By Theea Writes
Date: January 15, 2022
Ch. 5Chapter 5

Kyrah's POV

Last night was amazing, I never thought sleeping over at a guy's place would be this fun. We watched a couple of movies and played monopoly. Scott is quite good at that game, and I have to agree, he is very welcoming.

He made dinner. I couldn't believe it. That guy can cook like a chef. The chicken was well marinated and tasted so good and the rice was spectacular. I kept on licking my lips after every bite.

Scott slept on the couch, allowing me to sleep on his bed. It's very comfy compared to my bed back at the hostels because I've woken up feeling like a princess.

I look around the room and take in every detail on the walls. His closet is open, he must have been here before I woke up and I am hoping he didn't catch me sleeping in my crankiest position looking like a drooling Llama.

Torn between getting out of bed and staying in bed, I hear the front door close.

Did he just leave?

My thoughts are answered when I hear footsteps. I quickly jump out of bed and run to open the door. Scott is standing there with his hand in front of him, a sign that he was about to knock. He lifts his brows when he sees my purple pajamas.

"You look... Nice, in those cute socks by the way, they look comfy," he compliments.

My socks are white with pink bunnies imprinted on them. I love them because they keep my feet warm all the time.

"Yeah, they really are. Did you just walk in?" I ask him and he nods.

"I was out for a jog. I came in while you were asleep to get my jogging pants. You sleep like a dead person," he teases.

"No way," I laugh, "You should see Maeve, just the other day Roxy had to pour water on her after pushing her effortlessly,"

Scott laughs.

"How was your night?" he questions.

"It was more than great. Your bed is comfortable. How did you sleep at night?"

"Uhm... The couch isn't that good to sleep on so I took some pillows and slept on the carpet with an extra blanket of course," he shrugs.

I gasp.

"You did not!"
"I did, it's way better than sleeping on that couch. It makes my neck stiff," he complains while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sorry," I mumble as I stare at my feet.

"Don't apologize, I am the one who asked you to sleep over. Hey, I got you breakfast," he points to the coffee table and two coffees and doughnuts are there.

"Where do you get these from? I loved them last time," I refer to the doughnuts.

"I'll show you. It's somehow far from here but with a car you can get there in ten minutes. Enjoy your breakfast, let me hit the shower. Make yourself comfortable," he says and heads to the bedroom.

I sit down on the couch and switch on the Tv. I might as well have a good time since today is my free day.

Suddenly I remember Blake. I didn't reply his text yesterday. I look around and spot my phone lying at the other end of the couch. I switch it on and three texts pop up.

Two from Blake and one from my mum.

*Hey sweetie, it's almost a week now and I miss you. Call momma soon. I love you*

That's from my mum.

*I tried calling you but your phone is off. Text back*

That one's from Blake. It was sent at 11pm.

I open the next one, while sipping some coffee and taking a huge bite of my doughnut.

*Good morning pretty. I still can't reach you. I hope you remember the party tonight. I will be waiting for you*

Honestly, I had totally forgotten about it.

I quickly compose a text back letting him know that I will avail myself. Immediately I press send, his name pops up on the screen and my phone starts buzzing.

"Hello," I say, pressing the phone into my ear.

"Kyrah, your phone was off, are you okay?" he asks with emotion.

"I'm fine, thanks for you concern," I respond.

"I bumped into your friend Roxy a few minutes ago, she told me you're at your mom's," he says and my brows shoot upwards.

God bless you Roxy.

"Yap! I had to check up on her. She missed me. You know how mothers can be," I lie.

"That's nice of you. Well, I gotta go, I'll see you at the party. Let me text you the location," he stated and I nod forgetting that he can not see me.

"Okay, cool," I sigh when he hangs up.

"Who was that?" Scott asks

His voice makes me jump from the couch, spilling some of the hot coffee on myself.

"My bad, I am so sorry about that," he apologizes and runs into his room and comes back with a grey sweat shirt.

"Here, you can change into this,"

I go into the bedroom and take off my pajamas. I wear my navy blue sweat pants from yesterday and his sweat shirt. It looks too huge on me but I love it.

"It looks good on you," he grins.

I smile and he continues.

"Sorry about that," he says.

"It's okay," I sigh. "It was uhmm... Blake. He called asking if we'll go to the party," I inform him and he cocks his head to the side.

"If you... will go," he calls me out.

"Same thing. I can't go anywhere without you guys. If you're not going, then I'll just stay," I reply quickly.

"Don't be like that. Go and have fun Kyrah," he begs.

I give him a suspicious look and I scowl at him.

"Aren't you going?"

"No, I am not that into partying, it has never been my thing," he says while shaking his head.

