By Theea Writes
Date: January 15, 2022
Ch. 3Chapter 3


Everything is normal and thank God Roxy isn't high. We only have one class for today so I'll be free in the afternoon. My phone rings and I pick it up, a new number flashes on the screen. I slide the green icon to the side and press the phone onto my ear.

"Hello," a deep voice is all I can hear
"It's Blake, are you coming to class today?"

"Hey Blake, yeah I'm on my way there," I respond, then bite my lower lip.

"Cool. Do you have any other classes later?" he asks.

"No," I say without hesitation and bite my lower lip again, waiting for his response.

"Awesome! Lunch is on me," he says and chuckles. Before I can respond, he hangs up and I jump up and down the hall way.

Sweet Jesus! I'm having lunch with Blake Dawson! I can feel my blood rushing rapidly through my veins.

"What's up?" Maeve questions.

"It was Blake" I answer slowly.
"Huh? Okay then, so now you two are dating?" Roxy asks, her eyes bulging at me.

"What? No, he just took my number yesterday. Nothing is going on betweem us. Why do you always ask such questions?" I roll my eyes at her and she snorts.

"Because ever since you broke up with that jerk Ron when you were sixteen, I've never seen you with any guy," she says. It's true though.

"Well it's the same case with you, I mean I've never ever seen you dating. Like... at all," I shrug.

Maeve butts in.
"Kyrah, you had a boyfriend?"

"Yeah," I sigh.
"Maybe you should try dating again," Maeve suggests.
"Exactly my point," Roxy states.

"So now both of you want me to start dating, yet you don't even have boyfriends. You two are crazy."

"The only crazy person here, is you, you're crazy about Blake. Maeve, I am sure you've seen the look on her face each time Blake appears right? I swear I could her drool at one moment,"

Maeve nods and laughs, pushing her glasses up her nose.

"Stop it Roxy, this is not funny," I say trying to walk past her.

"It's not, start dating already," she says and I shake my head.

"What about you? You've never had a boyfriend—" she cuts me off.

"Pfff! Sis, it's not like I don't want to date, all the guys that I come across are too hot to decide on who I want to date. One day I meet this hot guy, the next day, I meet an even hotter guy and the trend goes on," she winks at me.

Instantly Maeve and I burst out in laughter on the hall way and Roxy looks confused.

"What? What's funny?" Roxy asks us.

Maeve recovers first and replies "You mean you can't date because your mind gets clogged up by the hottness of so many guys, so you find it hard to choose?"

"Yeah, that's what I meant," she says and Maeve and I take turns laughing and patting Roxy's shoulder.

"Guys, drop it. The men I've seen so far are too hot to pick one. Plus I can't date so many guys at once. Each time I think I've seen enough, another hotter guy comes my way... like Sc..." she stops and we look ahead of us. Scott.

"Hey ladies, I was actually coming to get you," he says, adjusting the backpack on his shoulder.

"Such a gentleman you are," I try to bring out a British accent but fail miserably.

"Hey Scott," Roxy and Maeve say in unison.

"So how were you going to know which rooms we were in?" I ask.

"I asked the residence assistant and she gave me your room number, Kyrah. I thought Roxy is in the same room too."

"No, I stay alone. I don't really fancy roommates. Personal space is all I need." Roxy responds and I catch her smirking at Scott.

"Cool, let's get to class then," Scott says and we fall into step.

In class, Jim and Tyler have saved seats for us. I sit next to Scott, Maeve with Tyler and Jim with Roxy, just randomly.
I look around class and Blake is seated at the front. I think he senses my stare and he turns around and waves. I wave back, anxiously.

I already look like a nervous wreck, luckily the professor begins the class.

"Today's class is all about knowing each other, trusting each other and most importantly, believing in each other," the professor says and I can't help but look at Maeve. She shrugs and looks away.

The professor continues,
"So I want you to sit in pairs. Find someone in this class that you would like to know better and in the next ten minutes I will give you a quiz that you will answer with your partner,"

What class is this again?

Someone from across the class asks,
"So, what if one person gets picked by two or more people sir?"

"Well the person has to decide on whom to partner with. Thank you for asking. Now, let's get to knowing each other, shall we? I'll be back in a few minutes," the professor announces and walks out.

