By Tin
Date: January 13, 2022
Ch. 55

Dinner time and we are here today at Acqua Restaurant. He chose this place and in all fairness, the man had a taste. I also noticed that he loves Italian foods.

"I'll have a creamy buffalo mozzarella and a pumpkin-stuffed cappelletti coated in delicate Gorgonzola sauce. How bout you babe?" I was suddenly stunned in front of him. He is very good at speaking and has a very good accent. Do you think he looks professional to me now?

"Ahh uhmm ... I'll have spaghetti with lobster and lobster chunks in a light tomato sauce base hehe"

"We will also have your best wine" The waiter left after he got our orders. I'm not aware of the prices of foods but I'll use a credit card so it's okay.

The two of us just silently watched the beach. There are also a lot of people here at the resto and most of them are jowa, couples and families. I just don't have a jowa here: <

I'm not listening ahh!

I'll just tell you that, huh?

I have a gift for Phantom. Not too pretentious but I worked hard for it ahh. Even though it's not really possible, I still carved the owner of the shop. Because I was naughty, I forced him too.

"Uhmm ..." And here we are again.

"You go ahead, it looks important you say" I nodded at him before speaking again.

"Ahh ... You're not that important ... I-I'll just give you something" why am I stuttering? I'm not at fault ahh.

"You're cute when you're blushing ... Can I see it?" Argh! That man really is. The tendency to irritate (ꈍᴗꈍ)

"Ohh! It's early!" I gave him the box I had kept in my bag. I hope he doesn't break, it's a waste of my effort if it's broken.

"Dxkmị̂ s̄bū̀"

"Did you buy these?" He asked. I shook my head in response. "Then did you make these?"

"Exactly ganern!" I answer him. I noticed his smile widen. "Did you like it?" I added.

"Yes." With his simple answer, I smiled as well. Aba dapat lang. I put a lot of effort there ahh. Just for soap, the hard work is hard to do.

I did those things when we were not together one day because someone suddenly called him and wanted to meet him. Since I had nothing to do in the room, I went out and went to the markets to buy souvenirs. You know, Filipinos are inclined to meet.

So that's it, I saw the shop and I noticed that the women were carving inside so I was curious. I actually copied the owner until he allowed me to do. It was easy for me to learn and they were very impressed because I did so well and because of that he gave me what I did for free. Oh right? It's just a way.

While I was walking and shopping for a nice greeting, it just occurred to me to buy Phantom a thank you gift in case I didn't see anything in him so I just gave him what I did.

"Thank you, khuṇ pĕn xubạtih̄etu thī̀ dī thī̀s̄ud thī̀ keid k̄hụ̂n nı chīwit k̄hxng c̄hạn" he said while looking at the soap flowers smiling. Hala! What did he say? I don't understand ehh.

"No such Phantom, I don't have a phone huuuy" I don't have google translate now (╥﹏╥)

"Haha I said, do you want to know my full name or the answer to your questions? You choose" Is that it? Ehh why do I have to say more in another language? My life is still difficult. Jusq naman.

Hala! What did he say again?

"Wait, why should I shop? Can't we both? Last day we can do this ..."

After 30 minutes

Our foods were also served so we started eating. Ugh. The sherep sherep he ate, este the relish of food. What is Maxi?

"Hmm ... Alastor Phantom Javier" He replied. Wait, his last name is familiar. There are many Javier in the Philippines but ... His name is also familiar.


"J-Javier? As in Javier the owner of hundreds of horse ranch nationwide and also has some branches of the mall?" Am I correct? Is that him?

The Javier that people have long wanted, 7 years ago? Maybe I'm just mistaken? But wait, he said he's only been here for seven years?

"The one and only babe" Is he really serious? Di to joke time? Isn't this a prank vlog?

"Is that a prank?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" No. You just smiled sparingly while still holding what I gave you.

"Yes. It's true. Alas, if I'm just a reporter I'm sure you'll be the reason to promote me. Thank you"

Totoo naman eh. I know a lot of reporters because my ex is a model, right? That's why I'm also affected by reports and paparazzi even though I'm not famous. And they are really desperate to get a nice and big scoop ah. One time when I was rumored to have another woman ex, which is not true because you already know. They almost slept outside my unit for a few days just to get the news. Even my job was affected, it's just that my boss is kind haha.

"Hahahaha you always really make me laugh, not a day goes by that I don't laugh because of you"

"Chee! Just eat. It's embarrassing for you sir, you just made me a clown. Does it have a salary?" And he laughed even more so I stood up and started walking to the cashier to be charged in my tab. He might be ahead of me. That's why, it's okay for him to spend. That monkey's wealth. He's Edi!

After I paid I went back to our table. Haler, I haven't finished eating yet. I just paid for no more disturbance later.

"I thought you were leaving me" I frowned but it also disappeared immediately because I noticed that his aura had changed. She looks sad. Why?

"Haler, I just paid the bill. Why am I leaving when you have a car with us. I'm so tired of walking" I said while eating my spaghetti. We also share his food because my face looks delicious and thick. Why? You too ahh

"You never fail to amaze me, Maxine Addison Matteo." I suddenly spilled a little of the wine I was drinking. How ...

"How did you find out my full name?" I never showed him the reservation ticket and I never told him all my names except Maxine.


Of course.

He turned out to be Javier ...



khuṇ pĕn xubạtih̄etu thī̀ dī thī̀s̄ud thī̀ keid k̄hụ̂n nı chīwit k̄hxng c̄hạn- You are the best accident that occured in my life

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