Cover Girls
By Anonymous Author
Date: April 30, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3

Lexi finally pulled herself away from him, still holding his hands. “How are you feeling? What are the doctors saying?”
“I am sorry Sweet-cheeks, but I have no idea who you are. I have memory loss of the past few years,” Jaxton said firmly, pulling his hand away from her, thinking, ‘She looks really young.’
“I am your wife,” Lexi smiled and attempted to take his hand again.
“My wife? No way. I would never have gotten married; especially with a young girl like you,” Jaxton chuckled.
“Lexi, you have to go. The doctors are doing final rounds for the evening,” the nurse urged.
“I will be back tomorrow,” Lexi said and tried to kiss him, but Jaxton turned his face away.
“Bring a lawyer,” Jaxton chuckled.
“Excuse me?” Lexi asked, shocked, but the nurse pulled her out of the room.
“Please, I don’t want to lose my job,” the nurse pleaded with Lexi.
Lexi checked the time and saw that it was eleven at night, and thought, ‘my father will be sleeping, I will have to wait until morning to call him.’
The next morning early, Lexi phoned her father to tell him that Jaxton woke up, and that he had no memory of her.
“Meet me at the hospital. I have all the signed statements from the guest that attended your wedding and it will stand in court. My darling, he fell in love with you once. Now he gets to do it all over again,” her father tried to make her feel better.
“I have an incoming call. See you at the hospital. I love you, daddy,” Lexi choked before answering the incoming call.
“Miss Winters?” Lexi heard the familiar voice of the Hall’s lawyer.
“It is Mrs Hall!” Lexi shouted over the phone, frustrated.
“The Halls would like a meeting at nine at the hospital,” the lawyer continued, ignoring her request to be called Mrs Hall.
“I am actually on my way to the hospital now,” Lexi spat.
“Even better. The sooner we get this over with, the better,” the lawyer said and hung up before Lexi could get in another word.
“Urg!” Lexi exclaimed, and made her way over to the hospital.
Lexi arrived at the hospital but instead of going to Jaxton’s room, she waited for her parents to arrive.
Lexi flung herself into their arms and started to cry, “he doesn’t remember me.”
“Oh, my darling. Maybe it will take a few days for his memory to come back.” Her mother took her hand and together they walked to Jaxton’s room, where his parents and their lawyer were already waiting.
“Good morning,” they all greeted stiffly, and Lexi fought every part of her being not to run over and throw herself into Jaxton’s arms.
The Halls’ lawyer handed Lexi a check.
“What is this?” Lexi frowned, looking at the zeroes.
“I seriously don’t know why we have to pay her off? You just told me we invested a chunk load of money into their family business. She is milking us,” Jaxton remarked.
“Excuse me? It was your idea that my husband leaves his job and goes into business with you!” Mrs Winters spat, not believing her ears.
“Maybe I was on drugs or something. Don’t get me wrong, you all seem like a nice family and you, you are like really hot, so I am sure you will find your next fool around the next corner in no time, but I am not your husband. We didn’t sign papers. Thank goodness for that,” Jaxton laughed in a half panicked state.
“Can we have a moment alone, please?” Lexi asked, looking around the room.
“Nothing you have to say will make me want to stay with you,” Jaxton remarked.
“You loved her! You sacrificed so much for her. Why don’t you just wait a few weeks to see if your memory comes back before you make a terrible mistake,” Mrs Winters pleaded for her daughter's sake.
“Who are you?” Lexi asked, tears running down her face wondering where the man is she fell in love with.
“Not your husband, that is one thing for sure,” Jaxton said firmly.
Lexi put out her hand with the check in, towards the laywer. “I don’t want your money.”
“Either you take the money and get the hell out of my life or we can take this to court and you will walk out with nothing,” Jaxton said angrily.
“I will walk away. You can keep your money,” Lexi said calmly and turned to the door.
“Pitty, we can't cut ties completely since we are in business together,” Mr Hall snorted.
“Pitty,” Lexi said softly, along with her tears flowing down her face.
“Honey, you can't give up on love!” her mother ran after her.
“This is not over!” Mr Winters said and darted for the door.
“If you want to keep this so-called new business of yours, this is very much over,” the lawyer warned.
Mr Winters thought for a moment and then realized that he does not want these people in his life. “You can take your money and shove it up your rear end. You can mail me the documents and take your money out of my business. I don’t need you.”
Mr Winters didn’t know how he is going to afford to run a business that is not even two years off the ground, but he knew he won't have these people’s money hanging over their heads.
‘I should have never agreed to go into business with him in the first place,’ Mr Winters scolded himself silently.
Lexi got a job in finance, but she had to finish an internship first and so had to find another way of income.
One day after work, she walked past a sign that was advertising a Modelling Agency looking for fresh faces and a week later, Lexi landed her first job as a model. Things escalated from there, and before Lexi knew it, she was booked back-to-back. Lexi used her money to help her parents with the jewellery business and it kept them barely afloat.

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