He Chased After Her
By Annel-by
Date: May 15, 2022
Ch. 11

My aunt was reprimanding me at home. Because of my aunt's loud voice, I wanted to cover my ears. I don't want to be chastised because I'm no longer a child,

"I'm always telling you, Gianna, to stop wandering around the city and entering every bar you want," she yelled.

"Aunt, I'm too old to be scolded by you, and I'm embarrassed if some of our neighbors can hear your voice, and they're mocking me just in case," I said, my voice sad.

Instead of listening to my aunt's sermon in this situation, I'm preparing to be the best actress. Maybe she got tired of yelling at me after a few minutes. She stops and sits on the couch in the living room, scanning a channel on the television.

If I have time and my aunt hasn't noticed, I'll go while holding my phone and searching the internet for new open bars in the city.

"You better leave in my front, Gianna, or you'll taste my patience spread out. My head hurts when I give you advice, but you still don't want to listen," she said.

I stood up because I knew she'd be angry if she mentioned my full name. I walked out of the living room and into my room. I want to rest because I want to go into the city later in the evening. I'd like to meet Geoff there as well. He's one of my companions. In terms of attachment, we are the same. More than anything, we prepare for a short-term relationship. I don't believe in a happily ever after. I will always love you. Because I am well aware that fairy tales do not exist. And if my once-great love had never abandoned me, I might be a believer in happily ever after right now.

My parents abandoned me. I spent my childhood with my aunt. She raised me well and treated me as if I were her own child. My aunts did not fail to educate me on manners and everything else, but this is the result of my attitude. Is it necessary for me to force myself to change when I am like this? I don't care what other people think of me. Because they weren't there for me when I needed them the most. All that matters to me now is myself, even if I have hurt my aunt as a result of my attitude.

I'm 28 years old, but I act immaturely at times. Even though I finished my degree program, I don't want to look for work because it was a hassle for me with my happy-go-lucky personality. My aunts want me to marry so that I can stay in the family home.

We disagreed with her suggestion. I'm not interested in marriage, not even in my wildest dreams. In front of our house, my aunt has a small grocery store. And she wanted me to run the store, but I refused. I'm becoming bored in this small space. My favorite spot is the bar. I enjoy the lighting and music. I also enjoy watching the girls flirt with the boys.

Then I didn’t hear my aunt’s voice in the whole house.

I opened the door to my room slightly and looked around, but I didn't see my aunt. Perhaps she's in the store right now. I adore my aunt, but I can't help but give her a headache. So I decided to leave my room and go to the kitchen. My aunt's scolding habits made me hungry. She wouldn't stop until I went deaf. When I open the fridge to see what's inside, I take out the Tupperware of macaroni, grab a bowl, and set it on the table. When my phone beeped, I started eating. Geoff sent me a message saying he was waiting for me there.

That man is looking for something from me. He believes I should give in to him. Not at all! I'm exactly like this, but I want to keep my virginity. I enjoy a man's company, but I don't go beyond my boundaries. He later called me. I didn't pay attention to what he was saying to me.

"Gianna, where are you?" he asked over the phone.

"I'm at the house, Geoff," I stated.

"I texted you just now. You didn't get it? " he asked once more.

"I received it, but I have no plans to go out," I explained.

I didn't need his presence anymore after a few days, and I suspected something was wrong with his personality.

"You promised to go out with me, Gianna, and now you've changed your mind?"

Did I promise him anything? I can't recall anything. Maybe he's making up a story to entice me to accompany him. What did he think he was going to fool me with? One of my habits is to say, "I don't want him anymore." I already have a strange feeling about him. He wants to eat me whole when he looks at me. It's frightening when I haven't avoided him yet. When I'm finished eating, I wash my plates in the sink, put them in the cabinet, and return to my room.

I changed my clothes first and went outside to check on my aunt. I'll bring my cellphone. I go to the store when I'm already outside, only to discover that my aunt is sleeping on the sofa bed. I didn't wake her up from her peaceful slumber. I went outside after getting some candy. I noticed girls in the neighborhood giving me the death stare, as if I'd done something to make them angry. Because they are so unattractive, they are insecure people. I don't have any friends in this neighborhood because they keep talking behind my back as if they are perfect in their own right.

Because not all friends are genuine; some are phony; they are nice on the outside but jerks on the inside. If I'm bored, I'd like to take a walk around the neighborhood and smell some of the residents' plastic attitudes. Despite the fact that she had lived in this area for a long time, my aunt had no friends.

When I approached them while they were inside their house discussing other people's lives, they all burst out laughing as if they were making fun of me. My blood boils at their attitude, but I restrain myself from making a scene and slapped their faces because listening to some nonsense individual was a waste of time.

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