By Theea Writes
Date: January 15, 2022
Ch. 4Chapter 4

The lines of the glaring sun that shoot for my eyelids awaken me. I stretch my arms out wide and slowly open my droopy eyes. The curtains add an orange glow to the morning light and my heart skips a beat when reality hits me. I slept at Scott's place.

What brings out the shock in me more, is the fact that I am not on the couch but on his king size bed.

How did I get here?

I look around the bedroom and he is nowhere to be found.

Did we sleep together?

I facepalm myself at the thought of that. At the nightstand on the left side of the bed, my phone and bag have been placed there. Immediately I grab my phone. I have two missed calls from Maeve and a 'Don't get pregnant' text from Roxy with a winking emoji at the end. I groan.

Lucky enough, it's not late, we can still manage to get to class. As I place my phone back on the nightstand, I hear a knock on the door and I wrap the sheets to cover myself. Which doesn't make sense because I am aware that I still have all my clothes on. I swallow hard.

"Come in" I nervously say.

Scott walks in with a huge mug in his hand, the smile on his face is a mile wide. Firstly I notice the light stubble on his face and secondly, he doesn't have his shirt on. Clearly his abs can't go unnoticed. I bite my lower lip.

"Good morning Kyrah, slept well?" he asks as closes the door behind him and sits at the edge of the bed.

"Yeah. I actually don't remember falling asleep. W...Where did you sleep last night?" I hope he didn't sleep next to me because if he did...

"On the couch. Yesterday you fell asleep when we were watching the last movie and I carried you here. I didn't think you'd be up by this time," he sips the content in his mug.

"Need some coffee?" he asks and I nod.

"It's half past six in the morning, do you usually wake up this early?" I cock my head to the side.

"Not really, sleeping on the couch wasn't that good so, I decided to make early breakfast," he says, looking me dead in the eye.

I blink rapidly and clear my throat.

"I uhm... I was thinking maybe we could drive to school early because I need to shower and get a change of clothes and..."

"It's okay. I'll drive you, but you must have your breakfast first. Meanwhile I'll be getting ready," he smiles and he heads towards the door. Looking at his bare back, I can agree with what Sabrina said, I see why he is called Stone. His muscles at the back look so hard, he looks like a sculpture carefully sculpted. The door locks and I let out a breath I didn't realise I was holding.

Seconds later I am on my feet, I rush to the bathroom to wash my face and join him in the living room. I find a mug of coffee and two doughnuts which I happily munch on and down with the hot coffee.

When Scott is all dressed, I get my stuff and we leave.

"I'll wait for you here outside, go get ready," Scott says when we arrive at my hostel. He drives away and I assume he's gone to get a parking space before the rest of the school floods with people.

I sigh before I hold the door knob and all of a sudden the door flies open. Roxy is standing in front of me in her onesie and a huge bag of chips in her hand. Seriously chewing away.

"Where were you?" she smirks.

"Lemme in," I say.

"The last person I saw you with was Scott, start talking sis," she grins and I groan.

"Nothing happened. I just slept without realising it. Now move,"

"Hmm!... So you spent the night at Scott's huh? Lucky bunny, get in," she says holding on to a handfull of chips and shoving them into her mouth after speaking. I close the door and notice Maeve is also awake. It's 7am.

I look at her and...

"Don't ask, Roxy slept over and she woke up too early complaining about you," she points out.

"Aww you guys are sweet. I love you," I say.

I hurry to the bathroom and I take my time in there. Once I am done, I head back to my room to get dressed. Today I feel like wearing a dress. So I pick out a plain white knee length dress and black wedges with a denim jacket on top. I curl my hair carefully since I have a good amount of time before class begins.

"Uhm... I'm sorry but we didn't get the memo," Roxy says when I'm done dressing.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Hello! You're in a dress and wedges looking all dolled up," Maeve says waving her hands aimlessly in the air.

"What's the occassion?" Roxy asks and I chuckle.

"You two always seem to have questions to drown me with everyday. Anyway, I just felt like dressing up. It's nothing major," I assure them and they shrug.

"Well I hope today is going to be a drama free day," Maeve says looking at Roxy and I.

"Come on we should get going. Roxy, hurry up and get dressed," I point at her oversized onesie.

"I'm already dressed, I just didn't want to mess my outfit while eating chips," she unzips the front of her onesie and jumps out with a different outfit. A purple crop top and black leather pants.
"All I need now is my black jacket and my white sneakers," she grins at Maeve who's mouth is wide open in surprise. My eyes are wide open.

"I guess I'm the only one who didn't get the memo here. I'm just in my regular clothes. Both of you look different," she says pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

"I know just one thing to do before we leave," I pull Roxy to the bed and tie her hair into a pony tail and offer her my new pair of loop earrings that I've never worn.

"Perfect!" I say, looking at her.

"Both of you are making me feel like I shouln't go to class," Maeve pouts and we laugh at her.

"There's no time to change Maeve, maybe you can dress up tomorrow?" I ask and she rolls her eyes and moves to open the door.

Scott is waiting outside and his eyes pop out. He smiles big and wide and my cheeks flash.

