By Aisha Tarannum
Date: February 20, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter Three

Kyle's friends were holding Lucas as Serena got angry and said "leave him kyle!!"

Kyle chuckled and pushed Serena on the ground making her groan in pain as she whimpered because of the rough push.

Lucas gasped "serena!! Kyle you fucker!!" Lucas finished his sentence as he pushed the guys who were holding him and throwed a fist to kyle.

Kyle smirked as a mecha held Lucas's fist and twisted it in no time as Lucas screamed in pain "aaaahhhh!!!!"

Serena gasped as she got up and tried to stop the mecha while other students were laughing and making video.

"Stop!! Kyle, stop your mecha!! Please!" Serena said as Kyle motioned his mecha to stop as his mecha throwed Lucas on a chair.

Lucas started to groan in pain as he felt like his wrist was broken now, serena ran to Lucas and looked at him with worry "lucas, l-Lucas let's go to infirmary now it'll be fine"

Lucas nodded as he got up and serena held his arm putting it around her neck so she can help him walk, kyle smirked as he said "it was just trailer, if you dare say anything about me gain I'll make sure my mecha will break your bones"

Serena looked away as she took Lucas to the infirmary.


The nurse mecha was treating Lucas while Serena was standing there with her worried eyes as she apologised 8th times now "Lucas I'm sorry, because of me you got beaten up by Kyle's mecha…"

Lucas smiled as his wrist was getting treated and looked at Serena "I already told you, it's all right Serena it's the 8th time you are apologising" he finished his sentence with a chuckle making Serena pout.

"Oh shut up, I'm just being nice" Serena said as she gave a playful hit to Lucas who laughed softly as he got up because his hand was already treated.


School ended after 1 hour after the treatment, Lucas had left for his home after they both exchanged numbers, now Serena was walking to her mom as she was happy that she could make at least a new friend.

Serena walked inside her house as she put her bag on the couch "mom! I'm home!"

There was silence in the whole house that made Serena confused as she took her jacket off and hung it on hook.

"Mama! I'm back where are you!?" Serena again called for her mother as she still didn't get any reply, she went upstairs to check if her mom was there.

She opened her room and her eyes got wide as she saw a mess in her room "who did this!?"

She went to check the bathroom as she didn't have any clue of her mother, which made her start to worry as she rushed downstairs.

She went to check her mothers room her mother's room was a mess also, she couldn't help but start to get even worried because her mom would always stay at home waiting for her, because her mother used to work from home so she didn't go out much because of her health issues and the people who had dept on us, when her dad was alive he took so much money from different people and left her and her mother alone with the debt when he died.

Serena saw some blood droplets on the white floor as she crouched down and touched the blood and her eyes followed the blood drops that stopped on the basement door.

Serena was inside so scared but anyway she walked to the basement and opened the door as a weird smell hit her nose, she walked inside the basement as it was so dark in there.

"Mum! Are you here?!" Serena once again called out for her mother but all she got was pin drop silence.

She walked deeper into the basement as she stumbled into something that made a loud noise as she flinched and cursed under her breath "shit.."

She tried to find the switches to turn on the light as she put her hand on the wall trying to figure out where the switch was, after searching for some minutes she found a switch and turned it on.

The lights turned on as Serena turned around and saw the most horrible scene ever...her mother laying in a pool of blood with a knife inside her waist as many Stabs Mark's were on her arm, legs, neck and her throat was slit which showed the flesh inside.

"MOM!!!" Serena screamed as she rushed to her mother and crouched down as she started crying seeing her mother like this.

"Wake up mom!!! Please p-please!" Serena shaked her mother, but she didn't get any reply from her mother because her mom was dead.

Serena cried hard as she clutched her mother's lifeless hands tightly and broke down once again "y-you can't leave me like this mom…"

Serena loved her mother so much, it was the only person after her father's death who was standing with her, serena's mother was a really kind and loving woman but every time her mother would leave the house the people who had debt on us would threaten her saying they will burn their home, kill her daughter etc.

Serena knew she can't do anything now, she was miserable thinking she couldn't even bid her goodbyes properly as she just hugged her mother's pale and lifeless body not caring about the blood.

She wished she could take time back so she could save her mom from whoever it was who killed her mother this brutally.

But sadly this cannot happen as all she could think was "I will make sure I find your murderer mom...I will do anything to make you have justice…".

But sadly this cannot happen as all she could think was "I will make sure I find your murderer mom...I will do anything to make you have justice…".


Serena called the police after some time as she was so depressed Inside seeing her mother's dead body, as police did the inspection of the whole house and found some traces, such as a blooded knife, fingerprints on the knife.

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