"Same here. We could all go, please?"

"I'm sorry but I can't. Ask the rest of the guys if they'll be there, maybe?"

I rub my eyes and grab my phone and text everyone in the group. Tyler and Jim assure me that they will turn up. Maeve says she has somewhere to go. That sort of excuse won't work for me since I know what she's up to. Roxy isn't online so I dial her number.

"Kyrah," she says after the second ring.

"Hey, are you still coming to the party tonight?"

"Yeah, as long as you are. Will Scott be there?" she asks.

"No, Maeve too. Speaking of Maeve, I have a pretty interesting story to tell yah," I giggle.

"Oh really? I can't wait. Text me the address and I'll meet you there," she says.

"Uhm... I actually don't want to arrive alone, maybe we could meet at the hostel and leave together?"

"Alright then," she says.

"I'll be there after a couple of hours," I state.

I hang up and sigh. I still have no idea what I will wear. I might as well just leave now.

"Hey Scott, I think I'll leave earlier than I thought."

"Why?" he questions.

I scratch my head.

"My outfit for tonight, I really have no clue on what to wear and you know us women take forever in making such decisions."

"Oh, okay. Can I drive you?"

"No thanks, I'll just walk. I'll bring your sweatshirt back soon," I say as I close the door.


Outside my hostel, Roxy is standing there. She looks thoughtful.

"Are you okay?" I ask.
"Mhmm," she replies.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"I am mentally disturbed," she gags.

"What's wrong?"

"I think now I know what you wanted to tell me about Maeve. You know how I always walk in your room without knocking? I found her plastered to the wall by some tattooed guy who was seriously groping her badonkadonk. She was screaming so weirdly and the guy seemed to be leaving saliva all over her neck and face..."

"Whoa! Someone got too wild when I left," I snort.

"I am going to vomit right now," she gags again.

"Are they still in there?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Yeah. Please don't open that door. Or atleast make a point of knocking first," she groans.

I laugh and move to the door and knock gently. Maeve opens the door, trying to adjust her skirt and patting her hair at the top. I clear my throat noisily.

"I... Was hoping I could get in,"

"Sure, he was just leaving," she says without looking at me. The tall human walks past me, after planting a kiss on Maeve's forehead and Roxy looks like she could vomit any minute.

"I'll see you around my gummy bear," his husky voice sends Roxy to the floor. Laughing. The guy sounds Scottish.

"Gummy bear? Are you kidding me? So now people have nicknames already. Hah! Gummy bear. I can't even imagine," Roxy says while going inside the room and I follow suit.

"When were you planning on telling us?" I ask and Maeve purses her lips.

"Sorry guys, I was planning to but since both of you caught me..."

"Luckily we didn't get you pants down. Things were about to turn into a rodeo ride in here. Something like the famous Fifty Shades of Grey," Roxy says and I chuckle.

"Come on, Roxy. It wasn't like that," she tries to explain herself.

"The guy was all over you like a zombie eating your freaking brains out. Better yet, like Dracula, sucking blood from your neck. Blah! Blah! Blah! I need blood," Roxy teases.

I laugh at Roxy's imitation of dracula.
"Stop it right now, she has some explaining to do later and we have a party to go to. Help me look for an outfit," I say, changing the topic.

"Okay," Maeve smiles.

I open my closet and after an hour of trying out different dresses and shoes, nothing has come to my liking.

"This is pointless. Dressing up sucks, all this for one night Kyrah, really?" Roxy whines.

"What are you gonna wear?" Maeve tilts her head to the side.

"The usual duh! All black for today, plus boots,"

"Urgh! You guys are not helping me," I say, tossing a long dress that Roxy handed me seconds ago, to the bed.

"I have an idea," Maeve moves to her closet and comes out with a black short dress with thin straps.

"This should do," she says while looking at the dress.

"I can't fit in that!" I complain.

"Well, you're more curvier than I am, that's why I don't wear this particular dress, there's simply nothing to hold it in place. If you know what I mean," she shrugs.

"Hahaha very funny. Let me try it on then," I say then I pick the dress from her.

The dress turns out to be very nice, not too short, but it's tightly stuck onto my body in a way that I am not used to. But I will get used to it. When I walk out of the closet their eyes shine in surprise.

"Now that dress, is a masterpiece!" Roxy says and I smile. I head to the long mirror next to my dressing table and indeed, I look stunning.

We spend the next few hours getting ready. Actually, I do more of the getting ready, Roxy just has to change clothes and we're leaving.

The uber driver pulls up front near a huge house that looks like a palace. I've never been to this part of the town and I love the environment. Loud music can be heard from afar and one by one people start flocking into the large front yard.

