Her Mysterious Lover
By Prachi Singh
Date: May 3, 2022
Ch. 4Fainted

Falak’s POV
As usual, I woke up at the same time after studying and preparing breakfast. I returned to my room to get ready for school. I thought to leave for the school before anyone could catch me leaving, but it seemed like fate was not in my favor.
“Falak,” Screamed my mother the moment I opened the door of the house.
And there it began again.
“Yes..yes, mom”, I responded meekly, turning toward my mother. She was fuming in anger by looking at the breakfast.
“Come here, you ungrateful bitch!”, She yelled, and I walked toward her in a slow step. A part of me wanted to run away in the opposite direction, but then I also knew she would catch me.
The moment I reached in the area where her arms could easily touch me. She held my hair roughly.
“Aaahh,” I whimpered in pain.
“What have to cook for breakfast?”
“Exactly this cold Noodles, huh?”, She asked. “Why didn’t you keep the lid of the container close? Now because of your stupidity, it became cold.”
I wanted to say that I had kept the lid of the container closed, but I didn’t get a chance to say that. She pulled my hair so harshly that for a while, I thought all my hair would come out in pain. She pushed me on the floor and started hitting me on my stomach with her legs.
I cried and begged her to stop, but she didn’t show any mercy.
“Mom..please stop!” I cried because I was not able to handle the pain as she was hitting me at the same place where she had hit me before.
“Mom,” I heard Lance calling for his mother, and because of his arrival, she stopped hitting me.
I could never be grateful to Lance for coming at this moment.
“Why are you hitting her early in the morning? What did she do now?”, He asked in a plain tone, completely not caring about the fact that I was whimpering in pain.
“The noodles got cold because of her stupidity.”, She responded, hitting me one more time which her legs. “This bitch forgot to close the lid of the container.”
“Well, she had actually kept the lid of the container closed. It was me who forgot to close it after taking noodles from it.”, He said, and I mentally thanked the universe who sent Lance as my savior. “But it’s not that I’m feeling bad for hitting that bitch. So, go on, continue.”, He added, enjoying my misery.
“Enough now. We don’t want to kill her.”, And there my father entered the picture. “Darling, this morning dose is enough for her. Leave it.”, He said, kissing my mother’s cheek. “And Lance, you can enjoy your show later. Let’s go; you’re getting late for your school.”, He added, taking his beloved son with him.
While I wasn’t even in the condition to walk after the damages that mom had done to my body.
Once they left, Mom spoke, “Leave from my insight immediately if you don’t want to get a few more kicks from me.”
I knew she was serious with her words; that’s why I wanted to leave from there as soon as possible, but my body was not supporting me at all. I tried to lift my body but fell down on the floor in return. As I was not left with plenty of options, I started crawling toward my room.
I didn’t remember when did I lose my consciousness after managing to enter my room somehow.
When I woke up, it seemed like mid-day already. I felt a slight vibration in my leg. I realized that I had received a message on my phone because I had hidden my phone in my shoes.
After trying for a minute or a few, I managed to take out my phone from my shoes and opened eight messages from him.
‘Good Morning, Senorita.’
‘Waiting to see your beautiful face in the school.’
‘Are you late today?’
‘Our first lecture is about to begin. Are you not coming today?’
‘What happened? Why didn’t you come to school? Are you sick?’
‘God! Even I don’t want to attend school without you.’
‘Don’t worry! I didn’t miss any lectures. In fact, I almost made notes for you.’
‘I don’t know why but I’m feeling restless. Please tell me that you’re alright?’
I started sobbing, reading all his messages, especially the last one.
“I’m not alright.” I hit the send button after typing it.
“Please take me from here, or I will die.” I sent another message. I waited for a while for his message but didn’t get any. I pulled the phone close to my heart along with my legs and turned into a round protective ball size; I started crying bitterly for god knows how long, thinking about all the traumatic events.
I opened my eyes in fear when I heard the sound of the door!
Damn it! I still had my phone in my hand.
I forgot to hide it.
“Hey, baby girl.”, If I was afraid until now, then I started shivering after hearing this voice, my uncle, my mother’s brother. “Did my sister hit you a lot today?”, He asked, coming close to me.
“Let me apply balm all over your body.”, He said in a low tone, touching me with his disgusting hand.
I shook my head vigorously and slapped at his hand. And was about to scream when he placed his palm over my mouth.
“Don’t you know that Daddy hates bad baby girl, huh?”, He said, coming dangerously close to me.
“Mmmmm” I tried to call for my mother, but I couldn’t. He started touching me in an improper way. All I could do was cry and be scared of this monster.
“Oh, you have a phone now! I didn’t remember my sister mentioning anything about it!”, He said, taking the phone from his other hand. I tried to fight back but failed miserably. After all, I was just thirteen years old; that monster was no less than thirty years old.
“Now that you don’t want me to tell about your phone to my sister, then behave and let me do whatever I want to. No one will know a thing.” I felt something hard against my thigh. I was so frightened now that I couldn’t even tell the exact word. He forcefully kissed me.
And there he took my first kiss from me.
The thought that this monster was going to take all my first send shiver in my body.
I tried to kick him, but even the ache in my whole body was not letting me do that. On the top, his grip on me was too tight.
He unzipped his trousers, and the fear washed over my face.
He forcefully removed my pant. I had never felt this helpless in my life. I didn’t know after hitting thirteen; I would have to face even all these tortures from my own uncle.
I bit his palm by my teeth as hard as I could.
“You bitch”, He hissed, pulling his hand from my mouth.
“Mom, dad,” I screamed at the top of my lungs, but he grabbed my neck tightly.
“Do you really think that they are your parents? The person whom you consider as your father is actually your kidnapper, who kidnapped you when you were off just a few hours from your parents.”
A lot of tears escaped from the corner of my eyes after discovering this, and now things were a lot more clear to me. I now realized their rude or say cruel behavior toward me. That’s because I was never a part of the family.
I couldn’t breathe, I started fighting for air! I wanted to say that let me breathe! I didn’t want to die this soon; I wanted to meet my family. I wanted to feel the love of the family. Hot tears were escaping my eyes.
Immediately I heard the loud sound THUG of opening the door. As if someone forcefully entered the house.
Just a few seconds later, I heard the loud screaming of my mother, and the next thing I knew, the door of my room was wide-opened. A man pulled that monster away from me and shot him right in the head in front of me.
I tried to scream, but no voice came out of my mouth. Everything around me was too much to take, and I fainted.
I literally fainted instead of saving myself from my new enemy.

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