Cover Girls
By Anonymous Author
Date: April 30, 2022
Ch. 1Chapter 1

“And the award for New Face goes to Lexi Winters,” the Annual Fashion Award presenter announced with a crystal cut trophy in the shape of a woman with very long legs in his hands. The spotlight shining on him made the light reflect off the crystal trophy.
“Lexi Winters?” the presenter repeated himself.
“Lexi, that is you!” a supermodel that was sitting at the same dining table as Lexi shouted at her over the applauding of the crowd, but Lexi was far away, deep in thought.
It was only when the supermodel next to her touched her shoulder that Lexi snapped out of her thoughts, “huh?”
“Go up there!” the supermodel pointed towards the stage.
Lexi snapped her elegant face towards the stage, her hair curled in locks, cascading down her back. Lexi does not have natural curls, and she likes her straight hair, but her Modeling Agency insisted she has her hair done by a professional and has it curled for the awards tonight.
Lexi found her feet and tucked at her black sweet heart-mermaid-cut ball-gown dress that made it nearly impossible for her to walk in -another part of her life that was being controlled by her Modeling Agency.
Lexi finally made it to the podium and smiled as she accepted her award. She was about to walk away from the podium when the presenter stopped her, “this is where you say something.”
“Oh, right,” Lexi chuckled nervously, and the crowd laughed.
“I know there is a gigantic list of people and companies I am supposed to say thank you to but the truth is when my agent told me the names I didn’t pay attention because I didn’t expect this award. So, um, I guess thank you to everyone that has a part in my modeling career,” Lexi said nervously before walking off the stage.
The crowd was not sure if they should clap hands or not and you could hear a few awkward claps.
Lexi was about to sit down at her table of dinners again with her agent giving her a disapproving eye when she heard her name again.
“Cover girl of the year, Lexi Winters,” the presenter announced, and the crowd applauded.
Lexi turned and faced the stage again while taking a deep breath.
“Lexi,” Susan, her Modeling Agent called out to her with a piece of paper.
Lexi stretched over and took the piece of paper from her and looked at her, “oh, right, the list. Thank you.”
Lexi put her first award down on the table and walked back to the stage to receive the second award.
“Thank you,” she said and smiled with a little bit more confidence.
“I got the list,” she said with a nervous chuckle again that made everyone laugh.
After reading all the names of people and companies, she paused for a moment and then continued, “they are not on the list but I would like to thank my fellow models. All I know about modeling today is because of you guys. Everyone of you deserves one of these,” she said, holding the award up and that earned her a huge applaud.
Lexi knew all the models were backstabbing bitches and that every single one of them are out for themselves and would love nothing more than to see her fall flat on her face but when she thanked them she did mean it because it is from the other models that she learned how to be a strong again and hold her own.
“Nice speech,” the supermodel next to her said sarcastically when Lexi sat down at the table again.
“Thank you,” Lexi responded, pretending not to pick up on her sarcasm.
Lexi was relieved that there were no more awards for her for the rest of the evening, as she felt that she didn’t really deserve it.
“Good night ladies,” Lexi greeted and left the table without her awards.
“Where are you going? The night is only beginning. The press would want photos and so on,” Susan stopped Lexi from walking off.
“Can't I sit this one out? I am tired,” Lexi protested, but she was already too late to get away quietly as half a dozen reporters were already on her asking her a million questions that she does not hear as her head starts to spin.
“I need to sit down,” Lexi said and grabbed onto the nearest chair before crashing down on it just in time.
“Lexi, how does it feel to have two awards?” “Lexi, is it true that you are married?” “Lexi where is your family tonight?”
The questions kept on coming from all directions.
“Tonight you can take photos, but interviews will have to be scheduled,” Susan interrupted the reporters and stood next to Lexi, smiling sweetly while propping Lexi’s two awards into her hands.
One of the supermodels from the same agency gave Lexi a glass of champagne that she accepted gladly.
The night dragged on and on, and when Lexi was finally allowed to leave; she had to deal with the paparazzi.
While Lexi was trying to get away from the paparazzi waiting for one of the modeling agency’s cars to come around to take her home another car stopped, that looked just like the limos that her modeling agency used and when a young blond lady wined down the window Lexi didn’t think twice when the blond offered her a ride as she was desperate to get away from the paparazzi.
“Thank you,” Lexi said, out of breath inside of the limo.
“You are welcome,” the blond smiled sweetly, “I am Isabelle.” Isabelle introduced herself with an extended hand toward Lexi.
“Lexi,” Lexi smiled uncomfortably, but took her hand.
“I know. Newcomer of the year and Cover model of the year,” Isabelle smiled and wondered where her awards were.
Lexi gave her address as the driver pulled off and noticed the camera equipment next to Isabelle, “reporter or paparazzi?”
“Photographer,” Isabelle smiled.
“Sure,” Lexi said and regretted accepting the ride.
Lexi expected Isabelle to ask her questions but much to her surprise it was a silent ride back to the hotel where she was staying in Paris.

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