People start picking their partners and I can't seem to find one. Maeve decides to stick with Tyler since she doesn't like to start conversations with new people on her own. Jim moves to a cute and short girl at the back of the class, Roxy picks Scott and I shake my head. As I look around class, Blake is headed towards me.

My heart is now beating very fast and I can feel the sweat forming under my armpits. I hate this. Something within my stomach just did a massive back flip and I seem to have run out of saliva in my mouth.

"Hey Kyrah, I'd like to know you better. If you don't mind," he speaks, his deep voice brings out his words in a sophisticated manner and I swallow hard. He brings his open hand to me and right before my palm lands on his, my arm is yanked away.

Sabrina urgh! This bitch.

Roxy stands up and without delay she's shouting. Sabrina doesn't seem to be affected by Roxy's threats and rolls her eyes. She is in a really short, black dress and her lips are painted a sinful red. Her fake lashes today are way too long, how does she even blink with those things? How does she even see through those lashes? And her makeup is just... too much! I bet her pores are screaming for air.

She just disgusts me even more now.

"Leave Kyrah alone. Go find someone else you lonely ass," Roxy warns Sabrina.

I turn to Blake but he says nothing.

"I might as well pick Scott. Hey darling?" she winks at Scott who frowns and sighs heavily.

"Get your own man," Roxy fires and the entire class laughs.

I thought the professor just said we should get partners, he didn't specify gender wise.

Blake pulls me by my arm and we seat at the corner of the class. He asks me so many questions and before I can ask him mine, the professor is back and gives each one of us the quiz.

When we're done, we hand over our papers. Blake and I happen to be the first out of class and seconds later, I hear click-clacking of heels behind us. Oh, crap!

"Blakey! Wait for me sweetheart," Sabrina yells from behind.

Blakey? Really now? I just can't stand this human being named Sabrina. Blake comes to an unexpected halt and turns on his heels to face her, frowning.

"What?" he asks.

"Where are you two going? I thought I was going to take you to lunch today, we agreed—" she says.

"I didn't agree to anything Sabrina, now mind your own damn business," he replies, rather expressionless.

"But Blake,baby—" she starts to beg
"Don't call me that, I'm not your boyfriend," he bellows and she's taken aback for a moment as she steps back and gasps.

In your face bitch! Blake's words make me grin and Sabrina stomps her foot on the floor and leaves quickly. That went quite well I might say and finally, I know he's not dating. Even though Tyler said it, I wanted to hear him say it.

For a minute I thought lunch was going to be awkward but Blake proves me wrong. He tells me funny jokes and I laugh. I get to ask him a few questions about him and he answers.

"Sabrina follows you around school, alot. Why?" I ask shyly

"Well, I have no idea why. Sometimes I pretend she's not even there," he replies.

We both laugh.

"She's quite stubborn if you ask me," I state.

"Yeah I know, we're actually neighbours at home. It's annoying. She's annoying," he states plainly.

My jaw drops and I nearly knock my glass of mangoe juice off the table. They're neighbours! Great, so fucking great.

"Uhm... You might want to pull your jaw back up, people are staring, anyway, she doesn't come to my house unless her family is invited for dinner by my parents. I hate it when they come over," he informs me.

"What's her family like? Does she have any siblings?" I ask out of curiosity. Because if she has siblings, they're definitely psychos like she is.

"Nope, she's the only child."

I nod and take a bite of my burger. No words are spoken for five minutes straight until I spot Tyler, Jim, Roxy and Maeve walking towards our table. I wave at them.

"Hey guys, nice to see you again," Blake says and the boys nod.

Maeve sighs and looks at me then back at Blake and I know that look in her eyes. Something is up.

"Hey Blake, we would like to steal Kyrah for the remaining part of the day," Roxy says and I raise an eyebrow at her.

Something is going on and I am yet to find out. I look at Jim and he looks away.

"What's going on guys?" Then I notice, Scott is not with them "Where's Scott?" I look at Roxy and she frowns.

"Just come with us," Tyler says and I excuse myself.

"Sorry Blake, it seems urgent, I have to leave. Thanks for lunch,"

He nods and I fall into step with the rest as we head to the parking lot.

