Purchased A Werewolf
By Prachi Singh
Date: February 17, 2022
Ch. 33

Alexander’s POV
She looked beautiful even though her mind was somewhere else. I intentionally cleared my throat to get her attention and the moment our eyes met.
I couldn’t breathe.
My heart started pounding loudly.
But I still maintained a poker expression because I was taught by my father not to show any emotions in front of people whom you don’t trust and I really didn’t trust the Vulture surrounded near me.
“She’s my darling, my princess, Amber.”, James’s voice brought me back to reality and it made Amber look away immediately. It took me a while to realize that Amber didn’t resemble James or his wife while the other girl behind Amber did.
Even though I had caught their lies, my heart wanted to take Amber with us instead of the girl who was standing behind her. I also knew that the outcomes of my decision wouldn’t be great. But at that time, I didn’t give a damn about it.
“Then say goodbye to your princess!”, I played along with James’ Drama. “Then say goodbye to your princess!”, I signaled Marcus to pick the gun from the table and he did that work excellently without getting caught by Amber.
But the whole time, he had a stupid smirk on his lips. “Okay, Bro. Have fun”, He commented, while at the same time, Lily didn’t seem happy with my decision but she didn’t say a word against it. By observing her expression, I could tell that we are going to have a long discussion over it once we are home.
“Come with me, Amber.”, Saying this, I held her wrist and a wave of spark ran all over my body.
Bloody Hell!!!
What the fuck was that?
First, I never felt attracted to any girl in my whole life just by looking at her and second, I never felt this tingling feeling after touching someone. This girl was really something. While I was thinking all this, I kept my expression blank.
I didn't create any drama over there and when I was far away from their house, I wanted my would-be wife to know that I already knew her truth!!
“Did those Knights really think that I won’t be able to find out that they have sent their maid with me instead of their daughter?”, I said and planned to give them the worst punishment for fooling us. “And I can’t believe that you are even included in their plan?”, I added, feeling angry and disappointed with Amber. “Now, you’re going to receive all the punishment that their daughter was going to receive.”
I really couldn’t believe that she was also cunning behind her innocent face. Talking about her innocent face, I recalled her beautiful baby blue eyes, framed by thick dark lashes. Her lips were red because of the lipstick she had used. I couldn’t help but wonder about the actual color of her lips.
For god knows what reason, I felt a strange connection to her, and I couldn’t bring myself to punish her.
I looked at her, to check what she was doing and found her crying. My heart ached to see her cry.
“I hate crying babies.”, I said, wiping her tears.
I couldn’t handle seeing her tears and there I was thinking of punishment, like REALLY?
I took her to a restaurant for breakfast because I was sure that she wouldn’t have eaten anything until now and observing her figure, I made sure to feed her all the time until she put on some weight. She followed me like a lost puppy in the restaurant. I ordered food for both of us.
“I don’t know what I should do with you.”, I said to initiate the conversation “My siblings are already mad that I brought you with me even after knowing that you’re not Knight’s daughter and soon Dad will find out about it as well.”, I added
I couldn’t imagine Dad’s anger when he would find out the truth.
I was grateful that this morning he left for another country for some work but the day when he would return would definitely be the worst day of my life because, for the first time, I had disobeyed his order. But then I remembered that I hadn’t heard her voice until now.
“Are you mute?”, I asked, raising my brow. She shook her head instead of speaking. “Then care to explain why to act like their daughter?”, I asked another question that had troubled me for a long time.
“Th..they threatened me..”, She whispered meekly. I stared at her for a brief moment. I felt sorry for her, looking at me with fearful eyes. She seemed so sweet and innocent and didn’t deserve to be treated like that, I felt so bad to her that I promised to teach a lesson to Knight for doing this to her. “What…what is the punishment you’re going to give me? Will you kill me or will you do something worse than that?”, She asked in a low tone.
I wish I could say to her that I could never hurt her. I knew for her better life, I should let her go because dad would surely kill her after all she was no use to him. But an unusual and sudden protective instinct washed over me and I swore to keep her safe at any cost even if meant going against my father. “What if I say that your punishment is to love me?”
Immediately the size of her eyes increased. It seemed like she wasn’t expecting this answer from me. “I…I..
“Don’t worry. I will give you enormous time to know me and my way of living.”, I added to ease her nervousness. She gave a small smile and I smiled back at her. My heart thumped against my chest, seeing her smiling.

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