's no such thing as a woman's high heel shoe at the scene." The half-trusted Roly wanted to ask something, but Corbin was quicker.

"Is there anything else you haven't told us?" Military officer Corbin's question made everyone ignore the shoe and look at Zane expectantly.

"Maybe the girl who brought me here dropped it." Zane finally made everything clear. At first, he had no intention of telling anyone that he was saved by a girl. What a shame, moreover that girl could be in trouble if she witnessed the whole thing.

They didn't know what to say, just burst into laughter. Arlo wanted to tease him again but was stopped by Liam.

"It's all clear, maybe that girl saw it all." Corbin reached the final conclusion.

"You mean?" Everyone seemed to understand what Corbin meant, and Neil spoke on his behalf to confirm it again.

"Exactly, if you find the girl, you might find the culprit." Corbin made the problem clear.

"How to find it? We have nothing more than a shoe that has broken down." Liam made the comment with a shrug, looking at the shoe he was holding again.

The space fell into silence, everyone stroked their chin in thought. Until a genius with an IQ of 200 spoke up about his idea.

"You know the story of Cinderella?" Corbin started with a question for everyone. After thinking for a while, they all looked at each other as if they understood what the new advisor said.

"You really want to do that?" Neil as usual confirmed the information.

"Exactly what you're thinking."

Corbin gave Neil a nod. Everyone looked at each other as if they understood the idea of ​​a genius, everyone understood there was only one person who didn't understand, that person all knew. Arlo scratched his head and asked dumbly.

"What are you guys saying I don't understand?" Arlo shows his innocence. Everyone shook their heads in disgust, deciding to ignore the blonde, and turned to Zane to wait for his reaction.

"Zane! How do you feel?" Neil asked his opinion.

"This is thanks to you guys, hopefully, there will be a positive outcome." Zane, without thinking, immediately agreed to everyone's plan, with one request: "It should be noted that Please ensure the safety of the girl."


Everyone agreed that the safety of Zane's benefactor was important.

"So where should we proceed from?" Roly raised her voice, bringing up one more issue for discussion.

"From it."

Corbin looked at the shoe and said. Everyone understood so they nodded. Arlo still slows down, scratching his head because he doesn't understand, until Liam whispers in his ear and his eyes widen in surprise at the amusing plan. Now everyone knows what the plan is.

"You guys take care of that, my and Corbin are busy dealing with the guild. It's all because of him."

Neil said with a sigh, he looked at Zane as if silently cursing the burden he had to carry while he rested peacefully.

"I'll take care of this." Roly volunteered to take on the job of finding the mysterious girl and above all finding out who was behind a series of accidents.

"It'll be interesting, I'd like to participate too." Arlo showed his excitement, he also wanted to join the fun.

Talking about interesting cases can't be without your part.

"That's it! Is there anything else?"

Neil asked them if there was anything else that needed to be discussed. There was hardly anything left to discuss, so Neil decided to disband to give the obnoxious guild master a rest.

"Then disband."

Neil announced the end of the meeting when no one else commented. Everyone put their hands on his shoulders hoping Zane would recover soon. According to the doctor, thanks to the timely arrival, his eyes were saved. Just temporarily out of sight, with enough rest, it will soon be visible.

The first person to open the door was Liam who had just lifted one leg out when Zane suddenly spoke. He has a request.

"Inform everyone I'm still in a coma."

Everyone turned to look at him with the same question, what is Zane's purpose?

"I just don't want to disturb it on vacation, other than that it's a way of distracting the killer."

Zane explained the request to everyone, and all of them understood, no one knew that he was currently invisible and a surprise blow to the person who caused this incident.

In the end, they all left, leaving a quiet space and Zane sat alone on the bed, eyes staring out the window as a conditioned response.


All the girls in the school were buzzing, discussing the news that the student union was looking for someone to save President Zane. And an interesting thing is that all the girls in the school gathered in the hall to try on shoes.

Clara stood dumbfounded in front of the school's bulletin board, the notice in large letters clearly stated:

'All female students of Konoha University tomorrow at 8 o'clock gather in the hall to try on shoes.'

This is true that no one expected even Clara.

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