"Wow! What's the occassion?" he asks looking at both Roxy and I. Maeve pouts and starts whining like a baby about how we didn't tell her that today was "dress up" day.

"I'll catch you guys in class, I have some books to return to the library," she always has somewhere to go or some books to read... Just something to get away from people.

Introverted human.

"We're ready to go now," I pull Roxy by her arm and Scott follows us.

"Both of you look amazing. Roxy, you should tie your hair that way more often, and Kyrah... your hair too. I like the curls," Scott compliments us.

"Oh this? It's nothing... We didn't even break a sweat, right Kyrah?" Roxy asks me and I nod. Scott looks amazed but Jim and Tyler are completely shocked when we enter class.

"What happened to you two overnight? You look stunning," Tyler says his eyes running up and down to capture the sight of Roxy and I.

"Roxy, I didn't know you had such a fine ass babe," Jim says, his hands headed for Roxy and she swats his shoulder.

"Ouch!" Jim pouts.

"Pervert! Just look, no touching," she says and sits down.

The lecture turns out to be very interesting and to top it all up, Roxy even wrote a few notes. I like this professor. She seems quite nice and fun.

"Okay class, for those of you who have an Art class tomorrow in the afternoon, your professor told me to inform you that he will not be around, so you'll have some free time to yourselves. Spread the word. Your weekend has officially began!... Oh, except for those who have a class in the morning," the professor announces and people laugh at her last statement. She walks out with her laptop and file and the rest of the class follows.

I pick my backpack and head for the door. Someone taps my shoulder and I turn only to find Blake.

Not now boy.

"Hey," he says.

"Hey," I say shyly.

"I was wondering if you're free tomorrow night, are you?" he asks.

"Uhmm... Tomorrow is Friday... I am not quite sure if I'll be free, what's happening tomorrow?"

"My friends and I are throwing a huge party and I want you to come,"

By now the entire squad is standing behind me, waiting. Eyeing Blake like some prey. He notices them.

"You're friends are invited too. They could come and have fun. So what do you say?"

I look behind and everyone is staring at me, eyes bulging and eyebrows at the top most part of their faces.

"Uhm... Sure," I answer.

I hear a 'yes!' from behind me.

"Cool, see you then. You look really gorgeous today by the way. I love the dress," he winks and starts walking away and I am left with a huge grin on my face.

"We're going to a party! Yeah baby! Yeah baby!" Tyler sings while doing a random freaky dance that makes everyone cringe.

"Don't... Don't ever do that dance again," Maeve says as we all leave the class room.

"Hey where's that bitchy girl today, I haven't seen her in class," Tyler asks to change the topic from his weird dance seconds ago and right on cue, she appears down the hall.

"Speak of the devil..." Roxy says.

"Heeey guys, missed me?" Sabrina's pitchy voice echoes all over the empty hall and no one answers. I am hungry.

If I stand here for too long listening to her annoying voice, I will end up with no appetite at all. That's how much she disgusts me.

We keep walking until we meet at the centre of the long hallway. Roxy crosses her arms. Maeve looks like a nervous wreck! The boys' faces have no emotion at all. Just flat.

I look at Sabrina and she rolls her neck before speaking. How does she even do that?

"So, I heard you guys got invited to a party by Blake. Nice. Too bad momma bear won't be around..."

"WE DO NOT CARE!" Roxy says in slow motion as if speaking to a person who doen't understand her.

"I know my a,b,c's sweety. I understood every single word. Now where was I ?"

We all look at her as she stares at the roof trying to recall her previous topic.

"Yeah right, I might not be available tomorrow so don't worry about me. Don't have too much fun without me sugar bears," she chimes.

She walks past me, almost knocking me off my feet. Thank God Scott catches me on time. Without looking back, she speaks again.

"Bye Scott," and Roxy spits on the floor as Sabrina walks away down the hall until she disappears.

"Damn it! That girl is getting on my nerves and if you guys don't watch me, you'll be attending her funeral soon," Roxy complains through her teeth.

"Easy girl, easy. She's gone. Let's go get lunch before our next class," Tyler says and holds on to Roxy's shoulders.

In the evening, I change into navy blue sweat pants and a sweat shirt after a warm shower and hop on my bed to do an assignment. As I am busy typing away, the door opens and Maeve walks in backwards, leading a tall, dark haired guy into the room.

She doesn't notice me until she turns. Her eyes are ready to pop out of their sockets and her jaw drops instantly. I clear my throat and pretend nothing is going on.

"Hey Kyrah, I didn't think you'd be here at this time," she looks down at her feet. Her hand is still holding onto the guy's hand. He seems confused and I don't want to make this any more awkward for them so I pick my laptop and books and shove them into my bag.

"I was doing an assignment but I just remembered I have to be somewhere right now," I lie.

The guy looks at me, and I look at him, he then looks at Maeve who looks at me and I can't stand this awkward moment. I move closer to the door and they both move. Maeve forcing a fake smile which to me, makes her look nervous and scared.

I leave and close the door.

Wow, so she has been having a thing with a guy and she's never told me.

