By Aisha Tarannum
Date: February 12, 2022
Ch. 2Chapter Two

"You can go sit beside...Kyle, kyle raise your hand please" the teacher said as the brunette gulped a lump down her throat when her eyes landed on the boy who had a smug face.

Kyle raised his hand as the brunette hesitantly walked to him and sat beside him.

The brunette took out her 5th gen book, (a book that has all Syllabus and answers for the class the brunette was)placed it on the table Then went to take the mechanic pen out but kayle On purpose Throwed her book on the ground.

The whole class looked at the brunette as the brunette looked at Kyle and saw him smirking, then she sighed and picked up her book.

"It's alright let's get back to class" the teacher said As the lights got turned off and the projector switched on and the teacher started teaching the class.

The brunette was writing down notes using her mechanic pen but kayle wasn't letting her be in peace.

"How can a low class like you sit beside a high class like me?" Kyle said with disgust filled in his tone as he pushed off the brunette as her hand got tangled in the projector's wire as she fell with the projector making the class stop.

"Ms lloyd! Why are you making a ruckus here!?" The teacher got angry.

"I-I'm sorry Mam but it was Kyle who pushed me!" The brunette said as she looked at Kyle who still had a small smirk on his lips.

"Stop blaming others ms lloyd! I'm leaving you this time because you are new here now, get up and get seated!" The teacher grumbled angrily and the other class were giggling and whispering things about her.

The brunette got up as she just sat on the last desk that was empty After putting the projector in its place as the teacher started teaching again.

Kayle looked back as he said with a smug smile "You're gonna regret coming her commoner"

The brunette didn't say anything as she looked down at her book and all she could think was "oh god this semester is going to be long…"


The class ended as The student's were walking to the canteen some Were still in class due to detention.

The brunette was walking in the hallway with her bag sliding on her left shoulder With her earphones on, but she stopped when she felt a hand on her Shoulder.

The brunette turned around to see a boy standing. He had jet black hair as his features were Sharp making him look more attractive. He had a mole under his lip Where his brown eyes looked so innocent.

"Hello! I'm Lucas Noah, from the 1st year technology department. I saw you walking alone so I assume you are new here? Because I've never seen you in the school" the boy named Lucas said with a cheerful tone.

"Hello! I'm Lucas Noah, from the 1st year technology department. I saw you walking alone so I assume you are new here? Because I've never seen you in the school" the boy named Lucas said with a cheerful tone….


The brunette smiled as she introduced herself too "I'm serena lloyd, 1st year technology department, I just came here its nice meeting you Lucas"

Lucas smiled as he offered "Do you want to go to the canteen together??"

The brunette nodded "sure!" As they both went to canteen and got inside when the mechanical gate opened by itself

The brunette sat down on the chair and Lucas sat in front of her as Lucas said "what do you want to eat? My treat since you're new here"

The brunette shook her head before saying "no Lucas you don't have to spend your money!"

Lucas pouted as he sighed and nodded "fine! But tomorrow I'll treat you!"

The brunette chuckled and nodded before they both called the Mecha who came to them in no time and asked in robotic voice "what would you like to order?"

The brunette ordered herself a burger with some fries and a cola can, and Lucas ordered pancakes with bacon and water.

"You're food will be here in a bit" the mecha said before he went back to tell the orders to chef robots.

"So tell me about yourself a bit Serena," Lucas asked as he looked at her.

The brunette looked at him as she said "there is nothing interesting about me...I'm a commoner, I live with my mom at 127 street."

Lucas nodded and said "127 street? My house is 2 streets away from there I live alone"

"Where are your parents then??" The brunette asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"They don't live with me.. they are not in this world anymore" Lucas said with a small smile

The brunette felt guilty to ask something like that as she said in an apologetic tone "I'm sorry for your parents Lucas, I didn't knew"

Lucas smiled before speaking "it's alright serena, you don't have to apologise"

The brunette nodded as the mecha came and placed their orders on the table and left as the both of them started eating.

They both were eating while talking about their lives, but then the brunette heard some whispers as she looked back and saw kyle.

"Gosh kyle is so handsome" the girls were whispering things like this as the brunette just rolled her eyes and continued eating.

Lucas noticed the annoyance on the brunette's face as he asked "you don't like kyle do you?"

The brunette scoffed before saying "who would like a pig like him?? He thinks he's rich so he can do whatever he wants...what a douchebag"

Lucas chuckled as he saw kyle coming towards the brunette and said with a low tone "serena, he is coming"

The brunette looked back as a soft yelp escaped her mouth when Kyle grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked it back "what did you call me huh? A douchebag??"

Lucas's eyes got wide as he grumbled angrily "kyle leave serena, and just go away"

Kyle chuckled as he looked at his friend and motioned him to shut lucas up and looked back at serena "I'll teach you a lesson you disgusting commoner"

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