"Why are we going to the parking lot? What's happeni..."

My jaw drops for the second time today. All I can see is a shirtless Scott and a topless Sabrina, surrounded by a crowd.

"Somebody kill me now," Roxy says as she face-palms herself.

Sabrina has her bra on, thank God.
When she sees me, she lifts Scott's shirt in the air and waves it round and round.

"I knew you would come... Kyrah," she giggles.

"You disgust me," I say through my teeth.
"Oh really, these boobs don't seem to be disgusting, just look at all the boys around here staring," she winks at one random guy in the crowd.

"What do you want?" Roxy asks, she sounds pissed as I am.

"I am not in a position to hold a conversation with you... Let Kyrah talk. She stole my man, so I stole hers."


"Sorry, you got this all wrong. Scott is not my man, and I'm quite sure Blake was the one who told you to mind your own business. No one is my boyfriend between the two, I think you need to take a chill pill Sabrina," I state truthfully as I cross my arms in front of me.

I walk straight towards her and look her dead in her eyes. She grits her teeth.
Whispers from the crowd can be heard.

"It's all of us against only you. Give Scott his shirt back, NOW!" I command and she obliges. She throws it at Scott who gives a sigh of relief and the crowd disperses in disappoinment.

"Since when did you learn to defend your friends like that?" Roxy asks and I shrug.

"You know me, Roxy. I'd do anything for my friends," I say and turn to Scott, "Are you okay, Scott?" I ask.

"Yeah, of course," he pulls the shirt over his head and down his well toned torso. I look away fast.

"Why was that girl with your shirt in the first place?" Jim asks.

"It happened so fast, I can't even explain it. That girl is a psychopath," he says.

"Tell me about it," I roll my eyes and Maeve laughs.

"Why didn't you punch her fake face?" Roxy humorously asks.

"I... I don't hit girls," Scott looks at her and she rolls her eyes at him.

"Well that clearly wasn't a girl, I can't even say she's a genie who came out of a bottle. She's a witch... No! A demon! Or better yet, the devil's daughter," Maeve says and I laugh at her definition of Sabrina.

"Anyway, Scott, this is all my fault, I'm sorry about that," I apologize and he smiles.

"It's okay, she only had my shirt..."

"Where was her shirt?" Tyler asks
"She put it in her car," Scott responds.

"Why? I don't get it. The only person that people will end up talking about for the rest of the week is Sabrina... And her boobs of course. Those things are definitely not real. Pretty hideous if you ask me," Jim says as he shakes his head and I chuckle.

"But the ladies will be talking about your abs bro," Roxy says "Can I... See them again?"

"Roxy!? Stop it," I tell her. "Don't mind Roxy, she's just always like that," I tell Scott.

"You always spoil the fun," she says.

"We've been standing here for quite some time, I'm bored. Catch you later guys," Jim says and Tyler follows suit and heads the opposite direction.

"I have some books to read so, I'll head back to the room," Maeve excuses herself.

"I don't have anything else to do so, I guess I'll just go and have me a tequilla or something, l" Roxy walks away.

"Guess it's just us two now," Scott says.

"I can see that,"

"Where would you like to go?" he asks.

"Uhm... I am not quite sure but anywhere is okay, as long as Sabrina is not around," I answer, looking around the parking lot.

Scott laughs softly. I think he has a cute smile too.

"How about we go for a drive and see where we end up?" he asks and I can't help the smile forming on my face, then I remember, I don't own a car.

"I don't have a car," I say, looking at my feet.
"Mine is right there. The red one,"

Of course he has a car.

"I've never seen it, yet you live next door," I say as we approach the car.

"I haven't driven it since we moved here, and today I felt like driving so I drove myself to school. It's been in the garage all this time," he says.

As we get closer to it, I recognise the car's make. An Alfa Romeo Giulia. Oh my freaking goodness! How does a guy own such an expensive car and still manage to stay this humble? How? If it was Roxy's car, everyone in school would know that she's the owner.

I start imagining Roxy stepping out of the Alfa Romeo with black sunglasses, kissing the top of the car and saying 'I'll miss you baby, be right back'. I start laughing unknowingly.