Roxy and I walk straight into the house and Blake meets us at the entrance.

"I'm glad you came Kyrah. Need a drink?" he smirks.

"Hey, no I don't need one for now," I decline his offer.

"I guess no one sees me here, so I'll just walk away," Roxy says out loud.

"Oh, hey Roxy, didn't see you there," Blake says while nodding at her.

"Really now?" she raises an eyebrow and leaves.

I take a moment and look at Blake. His hair looks really nice tonight and his cologne smells so lovely. Never have I ever been this close to him.

He wraps his arm around my back and butterflies overturn in my tummy. We head to the back where there is a pool and a large group of already drunk people.

"Bikinis everywhere! Whoop! Whoop!" I hear someone shout from behind me.
It's Tyler.

"Hey Ty, looks like you're having fun, Maeve and Scott aren't coming. Where's Jim?" I ask him.

"I don't know, he disappeared with a really hot girl once we arrived. Lucky guy," he says.

I mouth an "oh" and Tyler walks away when he sees a girl in a blue bikini pass by him.

"Hey, sexy momma, you just blew me away because you're the bomb! Wanna give me a lap dance?" he chuckles.

What!? I begin laughing. Who in the world would even say that to a girl?

She slaps his right cheek mercilessly and walks away. Blake laughs too.

"What did I do wrong?" he asks, holding onto his cheek.

He has the worst pick up lines I've ever heard of.

"Come on, let me show you around my place," Blake insists, his eyes plastered on to me.


"You live here?" I ask in awe. Well I know his family is wealthy, but damn! This is beyond what I expected.

"Yes. My parents are out of the country, for now," he replies.

"Cool. It's such a lovely place," I say as my eyes sweep around the area full of drunk people.

We walk straight to the disk jockey. Blake introduces me.

"He will be incharge of the playlist tonight," he says, referring to the DJ.

"I can see that already," I say as a guy runs past me and dives into the swimming pool screaming 'Marco' someone in the pool surfaces up yelling back 'Polo!'

Red party cups are everywhere. Booze, Babes and Boys are the three B's Roxy says that are a must for a party to turn out great.

People are dancing all over the place in the creepiest way I have ever seen. I've never been to this kind of a party before.

"Feel free to grab any drink you wish to take, love," he points to the table full of different kinds of alcohol. I grap a cup and pour in it some drink I have never heard of before.

"That one's from Italy," he says as he hugs me from behind.

Awkward. What do I do now?

"Wanna dance?" he asks as he turns me around to face him.

That statement sounds familiar. Oh yeah, from my dream. It actually came true, but I decline.

"No thanks, but I don't dance," I lie shyly.

"Alright sweetheart. I'll be right back," he walks away and I look for a spot to sit as I sip the bitter drink in my cup.
Minutes later I have downed two and a half cups already.

Roxy finds me sitting alone and frowns.

"Babe! Why are you such a lonely soul? Talk to somebody, kiss Blake!"

I stand up and cover her mouth with my hands. It's barely an hour since we arrived and she is already drunk.

"Are you drunk?" I ask.

"Shh! Are you sober, darling? Whatever you are holding there is not a cup of tea, take a sip, sis," she says.

"I've had two cups already, Roxy. I am not drunk... yet. Well the cups weren't exactly full so, I've probably had one full cup of whatever-that-drink-is," I say.

A random guy runs past us, knocking Roxy to the ground and she groans in pain.

"Watch where you're going you fucktard!" she curses out loud.

Whoa! She is really drunk.

"Just relax and sit here with me," I say and she gives me a confused look. I finish my drink and stare at the people in the pool.

"Sis, this is a party, what's the point of coming if you won't have fun? I, am going back inside to play poker," she says walking backwards. Little did she know she was walking towards the pool.

"Roxy stop, you're gonna–"

Splash! She falls into the water and surfaces up laughing loudly. I have a crazy best friend.

I wish Scott was here.

Roxy gets out of the pool all wet and goes back into the house while I look around. My eyes land on you-know-who and I almost gag.

She said she wouldn't be here.

She's talking to someone who is behind a large wall and when I try to see who she is talking to, someone grabs me and lifts me up.

"Blake, put me down," I shout as he spins round and round and I get dizzy. He stops, my feet fail to support me and he holds me gently. Our faces are only inches away.

Oh boy!

"Such a lovely night, isn't it Kyrah?" that annoying voice makes my stomach growl.

"Sabrina, I thought you weren't coming tonight," Blake says, trying to steady me but not letting go of my waist.

"I am pretty sure I said, I might not be around and here I am and you two are already looking all booed up. Yurgh!" she hisses in anger and crosses her arms.