Hold up...

Now I get it, she always has 'something to do' or 'somewhere to go'. How could I not join the dots. I mean, someone can't be that busy all the time.

I chuckle at the thought of how shocked she was to see me in the room.

I head to Roxy's room and it's locked. Where could she be?

Without thinking twice, I am walking out of the campus compound, and my feet lead me to where I least expected it.

Scott's appartment. I hope he is in because I don't feel like going to the library. Who goes to the library on the first week of school?

That would be a question Roxy would ask if I told her I was at the library.

I take a deep breath and push the door bell once and I wait. Seconds later, a shirtless Scott opens the door.

"Hey bestie," he grins and opens the door further, giving me enough space to walk in, he closes the door once I am in.

"Hey," I reply, biting my lower lip and facing down. I do not want to look at him again, who knows what would happen if I did. He's one of my best friends but if we'll keep meeting like this, him with his shirt off, God only knows the end.

As if he read my mind he takes a brown t-shirt from the couch and wears it.

Thank God.

"What's up?"

"Nothing really, I just found myself here. Uhm... If I am interrupting your schedule I can leave..."

"No! Don't go,"


"Okay then,"

"I see you have your bag," he looks at me quizzically.

"Oh, it's a long story," I say shyly.

"I'm listening," he sits on the couch and pats the empty space next to him for me to sit and I oblige.

I explain everything and his reaction is epic.

"Maeve? The one and only book warm in our group? Whoa! I can't believe it," he laughs, his voice filling the entire room.

"Yeah, who are we to judge?"

We both burst into laugher

"I couldn't stay there, plus I have an assignent,"

"Oh, I can give you time to work on it. Which one is it?"


"I still haven't done mine yet, and I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute. Now that you are here, I have the motivation to do the work," he says.

"Great, we can begin right away," I gladly say.

"We could also brainstorm if you find anything difficult,"

"Ah! Wonderful," I clap my hands in excitement.

He goes to get his laptop and we both start typing away quietly. The questions seem fair enough and I answer them confidently.

About thirty minutes into our work, my phone beeps. It's all the way in the middle of the room next to my backpack, on the coffee table.

"Could you please check that for me?"

Scott picks the phone since he is closer to it.

"It's Blake," he frowns and I rush across the room to grab the phone. Why didn't I get the darn phone myself?

"Sorry," I'm embarrassed.

I open the text and it reads...

*I miss you*

I gasp.

I am pretty sure Scott saw what the message said on the screen. Sitting across the room while the air is full of awkwardness is not going to help.

"Are you uhm... done with your assignment yet?"

"Almost, how about you?" he says.

"Same here, it's not that difficult as I had earlier thought and..." he cuts me off.


Scott's POV

"Why did Blake text you?" I ask.

I still don't understand what is happening between her and Blake. She just won't fill me in.

"It's nothing really..."

"Kyrah, I'm your friend, you can tell me anything. Do you trust me?"

She looks at me with those hazel eyes that I find very intriguing, then she tucks her hair behind her ears.

"I trust you Scott, you're my best friend, Roxy too and Mae..."

"Then why won't you tell me anything?" I stare at her and I am sure she can spot the worry in my eyes.

"Well, it's just that... I don't know how to put it in words," she says and bites her lip. I find that very cute.

"You like Blake?" I look into her eyes and wait for her reaction. She looks away as if my eyes are piercing her.

"Kyrah please..."

"Yeah I do. Since we joined university last year," she hides her face in her hands and sighs. I pinch the bridge of my nose and stand up and move to sit next to her.

"Look, I care about you and you know what your mother said,"

"That you should look after me, I know Scott, I know," she whines.

"So please don't hide things from me, I don't want you getting into trouble because I'd blame myself if anything bad happened to you," he states while looking at his palms.

"What are you getting to?"

"What I meant to say is, you should be careful with Blake. We don't know who we are dealing with here okay?"

She frowns.

"Are you jealous?" she questions.

"No... I'm not, I just need you to be careful, that's all. Now let's not argue because I am not that good with arguing," I sigh and she giggles.


"Nothing. Let's just finish this assignment, it's almost nine and I have to walk back to campus," she says.

I definitely cannot allow that!

"I'll drive you?" the statement comes out more like a question.

"Aww, you're so sweet," she pouts.

"I know. Sometimes I can't help it," I grin and she does the same, pulling her dark hair into a messy bun with a band that she pulls from her wrist. She looks pretty.

"How about we watch a movie before you leave?" I ask.

"No way! You know what happened the last time," she objects.

"I know, but we don't have classes tomorrow right?" I point out and she sighs heavily and ponders for a second.

"I give up," she says and I pull my cheekiest smile.

"What now?" she asks.

"Can we please watch a movie? You could sleep over if you want, I can take you back to your hostel and you can grab a change of clothes and anything else you need. Please," I beg, pouting at the end of my words and she falls for it.

"Alright, alright. Fine. Let's finish this work and then we can go get my stuff. Let me text Maeve. I wouldn't want to walk in on them doing nasty things," she says and I laugh.

"That's a great idea," I say.

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