"What's funny?" Scott asks.

"Nothing... I just remembered something Roxy said in the morning," I lie.

"Oh," he says, opening the door for me.

"After you milady," he says and I enter, giggling a little. The inside of the car smells so good and the seats are very comfortable. I love how the console looks. I love the entire car. I can't wait to tell Roxy and Maeve about this. They are not going to believe it. Hell, I am not even believing it. I am riding shotgun in an Alfa Romeo Giulia! How cool is that?

Scott walks around the car and opens the other door, enters and inserts his key in the ignition and the beast awakens. I'm over excited and I can't help but shriek a little. Deep down of course. I don't want Scott thinking I am overreacting.

"Seat belt please," he says while looking at me.

I immediately do as told and sit back, eyes looking straight ahead and in a few seconds we are pulling out of the parking lot.

The ride is smooth and just when I thought everything was okay, Scott presses a button on the console and some Linkin Park plays. I smile at him and he does the same. Perfect!

I am not a huge fan of Linkin Park like Roxy but I know some of their songs. Numb, by the band starts playing and we both start singing along. This is fun.

We drive around the city for a couple of hours and at 1900hours we stop to order pizza and some drinks.

He orders my favourite drink. Mountain Dew. I have no idea how he knew. He gets a coke for himself and once we get our pizza, we drive off.

"Where are we going now?" I ask.

"To my place," he says, his eyes on the road.
"You told me you'd be moving off campus, right?"

"Yeah, let me say I'm a little like Roxy, I like personal space, I don't like having roommates. Sometimes you find your stuff gone and they don't even say anything until you ask them."

"I know," I giggle,"Maeve uses my shampoo all the time and she thinks I don't notice. She's my friend so I don't mind sharing. It would have been different if she was somebody else,"

Moments later we are pulling up in front of an apartment. As we step out, I take in the cool air and stare at the building. It has two floors I think.

Scott grabs our take out and he leads the way. He lives on the first floor. At the door, he pulls out his keys and unlocks the door.

"Welcome to my crib Kyrah. This... is my safe haven. You can come visit any time and any day," he says and lets me walk in first.

"Thanks Scott, your house looks really cool," I say, in awe.

For a guy, I'd give him a 10/10. His house is clean, everything neatly arranged, the air inside is fresh and the temperature is perfect. The walls are a shade of grey owl, the seats are black and in the middle of the living room is a coffee table and a large flat screen TV is mounted on the wall. I'm in love with the house already.

"Make yourself comfortable," he says and I sit on the couch staring at the large screen in front of me.

Scott is busy in the kitchen and he comes back later with two glasses. He hands me one.

"Here... For your drink," he says and sits on the couch.

"Thank you... What really made you move here?"

"Well... The place looks very nice to begin with, plus it came with everything you see here except the TV, they had a smaller one which wasn't working, so I got this one. Also, it's just a twenty minute drive to school and people here are really friendly," he grins.

"Wow, that's really great. I love it," I say through a smile.

"Thanks," he says.

He snakes his arm around my waist and my entire body goes stiff. He senses and looks at me.

"Did I scare you? I was only trying to reach for the remote. Sorry," he apologizes.

I swallow hard.

He gets the remote and switches the screen on.

"You look... tense, are you okay? Do you need fresh air? Wait, you have your inhaler right?" he asks too many questions at a go.

"I'm okay, you just... you just freaked me out a little. The air is fine and yes, I have my inhaler with me. I can't dare leave it in my room, you heard what Roxy said last time,"

"Alright, I was abit worried. Is it okay if we watch a movie?"

"Cool," I say and begin to relax.

For a minute there I misunderstood his intentions, but I trust him. He's been such a good friend since Roxy left the state. He's always been there, like a bestfriend. Even though it's only been a month, I feel like I've known him for years.

We watch a movie while eating the pizza. The first one was a funny one, the second one turns out to be quite sad and I start crying. Scott looks at my tear stained face and smiles.

"Another one?" he asks and I nod.

"Last one, I really enjoyed the other two," I tell him and he smiles. Did I say he has a really cute smile?

"Sit back, relax and enjoy this one too, I've saved the best for last," he says and I chuckle.

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