She's in an extremely tight blue dress and I doubt whether she can breathe in that. I pity her lungs.

"I told you to leave Blake alone and here you are, all over him," she growls through gritted teeth.

"Excuse me? He's the one who was touching and carrying me not the other way around," I try to defend myself.

"Ladies please... " Blake starts to talk but Sabrina ignores him.

"Don't you have some books to read or grocery shopping to do? This party is meant for us rich people. Not filthy, pathetic, poor looking humans like you," she spits and I gasp out loud.

Before I can speak, Roxy turns up. She's drunk but her eyes are wide open and her fists are balled.

"What did you just say to my best friend?" Roxy is breathing fire.

Things are about to get nasty.

"You heard what I said, bitch. Get your filthy ass out of here. I think I'm catching fleas from you. My goodness," she scratches her arm.

I look at Roxy and for sure I can not predict what she might do next. She is gritting her teeth, huffing and puffing.

"Let's just leave Roxy. She's not worth it," I try to pull her away but she is glued to the ground. People are staring at us and the music has already stopped.

Sabrina laughs sarcastically and I roll me eyes.

"The poor little girl refuses to leave, she probably wants to steal all of your money, Blake. Poor thing," she mocks and deep down I can feel rage brewing inside me.

Before I know it, Roxy pours her drink all over Sabrina's face and smacks her mercilessly.

The crowd goes 'whoooaaaahh!!' I can hear a couple of 'Fight! Fight!' from the background and I choose to ignore. Sabrina tries to slap Roxy who dodges and pushes her into the pool.

"Fuck you bitch! Don't ever mess with Kyrah or any of my friends. You hear me? That's a warning!" Roxy yells.

Out of nowhere Jim appears and looks at Sabrina in the pool then at us. Me looking like I just saw a dead person walking by and Roxy seething in anger, all wet. He blinks for a while and leaves.

What's with him?

Tyler comes running while falling on the way. He's drunk too.

"Kyrah, I am here to help," he staggers while he hiccups loudly.

"I'll take you back to your hostel," Blake says and Sabrina who is now out of the pool comes towards us.

"Blake! you are going nowhere with this worthless piece of shit!" she spits.

Did she just call me that?

"What the hell is wrong with you? Just leave me alone!" I yell.

"You are stealing my guy," she fires.

"Are we doing this right now? I am stealing no one's guy, plus Blake is not your boyfriend, why are you being so stubborn about it?" I question.

"Because you are a bitch and I told you to leave him alone!" she hisses.

I look at her from head to toe, trying to understand all of this, but nothing helps me understand anything at all.

"Stop looking at me like that you whore," she hisses.

And that was it!

Seconds later I am on top of Sabrina angrily pulling her wet hair and slamming her on the ground. Who does she think she is? Calling me a whore woke my sleeping demons.

She's screaming for help and that's when I realize that this is not me, I have never done this before. Roxy is standing next to me like a referee, waiting to see who will tap out first. This actually reminds me of Scott, back when we were in the elevator and he mentioned something to do with wrestling.

Oh well, here I am. Choking the life out of Sabrina. It's a WWE heavy weight championship match, I guess.

My thoughts distract me and I find myself under Sabrina who is gritting her teeth and breathing heavily, panting.

"I'm going to kill you," she shouts.

She lifts her hand to either slap me or worse, punch my face when I hear a familiar voice from the background call out my name.

"Kyrah! What the hell is happening here?" I look to my side and sure enough, Scott is here, standing next to Jim.

I don't understand how he even got here. He looks at me on the ground, his eyes move to an all wet Sabrina who is on top of me, then lastly he looks at wet and drunk Roxy and shakes his head.

Sabrina quickly gets off of me, and pulls her dress down, running towards Scott, crying like a child. Black mascara smeared all over her cheeks. Pathetic act.

I can't believe it! This girl, is running to Scott, arms wide open, pretending to be the victim. I roll my eyes and Roxy sits next to me.

"Oh my God, Scott, your friend attacked me," she pauses to fake a sob "She grabbed my hair and she..."

Scott stops her from saying more with just a scowl and pushes her to the side.

"Leave Kyrah alone, do you hear me? Don't ever touch her!" he orders and Sabrina runs back into the house crying.

"What a wuss," drunk Roxy laughs.

"Let me take you back to your hostel, Kyrah," Blake says yet again. I didn't even notice he was here for the past few minutes since he last said the same words.

Before I can reply him, Scott stands right in front of me and without any warning, he picks me up and my body obeys. My arms wrap around his neck automatically.

"She's not going anywhere with you," Scott says, his eyes squinting and his jaw clenched and walks away with me in his arms.

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