Stars 7
By Lusi Solona
Date: March 30, 2022
Ch. 3A Brilliant Idea


I threw myself on the bed. The school principal’s words echoed in my mind. She required me to join the school dance club. That fat old woman didn’t accept my refusal and asserted that my dad wanted me to do whatever the school instructed. The worst part was that the new teacher, Kara Corby would be our coach. The dance was something I always avoided. Having her as our coach even made it worse. What could a history teacher do with dance?

That clumsy girl I bumped into this morning tumbled through my head. How dared she criticized me and preached to me about manners? She was just a new teacher. I bet she just graduated from college with less experience in teaching.

I vowed to make her life in the school like hell. I had a perfect plan for her. To turn my plan into action, I needed to see Stars 7. In a short while, I got up and grasped a coat hanging in the closet carelessly, and put my sneakers on. In a minute, my feet had brought me downstairs. I encountered no one in the living room. My parents weren’t around. They were too busy with their business. I usually had only our assistant as a companion.

Grabbing the car key, I barged out of the house and walked toward one of the parked cars in the parking lot. Five cars lined up. My dad and mom had their driver who would always be ready anytime to drive and pick them up anywhere. I preferred to drive by myself so that I could be free to go wherever I wanted to. I ran impatiently toward the red sports car my dad bought me as my birthday present last month. I pushed the door up and slid into it and let the roof open. After pulling the door down, I ignited the key and the car took its leave.

The car swept the road. I was steering while listening to R & B, my favorite music. The beep of my phone distracts my focus from music. Turning the volume down, I reached for my handphone on the dashboard. It was a message from, Dan, telling me that he and the others had been waiting for me in our favorite club.

We had been making friends since elementary school even though our parents didn’t know each other. We went to the same school, hung out together, even chased the same girl sometimes, and had some arguments on small things. No matter how hard the obstacles we faced, our friendship would last forever. They were like brothers to me. Since childhood, I had never had anyone to share my life with except those six boys. My father spent more time in another city or even abroad, while my mother often stayed in the hospital all day long.

We had undergone and survived hard days. I still remembered how we pursued to save Reed from his kidnappers. As a politician, Reed’s father had many enemies. And mostly they were his political opponents. We were middle school students back then. We did not think of calling the police officers, 911, or trying to get help from the adults when we found out that Reed was kidnapped. Following Ken’s brilliant idea, the smartest among us, Reed was successfully rescued. Reed excitedly ran toward us and cuddled Ken. I could see the tears well up in his eyes at the time. He felt touched. I knew Reed’s life was even lonelier than ours.

That was an old story that strengthened our friendship more. We agreed to name our group Stars 7 meaning that we would always shine together. Our group got famous in school until this time.
We never made a fuss at school although I had to admit that we often missed the classes and got the lowest grade in any classes we took except for Ken and Terry. The school principal wanted us to join a dance club as a consequence of our bad academic record and character. What the hell was her true intention? It peeved me.

Unconsciously, my hands clutched the steering wheel tightly; my teeth gritted holding back my pique. In my whole life, I never danced. I would never do something that was mostly done by girls. No matter what, I had to thwart the school principal’s absurd idea.

After passing the last intersection, I finally arrived in front of the huge white building. The security guards welcomed me. One of them assisted me with the parking. I hurriedly walked toward the glass door.

“Welcome, dud!” Ken shouted from the counter of the bar followed by the others. He let the bartender pour the drink into his glass. I immediately accosted them and tapped their hands one by one, the habit we were used to doing. I took a seat beside Reed who was still silent while staring at his drink.

“What’s the news?” Terry asked from his seat. “Is it about dance?” he continued.

“That new teacher sucked. She dared to preach to me in front of other students.” I complained in annoyance. My friends laughed out loud, which made me even more pissed off. “Oh come on. Who feels thrilled with the program? Anyone?”

“Guess what? I successfully embarrassed that teacher today.” The others and I turned our heads to Dan Wilson who let out a chuckle.”

“But, how come?” Daren could not hold his curiosity.

“I threw a bubble gum, and she skidded. Trust me that was the best scenery ever.” We all drowned in laughter but Reed. “It’s not only that. I also deflated her car’s tires.” We all clapped our hands almost together except Reed. The people in the club set their eyes on us who could not stop laughing.

“I think you were too outrageous, Dan.” Reed suddenly interrupted. “She is our teacher, after all.”

“Oh come on, Reed. I know you are a good boy. I just wanted to teach her a lesson.” Dan defended himself.

“What you did can put her in danger!” Reed argued while shaking his glass without even glancing at Dan Wilson who sounded more emotional.

“If that happens, then we’ll be free of the school principal's absurd program.” Dan Wilson was still adamant to ensure that he did the right thing.

“How can you be sure? She’s going to assign another teacher. And you’ll do the same things to the new teacher. Is that what you want?”

“Come on. It is not something you should debate on.” Alan intervened in the conversation which almost led to debate.

“Reed, Dan. We have something important to discuss.” Ken was trying to reconcile.

“Reed, I just....” Dan did not continue his sentences, cut by Alan.

“Enough!” Alan could not hold his patience. “So, do you have any idea of how to deal with the issue?” His question unmistakably went to me since his eyes darted on me.

“Yeah.” I got up from my seat, waving my hand to them to come closer to me. It was a secret plan. They listened to my very low voice carefully. After that, our laughter exploded once again.

She had to be prepared for the hell we would create.

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