Purchased A Werewolf
By Prachi Singh
Date: February 17, 2022
Ch. 44

Amber’s PoV
I couldn't help but stare at the handsome face of my mate which I couldn’t do when I saw him at Knight’s house. His black eyes matched the color of his hair, his sharp jawline and pink lips made him look like some model of Vogue magazine. My gaze daringly traveled below his face; it was his body that finally made me blush.
He had the broadest shoulder I had ever seen, his torso I could tell even though his shirt was ripping with muscles and well-toned. I focused on his clothing. He was wearing an expensive-looking gray suit, a huge gold Rolex. Everything about his outfit screamed money and power, unlike the way I was dressed.
“Done checking me out?”, I heard his voice and I quickly lowered my head in embarrassment. I felt like a teenager who got caught while staring at her crush.
But I was shocked when he pulled my cheeks out of nowhere.
“Sorry! I couldn’t control my urge to pull your cheeks after seeing your blush.”, He said, leaving my cheek.
“Your order, Sir.”, The waiter came there with our order.
We dined silently in that restaurant. I had no idea when I had had so much tasty food last time. At the same time, I could feel him stealing glances at me from time to time. While I had my head down as usual.
“Don’t you have anything to ask or talk to me about?”, I heard his impatient voice. I lifted my head to look at him. I thought for a while and finally asked the most important question which I should have known if I was getting married to him.
I nodded my head and asked softly. “What’s your name?”
By judging his expression, it looked like he didn’t expect this question from me but soon he composed himself and chuckled. “Alexander, Alexander Stone”
“Okay! And what do you do Mr. Stone?”
“It’s Alexander for you.”, He corrected me, and my heart melted at his behavior. “And I won’t lie to you, Amber. Our family deals in both black and white businesses. We majorly deal in manufacturing guns, rifles, etc and import and export of it. But at the same time, this business doesn’t go as smoothly as expected so we handle a few deals which could be called illegal.”, He answered truthfully.
“Okay. And why were you planning to take Samantha to settle your debt? I mean, where were you planning to give her the same punishment that you just gave me?”
“Absolutely not!”, He immediately answered in so much disgust that even I could taste the bitterness of his tone. “James had taken a loan from us and wasn’t returning back. That’s why dad ordered him to sell his daughter in return for that money. And trust me, both I and my family were planning to make her life a living hell.”, He added. “But never mind, we will find another way to deal with him.”
“Why don’t you want me to treat me in the same way in which you were planning to treat Samantha?”
“Because you’re already the victim of James’s torture.”
“So, you are pitying me?”
“What? Fuck no!”, He said quickly. “Damnit! How should I frame this?”, He muttered in frustration and then looked directly into my eyes. “I don’t know whether you feel the same or not. But the moment my eyes landed on you, my heart told me that you are the one. And I decided to make you mine, no matter what it takes!”, He added.
I knew this was the mate bond that was speaking but I was not sure whether his feelings for me would be the same when he would find my real identity?
I didn’t have any answer to this question.
‘I will share about my real identity when we get comfortable with each other.’
“Okay, now! Tell me about yourself.”, He asked.
“My name’s Amber Lightwood. My parents died when I was two, in a road accident. Since then I have stayed with Knight’s family and spent all my life doing household work.”, I answered, feeling ashamed of my lifestyle.
“So what’re your hobbies?”
“Cleaning the house and Cooking.”, I answered truthfully and kept looking in his eyes to see any kind of disgust or anything but NOTHING, I didn’t see anything like that. “Do…do you still want to marry me?”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean, I am not up to your standard. I would like you to rethink your decision about marrying me because I have spent all my life in Knight’s house. I haven’t interacted much and have very low self-esteem.”, I explained. “Also, I will have a hard time adapting to your ways of living.”
“Do you think that I wouldn’t have considered all these things?”. He asked and raised his eyebrow. “Well, I already have thought about all these things when I thought of choosing you as my bride and I came to a conclusion that you may not be perfect but you’re perfect for me. And talking about your low self-esteem and confidence, I will be there for you at every step as you learn to love yourself and be confident enough to handle everything on your own.”, He said calmly trying to make his point clear.
“Is everything clear to you, now?”, He asked, wiping away some cream from the corner of my lips and then kissing my hand. I nodded my head, feeling shy all of the sudden.
“Perfect then.”
I was about to say something when his phone started to ring. He was smiling until he looked at his phone’s screen. At first, his expression turned into a tense one, and then he answered the call.
‘Boss, your father met with an accident. It seemed like they had planted a trap.’, I heard a sound of a man from the other side of the call. I observed that the expression on Alex's face turned into a serious one. Thanks to my werewolf’s hearing power because of which I could hear their conversation.
“Damn it!! I’m coming there but I need someone to pick my bride up”, He said to which I wondered with whom he was talking?
‘I will ask Marcus to do that.’
“Yes, make it fast!”, I didn’t ask anything about the phone call, I just watched his expression after he disconnected the call. He put his phone down, back to his pocket with a frown.
We sat there in awkward silence. He didn’t talk to me after that and I didn’t push him. The waiter brought ice cream at the end. I silently started to eat, and at the same time, I felt his eyes on me the whole time.
He wanted silence and I gave him that.
He didn’t tell me about his father’s accident so I couldn’t act like I already knew about it.
“You have a big appetite for a 5-foot girl.”, He suddenly made a conversation and I saw an amused expression on his face.
“I am not 5 foot but more than that.”, I answered back.
He grinned but that happiness didn’t reach his eyes. “I will have to leave this country immediately, for some time.”
I nodded my head in an understanding way. I could say that I was surprising him by not asking any questions. If he wouldn’t tell me then I wouldn’t ask him.
After breakfast, we walked out of the restaurant and found a few black cars with a few guards in black suits. I had no idea of the cars but they looked fancy and costly. “Marcus is in that car.”, He said and pointed to one of the cars.”
I didn’t want to leave his side and it seemed like he sensed it.
“What happened?, Amber”
“You will come back safely, right?”, I couldn’t help but ask.
“I will be back soon. I promise.”, He said and leaned down to plant a kiss on my forehead. I smiled weakly and started walking toward the car he had pointed with a heavy heart.
I felt his gaze from behind but I just continued to walk without turning back. I hopped into the black car and saw Marcus, sitting on the front seat beside the driver.
I saw from the car’s window that Alex took one of the cars and left immediately.
“I don’t know about Lily but I am accepting you as my sister-in-law.”, I heard Marcus’s voice and turned my gaze toward him. “Hi, Amber. I’m Marcus.”
“Hello, Marcus”
“Thank you for not asking questions with Bro and making things easier for him.”, He said and gave me a genuine smile.
“How can you be so sure that I didn’t ask anything?”
“I can read his mood and feel like an open book.”, I just nodded and returned his smile before I turned my head back to the window again.
I couldn’t believe that I already started missing him.

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