The Abduction of Her
By Nicole Marcina
Date: March 25, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter One

My jaw clenched as my hands curled into fists. The letter, now a crumpled ball, in my hands.

Whoever did this, whoever forcibly took Laura, would regret the very day they plotted against me.

“Your Highness,” one of the servants groaned.

His call pulled me out of my dark thoughts, making me rush towards him. As I arrived before him, he tried to sit properly but his body was too weak from all the beatings they received.

“Please,” his teeth gritted as he tried to speak through his groans. “Forgive me.”

“Forgive you? For what?” I asked. He attempted once more but stopped as the pain caught up with him. “Good sir,” I put my hand behind his back, the other by his arm. “You mustn’t try to stand. You’re badly wounded.”

“Your Highness, we tried to protect her,” he continued to struggle as he spoke. “But before we could get to her, we were surrounded by masked men.”

Masked men? This could only mean that Laura’s abduction was planned thoroughly. Whoever wanted to take Laura wanted to make sure that no tracks of any kind would be left behind.

“If you want to punish us, we will humbly accept it,” he added.

My eyes widened as I looked back at him. “Why would you think that I will punish you and your friend? You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“But Your Highness, the lady--”

“Nobody wanted this to happen, especially you,” I quickly blocked his protest. “And you said it yourself: you were surrounded, quickly overpowered by masked men. Unless you two were incredibly skilled or had a muscular build, two are easily overthrown by a group.”

He looked at me in disbelief for a moment. He then turned over, getting down on his knees and knelt, his hands outstretched to touch my feet. “Your Highness, we don’t deserve any amount of grace. Your heart is too kind, we don’t deserve it,” he cried. “I don’t know how I could ever repay your kindness but the least I could do is kiss your shoe.” As soon as he moved towards my feet, I stepped back and stopped him.

“Good sir, I understand that you’re grateful but there’s no need for such actions,” I said as I laid his back on the wall to keep it supported, “For you to say and give your thanks is enough.”

He raised his head in disbelief and bowed once more, sobbing onto the ground. His hand still touched my boot. “Thank you, young prince. We are forever in your debt.”

“Please, there’s no need for that,” I consoled him before the other servant ran over to us. He went into the same position. “Gentlemen, please.”

“Should you need our help in any manner, we’re at your beck and call,” the other servant added.

I turned to Lord Roland, asking for his assistance.

Meeting my gaze, he approached us. “Young ones,” he spoke as he walked towards us. “His Highness insists that you don’t owe him any favours.”

“But, master--” the other servant tried to reason, looking up to Lord Roland.

“Gentlemen, please,” Lord Roland politely replied.

They slowly sat up and composed themselves, wiping their tears dry with their sleeves.

I don’t have time for this. I must get to the bottom of Laura’s disappearance. I walked over to Lord Roland, “My lord, thank you for your assistance and for having kind-hearted men.” I continued, “However, they’re in such a fragile state. I shall send for the Medicine King once I return to the castle.” I opened my hand and out came a flower, bearing my seal in its middle. I handed it over to him, “Show this to him. He’ll know what to do.”

He nodded, carefully accepting the flower. “As you wish, Your Highness.”

I nodded and returned to the servants. “I will have someone attend to you. And you must follow whatever instructions he’ll tell you to do.”

They nodded in response.

I stood and looked at Lord Roland one last time. I then jumped onto Wonder and made my way to the bakery. Grandpa Ben must know about this.


Upon arriving, I settled Wonder by the window and rushed into the bakery. A few customers crossed my path as I entered, leaving with something in hand. I looked around and the bakery was filled to the point that I couldn't even move. The smell of freshly-baked bread and sweat greeted me, along with the mixture of different conversations.

I tipped my toe to get a better look of the bakery. Grandpa Ben was nowhere to be found. I moved to the side, trying to make my way through the crowd. Gently, I pushed myself closer to the counter.

“Grandpa Ben?” I called out in the hopes that he might hear me. “Grandpa Ben?!” I raised my voice along with my head. As I got closer to the counter, the harder it was to move. The people in line complained at me, telling me to wait my turn. My eyes landed on a small stool in the corner. I quickly stood on it and called out once more, “Grandpa Ben!”

Someone tugged on the hem of my shirt. I looked down and a worker finally approached me. “Is there something wrong, good sir?”

I stepped down and replied, “Is Grandpa Ben here? I need to speak with him.”

She looked around before returning to me. “Perhaps, he’s still in the marketplace. He went to get some ingredients.”

A frustrated sigh came out of me. I looked around again, making sure that my sight covered every space in the room.

“Is there a problem, sir?” she asked again.

My hand swept across my face, desperate. I was running out of time. I couldn’t afford to waste any second. I looked at her, “I must speak with him. It’s absolutely urgent.”

“I could give him your message if you want, good sir,” she smiled. “Just leave me your message and I’ll deliver it to him.”

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