Purchased A Werewolf
By Prachi Singh
Date: February 17, 2022
Ch. 55

Amber’s POV
Without my mate beside my side. I was feeling scared and nervous at the same time especially when Marcus opened the door for me and finally, I had to hop out of the car.
I looked around my surroundings and my eyes were glued to my new home It was beautiful. There were foundations and a big garden to the front. So beautiful, big, and clean that I already decided that this was going to be my favorite place and I would spend all my time here whenever I would be free. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I mean, his house was surrounded by greeneries unlike the houses in the city, surrounded by houses.
It was a white mansion that gave the illusion of a warm and peaceful home. I started following Marcus and then saw Lily standing near the door with her arms crossed against her chest.
“Hi fatso, what’re you doing here?”, Marcus commented when he saw her.
She looked like a model. I wondered why Marcus said Fatso to her.
“Just shut up, Marc. I’m in no mood to joke.”, She snapped, and then her eyes moved to mine. I gave a small smile to her but she didn’t return the same to me.
“Ms. Potter”, She called someone’s name and soon a lady in her late 50’s arrived there.
“Yes, darling.”
“Please escort Amber to the Brother’s room.”, Lily said, on which the eyes of that old lady widened.
“Is she…”
“Yes, She’s his bride.”
“OMG! She’s so pretty.”, Ms. Potter commented, making me blush. “Come with me, dear. I'll show you his room and will tell a lot of stories of your would-be husband, from childhood to this age.”, She added, getting excited.
I gave a polite smile to both Marcus and Lily before leaving from there.
‘Why were you so rude to her? You know that our brother is interested in her?’, I heard Marcus whispering in a serious tone.
‘I didn’t want to be rude to her but the fact that her presence will break our family is bothering me. And for your kind information, even I love Xander as much as you do. But there are a few things that I didn’t like about this girl.’
‘I know she’s too weak to be Xander’s match but no worries, we will have to bring her to his match.’
I knew that I wasn’t up to Alex's match and I had discussed the same with him so somewhere I knew that this topic would be raised by the others as well. I was glad to know that both of his siblings loved Alex a lot and were ready to accept me just for his sake.
“I am so glad that finally, Xander found someone for whom he really felt something..”, Ms. Potter said on the way to our room.
“I didn’t get you. What do you mean by that?”, I asked softly.
“Oh! Yes, you won’t be knowing this darling. But Xander never felt anything for any girl or woman. We were really very worried about him. At first, we thought he was gay and tried to hook him up with boys but then he revealed his this secret.”, She added with a smile. I couldn’t help but wonder about Alex's expression when everyone would have tried to hook him up with boys.
It’s hilarious.
“For how long you have been serving here, Miss Potter?”
“32 years.”, She replied. “I was a young girl just like you when I started working here.”
“You gave your whole life here. I’m sure you will be the oldest.”
“You caught that right, darling.”, She said and finally stopped in front of a room. She opened the door and we walked into a king-sized manly room. “This is your room until your new room gets ready. ”, She added to which I nodded my head.
“Now I would like to take leave. I have to prepare a lot of things for lunch.”
I looked around the room and saw Alex’s most of the accessories were made up of silver.
‘Don’t tell me he’s fond of silvers because silver is dangerous for us.’, I thought and made a mental note to stay away from all those things which were made up of silver.
‘In that case, how are you going to open the door of the room or washroom? Because the knob of the door was made up of silver.’, My wolf mocked me.
Now I was sure that Alex was fond of silver and his fondness toward the silver might end up killing me.
After a few hours, I heard a knock on the door.
“Please come in.”, I thought it would be Ms. Potter who would have come here to call me for lunch but to my surprise it was Lily.
“I hope I didn’t disturb you.”
“No, not at all.”
“Perfect then. Here are the few dresses which I have bought for you as you need them.”, She said and dropped all the clothes on the bed from the bag recklessly. I looked at those clothes and then at Lily, wondering why she had brought these clothes for me?
“Don’t give me that look, Okay!”, She said in an irritating tone. “I’m already mad at you for stealing my brother’s heart just by showing your pretty and innocent face. But guess what, it won’t work on me.”, She added.
I gulped nervously thinking she was here to bully me just like Samantha.
“Whatever I am going to share with you is confidential so dare you to speak your big mouth in front of others. We live in a world where not just humans but Vampires, werewolves, witches, and many more creatures stay.”, My palms started getting sweaty when I heard her. “I know it is hard to believe but you will get to know about them soon. Especially after getting married to Xander because after Dad, he will be the leader of Hunter’s Clan.”
It took me a while to realize what she just said.
“We are hunters. We kill those monsters out there who don't have any right to live. In some of the cases, we even gave them to our scientists who do research on them.”
Moon Goddess got to kidding me!
The moment I had started thinking that my life would be better now, just then she dropped a bucket of cold ice on me.
“I don’t want Xander’s bride to be a weak and easy target for any werewolves or Vampires. And the fact that he already started liking you is not great because if anything happens to you then it will affect him and I don’t want that to happen. So, I’m going to train you.”, She said, throwing workout outfits on my face.
“Xander knows nothing about it so dare you to share the things with him. It won’t be good for you after all we will have to stay in the same house.”, She threatened, widening my eyes. Before she could have shared anything else, the phone started ringing.
I thought it was her until she threw an iPhone box toward me.
“Xander’s calling you. Answer him and Shhhh…”, She signaled to zip my mouth.
I nodded meekly.
Call me a coward, but I really didn’t want to mess with My mate’s sister when I already knew the result.

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